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Met ‘Contingent’ heeft het Deense Pyramaze naar alle waarschijnlijkheid het beste album uit hun carrière uitgebracht. Na het al heel aardige ‘Disciples Of The Sun’ van twee jaar geleden is het met dit nieuwe vlaggenschip duidelijk dat Pyramaze weer helemaal terug is en voorlopig ook niet meer zal verdwijnen. Naar aanleiding van de release van ‘Contingent’ had ik een korte babbel met toetsenist Jonah, een van de weinige leden van (bijna) het eerste uur die de band nog telt.

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It has been about two years since we last spoke, around the release of 'Disciples Of The Sun'. How have things been going since then?
Wonderfully, and thanks for having us back! It's hard to believe ‘Disciples’ came out two years ago... time flies when you're having fun.

Before 'Disciples Of The Sun' there was a silence of about seven years. Now 'Contingent' is released two years after this one, it seems that Pyramaze has sailed into steady waters now?
Absolutely and I like to think we are firing on all cylinders these days. We are hoping to keep this going and are already discussing the idea of starting to get some new songs together for album #6. We really enjoy the great response from our fans and want to reward them for their loyalty and dedication to Pyramaze.

So, 'Contingent' is a concept album with a post-apocalyptic theme. Please tell us a bit more about this.
It’s obviously inspired by current events, but we are trying to pull some positivity out of our current situation. Since we have a voice that people are going to hear, then I feel it is our responsibility to use any influence we may have for good and to inspire people to come together and work towards restoring the wonderful things that make us human. Things like art, friendship, family, brotherhood, and of course love. Perhaps this album is our rallying cry!

There is also a real-life message or warning in the album?
Not so much a warning, but a plea for people to unify and fight for what’s right.

The track for the lyric video '20 Second Century' is a slightly more straightforward rock song than most other songs on the album. Why this one for the video? And what is its place in the concept?
Each song is a standalone concept or idea, so it’s not necessarily directly related to any other one song on the record. We felt ‘20 Second Century’ was a good first single because it’s so driving and catchy and right to the point.

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You will be headlining the Progpower Europe festival in the Netherlands coming October. Any special treats we might expect for this show?
I think the fact that this may be our only show in 2017 is a treat all in of itself! We will be sure to connect with the fans both on and off stage. I think both things are of equal importance.

Next to the show of Progpower, do you have other live activities in store for the nearby future?
We may try and organize a warmup show in Denmark or Germany or something along those lines, but we are definitely interested in playing more and getting out there in front of more fans. We love to play festivals and are hoping to many more in the future! I know that we get many messages from Pyramaze fans all over the world that are hoping to get the chance to see us and it would really mean a lot to us to be able to finally reach the far corners of the world as it were.

Speaking of live shows, have you already found someone who will take care of the bass guitar on stage?
I think we are doing ok just the way we are :-) We have a great chemistry among us five guys and are a bit concerned about bringing in an outsider who of course would have his or her own opinions on how things should be done haha! We have discussed it many times among us and decided that it’s just no necessary as this time to bring in another member to Pyramaze. But who knows what the future holds!

Any future plans you can already reveal to us?
Well I can tell you that in addition to everything we have going on with the ‘Contingent’ album that we are starting to throw together some ideas for a follow up album! We are all very excited at the prospect of continuing to grow as a band and to be able to reach more and more fans. We have an awesome music video coming out soon that was directed by Chance White, which we shot the day after we played Prog Power USA last September, as well as some more cool lyric videos for various songs on the Contingent album. There is no end in sight to what Pyramaze is capable of accomplishing, and it is always such a joy and a pleasure to see our music make an impact.

I think we can round it off for this time then. Unless if there is still something you have to get off your chest?
I just want to say thank you so much to all the Pyramaze fans out there who have supported us for the last fifteen years! Especially those of you who take a moment out of your day to tell someone about Pyramaze or show them our music. Since we don't get to play live very often, our success and ability to reach people relies on word of mouth. Thanks for listening everyone and be sure to pick up a copy of ‘Contingent’ out on Inner-Wound Recordings on April 28th!

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