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Doedsvangr, de nieuwste superband afkomstig uit Noorwegen en Finland, brachten ons een tijdje geleden hun eerste opus ‘Satan Ov Suns’. Het album werd wereldwijd geprezen en zelf was ik erdoor overdonderd, dus besloot ik dat het tijd was om een van de bandleden te gaan zoeken in de donkere noordse bossen. Na een lange reis vond ik Doedsadmiral, de oprichter van Doedsvangr, bereid om mijn vragen te beantwoorden.

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Hello Doedsvangr. It was with great pleasure that I listened to your debut album ‘Satan Ov Suns’. Since I didn’t see this coming it was an unexpected journey in the black landscapes of the North. A lot of people will know the members of Doedsvangr separately but not the band as a whole because you started recently and this is your first effort. Can you tell us where and when the band started?
Thanks. Yes, Doedsvangr was initially brought to death in 2014 I think. And in 2015 Anti Christian and Shatraug joined the band.

Doedsvangr plays less aggressive than Tsjuder, slower than Nordjevel and the production on ‘Satan Ov Suns’ is better than on Horna’s output”: can you find yourselves in this statement or do you have another opinion?
Well, yes and no. There was no plan to sound a specific way with Doedsvangr. We all wrote this whole album very spontaneously, and in a different way we probably do with our other bands. I think all three found this very refreshing, and it worked out really well.

Are you planning to go on the road with Doedsvangr to promote ‘Satan Ov Suns’? Is there any chance we can see you on tour in the near future? Maybe you can set up some nice package with some bands you are in. Wouldn’t that be nice?
At the moment no....but maybe in the future....

band imageIn Doedsvangr are members from Norway and Finland. Is that an issue or does it all work fine? What’s the distance between Shatraug’s home and Doedsadmiral’s for example and how do you rehearse?
Well, rehearsal hasn't begun yet. As this will not be a touring band, but maybe in the future we can do something special. Well, with internet distance and really no issue anymore, as you see that so many bands are international nowadays.

The Norwegian black metal scene is alive and kicking with new albums this year from Endezzma, Enepsigos, Dodsengel and Doedsvangr among others. last year we had albums of Ragnarok, Svartelder and Djevel and bands as Abbath, Mayhem and Tsjuder are touring the world, but what is the situation in Finland at the moment?
Well, Shatraug would know more about this, but myself can say Finland is thriving with bands such as Behexen, Horna, Sargeist etc.

You’re all in a lot of bands and being on stage, writing music or recording albums with Tsjuder, Sargeist or Nordjevel for example takes a lot of your time, so how do you combine all those work with Doedsvangr? Do you see each other regularly or does it all go from a distance in these modern times? Do you guys ever take time to sleep is what I’m wondering.
Well, we communicate a lot over phones and mails. We all agree that Doedsvangr is a spontaneous band and will stay so. We write our stuff individually, and when the motivation is there we get together and put it all together.

Something else that I always wonder: to what kind of music do these musicians listen and since I am that curious I am asking you: which were the best releases of 2016 and what are your favourite records of all time and do you prefer vinyl or CD?
I listen to all kinds of music, it just needs to give me a feeling. I listen less and less to black metal nowadays, but the 2016 highlight must be Behexen - 'The Poisonous Path' for me. Other stuff that I regular play is everything from electronica to 70s and 80s rock. I for sure prefer vinyl always!

The current situation in Europe and the world is not that good to say the least: Trump, Erdogan, Paris, London, Brussels, Nice…war and famine in big parts of the world but it always amazes me that we never hear bad news from Scandinavia, with Norway on top. People are happy, everyone has a job, no political struggles…Is life that good in Norway or is that a myth?
Life can seem good in Norway, but in the end it's what you make of your own life. Personally my life is dark and frustrating, and the music helps me release the worst feelings. Otherwise I would maybe act upon them. But, Norway in general is a stabile land but unbelievably expensive. Yes, the world in general has turned to utter shit.

Thank you for answering these questions. We now can enjoy ‘Satan Ov Suns’ and meanwhile wait for Doedsvangr to come over here and play it live. If there is something else you want to share with us or if you want to speak about something in particular, this is the moment: shoot!
Check out our new album 'Satan Ov Suns'.

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