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When Icarus Falls

When Icarus Falls is een nog niet zo bekende band, die toch al aan zijn vierde album toe is. De post-metal, die de Zwitsers op het nieuwe album ‘Resilience‘ laten horen, is overtuigend en een aanrader voor iedereen die het genre een warm hart toedraagt, dus werd het tijd om zanger Diego Mediano eens aan de tand te voelen.

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First of all, congratulations on your new album 'Resilience', I liked it a lot. How have reactions from press and public been so far?
Thank you very much for your kind words! Difficult to say, as the promotion just started, so we did not get much feedback for now. On the other hand, I’m more eager to see how ‘Resilience’ will do live on stage and how it will be perceived by the audience.

Since not all of our readers may have heard of When Icarus Falls yet, could you give a brief description about the band and its music?
When Icarus Falls is a Swiss band that has been around since 2007. We've been into heavy built up sounds since the beginning, as long as I remember, but I think we somehow managed to bring a ‘cinematic touch’ to our music that really defines what we play: a good blend of hazy atmospheres and loud riffs.

Can you tell us something about the songwriting and recording process for When Icarus Falls?
The whole composition process in When Icarus Falls revolves around ideas, riffs and iteratively putting our stuff together. The process is often quite long, organic, and not really efficient. But in the end, we’re generally surprised by the result, especially because the samples usually come very late in the process. In the case of ‘Resilience’ even after the recording session.

I’ve noticed that you’ve released each album with a different record label so far and now you are with Czar of Crickets. How do you like working with this label?
As When Icarus Falls is mostly about passion, the choice of collaborating with Czar of Crickets was quite natural for us. Freddy is a passionate hard worker, truly dedicated to the bands he’s promoting. First time for us since a long time that a release goes so well! Hats off!

The Swiss metal scene is still not widely known outside of the country. Of course, most people will know Celtic Frost and Samael, but wider knowledge will be limited. Which bands from your country would you recommend to our readers?
The Swiss music scene is a very small world where everyone knows everyone. There’s a lot of talented people in a various range of musical genres, which is amazing. Can’t name everyone without forgetting some, but I can drop you some names like Nostromo, Abraham, Impure Wilhelmina, Closet Disco Queen, Ølten etc...

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'Resilience' could almost be considered an instrumental album with vocals only being brought on sporadically. How does your vocalist avoid boredom in a live setting?
The live set will be a mix of the four albums we have released so far: ‘Over The Frozen Seas’, ‘Aegean’, ‘Circles’ and of course ‘Resilience’. It depends on the mood, but I usually play with the crowd, dance or I simply let the musicians play and I disappear in the backstage.

Facebook is showing that you have a tour planned to promote your new album. Are you also planning to play some festivals during summer and, if so, which ones?
Unfortunately, we won’t play any summer festivals this year, but there will be more dates added later so… who knows? For now, we’re focused on the forthcoming European tour, which asks a lot of preparation from us, from the set to the light show itself.

While your website is down for maintenance, your Facebook page seems very much alive. How important is social media for you to communicate with your fans?
Social media nowadays are a must for musicians willing to promote and get in touch with their fan base. We do everything we can to promote When Icarus Falls even if we are on the other hand much more discrete people.

Your music is clearly in the post-rock/post-metal genre. Some people say that the genre is oversaturated, while others argue that there’s still a lot of creativity. What is your vision on this, do you think the genre will remain able to come up with interesting new perspectives?
I don’t think the genre will be saturated, as long as people keep trying and continue exploring new things. Creativity is really a matter of trying. With ‘Resilience’, I believe it’s the first time we really dare exploring into a new direction. At least in the sense that we did not simply add new components to our musical universe, but took the risk to break from our habits. To get out of your comfort zone might be sometimes frightening, but it’s worth doing it.

When you look at the career of When Icarus Falls until now, what do you consider the highlights so far?
In my opinion, I would say the China Tour in 2015, where we met truly great people and discovered amazing places. We would never have imagined once to play so far with When Icarus Falls. Unbelievable experience!

Looking to the future, what kind of dreams and ambitions do you still have with the band?
‘The same thing we do every night, Pinky - try to take over the world!’

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