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Burstin' Out

De underground is, zeker bij onze oosterburen, rijkelijk gevuld met bands die iedere niche binnen het metal spectrum tot overlopen aan toe weten te vullen. Dat is aan de ene kant natuurlijk een goed teken omdat dit prima aangeeft hoe onze muziek leeft. Aan de andere kant wordt het wel wat lastig om de echte krenten uit de pap te pikken omdat nu bijna iedereen en zijn moeder die twee akkoorden kunnen spelen menen een band te moeten beginnen. Om daar vervolgens niemand anders dan zichzelf een plezier te doen. Gelukkig zijn er nog altijd de spreekwoordelijke uitzonderingen, zoals in dit geval Burstin' Out. Begonnen als een Venom coverband zijn ze uitgegroeid tot een band die het 80s black/thrash geluid succesvol weten te continueren. Collega Marco Patchman van Headbangers Zine sprak over deze en andere zaken met gitarist annex frontman Menace.

Door: Marco Patchman | Archiveer onder black metal

How did you start the band?
At first I want to thank you for this Interview. We started Burstin’ Out as actually a five member band. At first we played coversongs from Venom, Motörhead and stuff like that. Pretty fast we decided to kick out the second guitar player, because his mentality was not what we wanted to do with Burstin’ Out. After that, we concentrated on playing Venom-cover songs because this was the direction we wanted to go. We rehearsed sometimes each day in the week and quickly became very fit playing together.

Your band name is taken from the Venom's song 'Bursting Out'. Not so strange of course for a Venom coverband...
Yes, that’s true. We even played our first concert with an 'All-VENOM-Setlist'. Our first demo tape by the way (recorded with the legendary answering machine) consists also of an all Venom setlist. We had songs like 'Black Metal', 'Witching Hour' etc. on it and also more uncommon songs like 'Don’t Burn The Witch' and some songs from the Venom singles.

When did you start writing your own material? What made you want to write own songs? I guess Venom is still the main influences…
We started to write our own material quickly after our first concert, because we decided to become a real band and not just a rip-off. Still the main Influence was at that time Venom, but nowadays I write the music with a broader width of musical influences without being to experimenting. That would just not be Burstin’ Out... For a processing of more profound musical thoughts I’m currently working on a black metal solo/side project. Stay tuned.

Impaler (drums) was replaced by Coffin and later on by El Sucio. What made Impaler decide to quit or have you kicked him out? Coffin was there just for a very short while, right? Is El Sucio the right one for you, you think….
Well, Coffin was our drummer because he had the rehearsing room and the drumset. In our area it is almost impossible to find drummers and rehearsal rooms. After a while we noticed that Impaler lacked in interest and heartblood in the band, so we decided to kick him out. Our friend Coffin therefore promised to learn and play the drums after that, but after a few sessions we came to the point that we knew, that he was still not the right one. On a festival in summer I met El Sucio after a long stay abroad of his’ in Mexico. I have known him already before from his time at Infernal Boozer where he was the singer and guitar player. When I told him, that we were searching for a drummer he said that he actually played the drums before. I invited him for a sessions and we instantly knew that he was the right one. Not just because of his drum-skills, but also his spirit.

Please present the current line-up! Menace (Wifebeater) is only live guitarist? Why not all the time?
I don’t know where you have this information from haha. Witchnailer aka Bizeps Beast (bass) Satanscythe (vocals) El Sucio (drums) and I (Menace, Guitar) are the current line up.

If I am not very mistaken you put out four releases so far. What can you tell you about each of them?
No, we released three records so far, but if you count my Venom Tribute Sampler, that would make four. The first one was 'Hell Commands…' an EP which we recorded in the legendary Toxomusic Studios (Desaster, Cruel Force etc.) in Koblenz. At that time, we decided to record an EP and then send it to labels afterwards. We quickly found with Stef’s Heavy Forces Records a more than worthy label. Surprisingly the EP was sold out very fast and we had a great reception from the 'scene' (I hate that word…). At that time the black/speed Metal wave was at it’s climax and we had the chance to be part of it. If I look at this afterwards that was more luck than skills hahaha. Our second release was 'Outburst Of Blasphemy' which we also recorded in one weekend with a more than average sound in Toxomusic studios. Due to this fact we decided to change the studios. Our friend from Blackevil recommended us the Mighty Monster Studios in Swabian Hell, where we recorded 'Wildfire', a two track 7'' single. This was the first time that we were 100% satisfied with our sound and we also decided to move away from 'nonsense Satan-worshipping' texts to more provoking lyrics. In the next few months we will also release a split with our friend of Wifebeater, named 'Drunk And Dangerous'. The name says it all, so beware! And no, I don’t count the Venom demo tape as an actual release hehehe.

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What response do you get from the Underground? Not only the German but worldwide!
Due to the fact that the German music underground in this genre is pretty good connected we are well known among a lot of people in Germany. A fact that surprises me each time is our status in the south and central American countries like Mexico and Brazil. There we seem to be some kind of German super-band haha. I recently even found some Burstin’ Out bootlegs from a Mexican guy, sold in south America. That really honours us and it is nice to know that we reach some people with our music.

Some time ago I booked you guys at The Rambler in Eindhoven (RIP). How did you like that evening and is there any chance to bring you guys back to The Netherlands?
Yes, that was a day after a gig in Belgium, so I had no sleep at all. But I remember the good beer you had at the Rambler (the one with the small bottles) and also your superior hospitality. We would love to come back to the Netherlands!

Any tours or shows coming up for Burstin’ Out in the near future?
I decided to not accept any gigs for the rest of the year 2017. This is due to some personal reorganisations concerning work, place of residence and also a visit abroad. But therefore we will return in 2018 stronger than ever and with more enthusiasm than ever before! Watch Out!

How’s the German underground scene at the moment? Any favourite bands?
The 'scene' is totally supersaturated. We have a lot of bands that all sound the same, especially within the black/thrash' genre. while trying to look badass without any serious background. It seems that decreasingly less people are willing to invest time in music, it’s all about getting drunk and high with hard drugs at festivals, selling and buying needless merchandise like patches etc. This is not the same spirit that the metal scene had five or ten years ago. But by implication there are a lot of music fans who have a deep passion for the music and invest a whole shit of heartblood in it. Bands like Horn, Vulture, Wintarnaht, Witchburner, Lord Vigo, Nocturnal, Khthoniik Cerviiks and even more atmospheric bands come to my mind. What is also nice in our German 'scene' is that you see a lot of people at each concert who are very worthy to spend time with! Despite all that negative aspects in the 'scene' it seems that German metal will never die.

Coolest festivals in Germany?
I really like small and local concerts organized by enthusiasts. A very cool big festival in my opinion is the 'In-Flammen' Open Air in eastern Germany, though.

Your favourite Venom release?
Probably not the new Cronos albums haha. And since VENOM INC. just signed to fucking Nuclear Blast I rather stick to the old single-songs.

Top 10 Releases:
I hear a lot of music but these are the ten album that probably played the most during the last months:

Dissection – Reinkaos
Wifebeater – Mysoginist
Horn – Turm am Hang
White Death – s/t
Summoning – Minas Morgul
Emyn Muil – Turin Turambar Dagnir Glaurunga
Burzum – Fallen
Noctes – Pandemonic Requiem
Mirkwood (USA) – Mirkwood
Forteresse – Themes Pour La Rebellion

Thanks for taking some of your worthy time! Anything to add?
Thanks for your interview! Keep the fierce spirit alive!

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