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Met Extremity, afkomstig uit Oakland Californië, hebben we er een relatief nieuwe band bij op de nog altijd groeiende death metal berg, maar laat je niets wijs maken: alle leden in Extremity zijn rotervaren muzikanten die hun kunstjes reeds hebben bewezen in andere bands als daar zijn Vastum, Agalloch, Cretin, Vhol, Necrosic…en hier zijn ze nu met ’Extremily Fucking Dead’, hun eerste wapenfeit: een leuke EP met zes primitieve, alles verpletterende oude death metal nummers. Gewoon pure nostalgie en een waar riff festijn. Laat ons maar eens kijken wat drummer Aesop Dekker te zeggen heeft over hun debuut én hun toekomstige plannen.

Door: Koen S. | Archiveer onder death metal / grindcore

Extremity is a relatively new band with a bunch of experienced musicians who have proven before they are very capable. I couldn't find much information about Extremity, so it looks like you are kind of a well-kept secret. How did it all started and tell us something about yourself?
Some years ago Shelby and started to work on some material but I was busy and that stuff eventually morphed into his band Apocryphon. After Apocryphon split up we started writing simpler, more primitive stuff. After we had a few songs sorted we asked our friends Marissa and Erika to fill out the band, as they are both phenomenal musicians who share our love of old Death Metal.

April 7 will be the release date of 'Extremely Fucking Dead', your debut MLP with 27 minutes of crushing old school death metal. How excited are you for this release? Are there any plans for making a full album in the future?
Very excited. I think the MLP is far better than we expected it to be and the response has been fantastic. We will definitely start work on what will be a full-length very soon.

What immediately stands out is the excellent artwork. I really love it. Much better than the photoshop covers that a lot of bands use these days. Can you tell us something about the artist and the artwork?
The painter is Theodore Gericault, one of the pioneers of the French Romantics. He is best known for his painting "Wake of the Raft of the Medusa" which I think appeared on an album by German doom band, Ahab. This particular piece was done as part of a series depicting medical schools. I felt it fit our vibe and title.

Something that was on my mind earlier: what is the meaning of the title of the intro: Mortuus est Valde?
Loosley translates from Latin as "extremely fucking dead".

Is it the famous Boss Hm-2 that kicks in from the first notes of 'Crepuscular Crescend', the first actual song of 'Extremely Fucking Dead', to stay there for the remaining 26 minutes? Your music sounds very old school: are you fascinated by that specific sound? Also your logo reminds me of that other great band Entombed. Do you listen yourselves to death metal and especially old death metal?
We love the old Death Metal and yes, Entombed is a favourite of course but there is no HM2 on the record.

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The song 'Extremely Fucking Dead' is becoming quickly one of my favourite songs in 2017. Who does the songwriting in Extremity?
Shelby wrote most of the riffs and all the lyrics. He did a great job.

You're all very busy and involved with other bands: Shelby in Ulthar and Vastum, Erika in Femacoffin, Trepanation, Scolex and Necrosic, you in KhĂ´rada, Vhol and Worm Ouroboros and Marissa in Cretin. Have you got enough time left to go to the rehearsal room with Extremity?
We make it work. Khorada and Vhol seldom rehearse due to the distance. Every band I'm in tends to step up rehearsals when needed. It's kind of a thing I think, in the Bay Area, to be in a lot of bands.

In April Extremity are going on tour with Asphyx, Vastum and Mortuous. You look forward to share the stage with the great Dutch band? Vastum is now in Europe for some shows and are playing at Netherlands Deathfest as we speak. Does Extremity have plans to come to Europe to conquer the old land?
We would love to but no concrete plans as of yet.

Extremity is a mixed band with men and women. Not that that hasn't happened before and I don't want to sound sexistic, but you don't see it that often in death metal bands. Is it different to work with bandmembers of the opposite sex or it doesn't matter at all?
Why would it matter?

Something different: does the current political situation in the United States affect your daily life? Do you already see changes since Trump is president? You are located in California, which borders Mexico: is the situation in California different than in the rest of the US?
The situation in California is no different, although the USA is a big country with many states. We will all suffer in some form or another with this orange, bigot, TV, asshole in office.

Okay, that's about it. Thank you to take your time for this interview. I'm glad you aren't a secret anymore to this side of the world. It is time for everyone to discover Extremity! I hope to see you guys in Europe anytime soon. What can we expect from Extremity in the future and what are your goals?
More bludgeoning music in the form of a full length record. As far as goals, to be a better Extremity.

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