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Desultory houdt ermee op. ‘Through Aching Aeons’ is op 23 juni jongstleden uitgebracht en is het laatste wapenfeit van de band. Tijd om kort terug te blikken op het verleden van de band dus. Drummer Thomas Johnson stond ons te woord.

Door: Marcel H. | Archiveer onder death metal / grindcore

You're about to release your fifth full-length ('Through Aching Aeons'). This is, apparently, going to be your farewell album. What is the reason to call it quits after all those years (albeit split over two periods of time)?
We decided to quit earlier this year. As we haven’t made any music since we recorded ‘Through Aching Aeons’. We really worked hard for this album doing pre-demos in 2012 and writing music for this album for circa four years. We felt that we won’t do anything better than this.

Could you compare the two periods Desultory was active, for us? What were the differences for you? How did you experience it all?
First period we didn’t have any kids and wives as we have today. We were a young band wanting to play as much as we could. Making new music all the time. Managed to get record deals and loads of tours. These days we really like to play but there’s so much other things in our life and our longing to play is not that big anymore. Since we released 'Counting Our Scars' we have only been playing bigger concerts like festivals and well-chosen gigs here in Sweden and Europe.

How do you view the current state of metal and especially the kind of metal you play?
I think the current state is very good. Loads of good death and black metal bands are coming. And the old ones are still around. I really like to find new music to listen to.

As you're stopping could you give us a run through concerning the circumstances surrounding the recording, release and other matters (such as the relationship between the cover artwork and the music on offer) when it comes to your five studio albums. And how they were received by both the public and 'journalists' upon release and whether or not the release opened new doors for you as a band. First off we'll have to of course start with your debut, 'Into Eternity'
We signed to Metal Blade for three albums. First Swedish band to sign with a big American label. Took two weeks to record. The cover: We found it through a company who sells photos. Band photos were taken by a colleague of mine. The songs are taken from our first three demos. Recorded in Sunlight studios with Tomas Skogsberg. Digital drums from the Nineties, analog recording. This studio and person (Tomas) understood that this kind of music will break as we, Entombed, Dismember was early with this shit. Matti Kärki from Dismember sang with Klas on the song 'Depression'. Mainly good response from journalists and very good from listeners. A couple of tours directly after the release.

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Secondly we have 'Bitterness'
Same studio, same producer but also Fred Estby as an assistant producer. I now used two different acoustic drum sets. One of them was my drum set. Kristian Wåhlin made the cover. Three weeks to record. Very good response from both. With this album we also toured a lot.

Third album is of course 'Swallow The Snake'
New music styles had come into our lives like Kyuss and Queens Of The Stone Age. During this period here in Sweden it was popular to mix rock with death metal as we did with this album. Recorded again in Sunlight studios. Produced by Fred Estby. Four weeks to record. We wanted to do something non death metal photos as you can see in the cd booklet. Taken by Björn Bauer and cover by Jonas Clefström. Now the Sunlight studios were the place to record your stuff. When we recorded ‘Into eternity’ it was just a small room. During this period it was five rooms. 99% of the reviews were pretty bad. We wanted to try something new with our music. Sometimes you win sometimes you lose. In this case I think we lost but we are proud of it anyway.

Your fourth is your come-back/reunion album 'Counting Our Scars'
We were longing to play death metal again as we had been playing our side project Zebulon for ten years. We wanted to connect the new material were ‘Bitterness’ ended and add something new up to date sound. Using Necromorbus studios with producer Tore Stjerna. This time we recorded digitally. Five weeks to record. Photos by Soile Sirtola and cover by Travis Smith. Very good response from the listeners. Festival gigs.

And finally we have your fifth and swan-song 'Through Aching Aeons'
We did as I mentioned pre-recordings and pre-demos again with Tore Stjerna. Took six weeks to record. At the end the result went top class. The response has been so far both from journalists as from fans 100%. We have never received so many good reviews. Cover by Pierre Alain D. Band photo by Daniel Johansson. As we were finished with this album we had no more energy to take the next step to play gigs etc.

How do you look back at 27 years of Desultory (that is including the period the band wasn't called Desultory)?
It´s been a wonderful journey. Playing at cool places meeting fans from all over the world. It´s been a blast!

What are your plans for the future?
We´ll see what happens regarding the music. If I do something by myself I don’t know. We have just broken up so I live in that circle right now.

Thanks for having given us all that wonderful music and for taking the time to answer these questions. Is there anything you would like to add or say to our readers?
Thanks for your support during all these years! See you in hell ;-)

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