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Venereal Baptism

Venereal Baptism is een Amerikaanse band die onlangs een album uitbracht vol met blasfemische black metal. Eigenlijk is het een mix van black- en death metal, al maakt het de bandleden Adversor en DH niet uit welke stijl je het noemt. Het is de bedoeling om extreme satanische metal te maken en Lucifer te eren. Hoewel de mannen het eigenlijk niets kan schelen wie er naar hun muziek luistert en wat je er van vind, wilden ze toch wel even wat vragen beantwoorden. Die kans grepen we aan, want het gebeurt niet vaak meer dat een black metal plaat je van begin tot eind kan boeien.

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To start things of, can you tell us a little bit about the history of the band?
Adversor: I founded Venereal Baptism in 2014 with the sole purpose of making dark and orthodox music in the vein of barbaric black metal with big influences from Archgoat, Black Witchery, Sarcofago, Angelcorpse and tons of others. I recorded our EP ‘Progenitor Of All Aberrations’ here in my studio in Laredo, Texas and it was later released on CD and digipak through Throats Productions.

What kind of bands were you into when you started listening to metal?
DH: I got into metal because of Satanism. I needed to listen to music which was about what I was into, so I started to buy magazines and reach for that kind of bands no matter what genre were they playing. The only important thing for me was if they were for real or not. I was young, naive and totally obsessed with extremism, that's how it all started. Abigor, Abruptum and Mayhem were the first bands I came across I was maniacally possessed by the production and vocal style of ‘Apokalypse’ and ‘In Umbra Malitiae Ambulabo, In Aeternum In Triumpho Tenebrarum’, from there I got into many bands from my country and from Sweden / France especially. Still Abruptum's works until 2000 and Abigor's ‘Nachthymnen’ / ‘Apokalypse’ are some of my biggest inspirations, intense deeply infernal art.

How did you come up with a band name like Venereal Baptism?
Adversor: I was brainstorming for a name that represented the state of the religion these days and I came up with this name. Venereal Baptism represents the infectious mental disease that spreads among humans once you have been brainwashed by organized religion. It represents the atrocities performed by ecclesiastical figures throughout the history of mankind.

I read somewhere on your Facebook page that ‘You Hail The Goat’. This refers to Satan I presume, but is this simply something to oppose Christianity, rebelling against common beliefs or does Satan really offer something special? Or am I completely missing the point here
Adversor: The whole idea is opposing religion, whatever it is that keep you chained to the ground with your eyes closed. Venereal Baptism basically represents the violent driving force against ecclesiastical domination. We are here to glorify the Beast as the master of the universe.

DH: The voice of the Lord twists the oakstand strips the forests bare and in his temple all cry ‘Glory!’ (psalm 29)

I have chosen the way of faithfulness
I have set my heart on your laws
(psalm 119:30)

Black Metal is a very crowded genre. How do you set yourselves apart from the rest? And how is American Black Metal different from the Scandinavian version?
Adversor: The question is who gives a fuck! Here we have cactuses, scorching sun, tequila and mariachi here. Is this different from Norway? Yes, it is but we don't give a fuck about some other random country. We still manage to put out the sickest, most perverse music ever and that's what counts. And that is thanks to the annoying sun we have up all the time.

Where do you get ideas for the lyrics?
DH: I just think of how miserable is the existence of whom I oppose and ideas start to come into my mind.

How did you get in touch with your label? And do you really need a label these days (with internet and social media) to release your music?
Adversor: We got in contact with Osmose randomly when we didn't even have a proper mix to show to them. They were interested and we decided to work with them. Do we really need a label these days? Probably not but it sure is an honor working with this legendary label.

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What goals did you set yourself when you started the band and did you reach any of them?
DH: One of the main goals was to get signed by a respected label and have our material pressed into vinyl and we have successfully achieved it now that we are under the Osmose Productions banner. We feel very proud to be part of such prestigious label, home of some of the earliest extreme bands.

How do you write your songs? Does it always start with a riff or does it involve some jamming with the rest of the band?
Adversor: Every idea for the songs that we have usually begins in my studio being isolated from the rest. I wrote all the ‘Progenitor’ and ‘Deviant’ stuff all by myself while being in touch with my inner demon. Venereal Baptism began as a solo project but I am glad it had the attention it deserved and having to work with such great musicians is a blessing. The Venereal crew proudly waves the Italian, Mexican and American flags.

You are described as ‘black metal'. This is of course because music has to be labelled in order to be marketed, but how would you describe your music?
DH: It's only blackness... Nothing more, nothing less, to me it is just music made to transpose malevolence and blasphemy VB is at 100% intolerant and perverted chaos.

How do you feel the band has progressed or changed sin since you started the band?
DH: The production improved and I switched to my typical screams instead of the ‘thrash style’ vocals I did on the first EP also having a real drummer gave much more violence and impact to the album.

Modern metal is always produced in a more or less clinical way with ProTools and other programs helping bands to create a slick sound. On the other hand you see that about every band releases vinyl again. Where do you see music go in the near future? Will vinyl take over again, including a more organic production? Do extreme music and a slick production even go together?
DH: Not much has changed for me, really. I still buy my CDs, vinyls and cassettes as I was doing sixteen years ago I only listen to the previews on YouTube before buying.

Are there any non-metal bands that you like and can recommend?
DH: I'm rediscovering Oneida and ambient music (dungeon synth especially as they call it now) after I stopped listening to all this in late 2003. I'm a big fan of classical, industrial, neo folk, house, 80's / 90's dance, punk, good math core and lately I'm losing my mind with harsh noise too. I literally can't stop myself on devouring new musical genres and I tend to be influenced by all of this. I recommend you to get into my everyday mindstate by listening to Oneida's ‘Sheets Of Easter’ extremely loud when you are under the effect of datura stramonium alone in some dark place which you dislike on the worst day of your life (smiles).

How would you convince the pope to listen to your music?
DH: It would be easier to convince that ugly old Jew to suck my dick instead...

Finally, when will you be playing live shows to promote the new album? Maybe even Europe?
Adversor: Our calendar is getting busy for the year mainly in the state of Texas. We have some interesting shows coming including one with Angelcorpse in Houston which it has the potential to be the best of the year for us. We would also love to play in Europe but no serious offers have been made as of now but we are hoping to hit the old continent very soon. Promoters get in touch.

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