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Miss May I

Deze Amerikaanse metalcoreband brengt met ‘Shadows Inside’ hun zesde album uit. In hun thuisland zijn ze al een gevestigde naam op de markt. Hier moet het nog iets groeien. Hopelijk verandert dat met ‘Shadows Inside’ want de combinatie van agressie, melodie en energie wordt hier optimaal tot stand gebracht. Soms hebben de nummers een lekker popdeuntje als basis. Iets later braakt de band hun demonen uit in helse ritmes. Zanger en frontman Levi Benton nam de tijd voor een gesprek met Lords Of Metal.

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‘Shadows Inside’ is your sixth album and the band itself has been around since 2007. What are your expectations for this new release?
My expectations for ‘Shadows Inside’ is for this album to put us into a headlining spotlight. We have always held off on headlining for the right moment and now is that moment.

The line-up of the band is almost the same since the beginning and you know each other since high school. So do you consider the band as family, friends or just a group of musicians who work well together?
We are brothers. All of us are more than best friends. We’ve spent almost every day together the last ten years and we wouldn’t have it any other way. Playing our music is just us having fun 45 min a day!

Like said this is already your sixth album in ten years, combined with a lot of touring. Where do you still find the time and inspiration to write an album?
We are always writing. Even though ‘Shadows Inside’ is already finished we have songs ready for the next album. We have a few road rigs of recording gear on tour and we always get songs out that way.

I must say I was quite impressed how the vocals are handled on 'Shadows Inside'. It goes from screaming to a nice clear singing. If I am not very mistaken Ryan (bass) does the clean parts, while Levi is in charge of the rough stuff. But how do you decide which voice get which lines? Does it depends on the character of the music, or perhaps the lyrics?
We usually decide based on the overall vibe of that section of the song. Everyone is usually on the same page and we all have the same gut feeling when it comes to choosing. It sort of feels “meant to be” on those parts.

Songs like ‘Shadows Inside’ and ‘Under Fire’ show a lot of aggression. On the other side you have ‘Crawl’ and ‘Let Me Stay’, which sound catchier and even poppy. In other words, no two songs sound the same. Are you striving for such an effect or is it just coincidence?
This all happened by coincidence. We have written songs in the past that have been forced and planned and it just didn’t feel write. The reason we love ‘Shadows Inside’ so much is that we let it all just happen and didn’t hold back and we came out with a great record at the end of the day!

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With this new album you also changed from label. From Rise Records to Sharp Tone Records. Why this change?
Changing from Rise Records to Sharptone Records really was a huge change for us. We have been on Rise Records since high school and we didn’t know anything else. When our contract was up we wanted to see what else is out there and we came across Sharptone and it felt right.

Markus Staiger from Nuclear Blast also participates in Sharp Tone Records. Do you think this will
mean a step forward for the band to become more popular in Europe and chances to tour here as
headlining act?

Absolutely. We are happy to know we will have more support here with Markus help. We actually had a nice hang with him earlier this week at a gig.

Did you ever considered the possibility all those years ago that Miss May I would take it so far.
No I don't think anyone foresaw this success and longevity we've had.

One of the best known metalcore bands was Bring My The Horizon. With their latest album ‘That’s
The Spirit’ they radically changed their style. Is there any change that Miss May I will change course
also like that in the future?

I think we've changed a bit every record as most bands do but I can't say if we will make any drastic changes in the future. Anything is possible I guess.

Metalcore is a genre that was booming the last years. Still Miss May I was able to inject some
renewal and freshness in the genre. Is it your goal to avoid the well-known paths that all those other
metalcore bands are taking?

We have always tried to just stick to our own path. Feels best knowing you are on a path of your choosing and not letting anyone else steer the ship.

Okay, time to wrap it up Hope to see you soon on a European Tour (got plans already???). Do you
have any last words you want to share with our readers?

Thank you for checking out our new song ‘Lost In The Grey’. Check out the new album June 2nd, see you again soon.

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