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Musikmesse presents: Will Hunt (Evanescence)

Dit jaar op Frankfurt Musikmesse komt een keur aan fantastische artiesten voorbij. Eerder interviewden we al Evanescence gitariste Jen Majura, maar ook Evanescence drummer Will Hunt zal een demonstratie geven. Naast Evanescence speelde hij onder meer ook in Black Label Society, Static X en Mötley Crüe, maar nu lijkt hij zijn vaste stek gevonden te hebben. Ook qua gear heeft hij behoorlijk sterke voorkeuren, zoals hieronder zal blijken. We praten met hem over zijn rol binnen de band en de wijze waarop hij zich gaat presenteren op Frankfurt Musikmesse.

Door: Ramon | Archiveer onder prog / sympho metal

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b]Welcome to Lords of Metal, the reason I interview you is because of your contribution to Frankfurt Musikmesse. Are you looking forward to that?[/b]
Of course! Anytime I can hang out with friends, musicians, lovers of music and instruments that create it's a fun time!!

You play Pearl mostly, don’t you? Which brand(s) will you represent there?
I'm a Pearl guy to the BONE! I mowed lawns for two years to buy my first Pearl kit when I was a kid. Pearl is my rock! Zildjian is the same. I've been playing Zildjian since I was six years old. My father bought me my first set of Zildjian HiHats when I was seven for my birthday. Same with REMO and Vater sticks. I've been playing those brands for as long as I can remember.

What do you think of the new concept of the “Blood, Sweat & Tears Box” at Messe, where you will play, instead of a regular stage, or a booth clinic, in an intimate and sound proof setting?
Always a great experience to get close to my fellow musicians and friends!

Are you attached to the brands, or are you going to discover new brands there as a visitor in Frankfurt too, you think?
I'm COMPLETELY dedicated to the brands I play. Not to sound cliché, but I ABSOLUTELY would not play something I didn't love playing and believed in. So, that being said, if there's a new electronic invention for my e-drums or triggers I'm all about it.

What do you think is the main purpose of events like Frankfurt Musikmesse and NAMM in the US?
To let people know about all the cool new products that are coming out from brands they know and love to discovering new brands and products to fuel creativity.

Musikmesse shifted the attention more towards the audience now in Frankfurt and open the door for the audience every day, so it is not mainly a business fair, like it used to be. What do you think of that?
Same as above. I think these types of things should be geared towards the public who makes, creates, and supports live music and the instruments and tools that make it.

You have played in many very interesting projects and with great artists, you now play in Evanescene and you are picking up again after a long silence. Do you feel you are now in a band, rather than to work as a hired gun?
Absolutely. The vibe within Evanescence is that of a family and a band. 4 of us have been together in this formation for 10 years.

Speaking of Evanescence, Jen Majura will also be amongst the performing artists. Will you be mixing your set with Evanescence material and your other stuff, or is that not set, as we speak
We will absolutely be ripping it up together!

She already promised me that the two of you will be playing some tunes, right?

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I assume it is a bit different to play at fairs, compared to regular shows. What is the main difference for you?
Well, for me it's the interaction between the band members and the volume and intensity that comes with that, as well as the energy from the audience that fuels it.

What is it you yourself look for when you go check out a band, more particular a drummer?
I love to be entertained- whether that's from a song writing/ part writing aspect, or a performance showmanship aspect. I need to be moved visually, emotionally, or both.

Like I said, you worked with many different artists. What kind of jobs would you most definitely turn down?
Ones where I felt I couldn't make it as good as it was or better.

How big is you regular stage kit?
My Evanescence and Vasco kit is huge, not one I could fit in my truck. Hahaha! But I have a small setup I use to do other projects with that's just as effective.

Here is a super nasty question, how many kits do you own?
Currently seven.

Who would you say influence and influenced you the most?
I'm influenced by bands AND the drummers in them. I love LED Zeppelin, The Beatles, Mötley Crüe, Sevendust, Helmet, Steely Dan, all kinds of crazy shit!

Will you demonstrate album tracks, sounds, styles or anything else at the Messe in Frankfurt?
I'll play some tunes demonstrating drum compositions and songwriting.

How important do you think it is for brands, and maybe artists too, to be at fairs like the Musikmesse?
Always great to be connected and informed!

It is very hard to make choices, but what memory do you cherish the most in your career?
Too many to mention, but my shows with Vasco at San Siro stadium in Milan and Stadio Olimpico in Rome, as well as the Nobel Peace Prize concert in Norway with Evanescence come to mind. Also having a Billboard #1 album in the US with Evanescence is awesome too!

What is still left on your bucket list?
A whole freakin' lot! Another #1 with Evanescence, my bands Rivel City and White Noise Owl being global monsters is SURELY up there!

Back to the Messe event, will you be scheduling moments for the audience too, you think?
Yes, I will be doing signings and meet and greets.

I give you the honour to close the interview down for both the Lords of Metal audience and the visitors of Musikmesse. Thanks for your time
Thank you guys!!

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