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My Dynamite

Na het zeer smaakvolle debuut, komen de Australische rockers My Dynamite met een waardige opvolger. Patrick Carmody bespreekt met ons de achtergrond informatie.

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Hi guys, it's been a while since we spoke. This was right after the release of your debut album. How has life been treating you since then?
Yeah life has been treating us well. Since the last album we’ve done a bunch of Aussie shows, some touring in Europe, we’ve been writing and recording the new album and also having a little bit of down time in between.

Your new album 'Otherside' is out now. How are the first reactions, and what are the most remarkable things worth mentioning according to yourself?
The reactions from fans has been great. We really think that the mixing and mastering has come up much better on the new album than the last one – probably due to the fact that we’ve been through the process before and now have a better understanding of how to pull the tones, sounds and polish that we want. We’ve had a bunch of positive feedback and reviews from online and print magazines. Most of the reviews have been around a 7,8 or even 9 out of 10 and say nice things. So we are glad people are enjoying it. The things that are worth mentioning is probably that we have branched out a little bit on this album and let some other influences seep in. There’s elements of country and folk mixed in with our Southern-style soulful rock that was all over the first album.

The title slightly made me fear to hear something completely different than your previous album. Fortunately I experienced this as a pretty logical successor of the debut album (which I liked very much also), where the slightly more varied ingredients can be seen as a natural development. What's the thought behind the album title, or is just a random choice of one of the track titles?
We actually came up with the artwork before the title on this one. The photo on the cover was actually taken by our drummer Simmo’s girlfriend (Liana) while they we in the U.S. Liana was experimenting with some different types of film and exposure and that was one of the photos that she snapped. Simmo loved it and then brought the photo to the band. We were then playing around with some names and concepts for the album. One of our concepts involved constellations. We tried Photoshopping some stars and constellations into the picture, but as soon as we played with it the picture lost some of its magic. The magic of the photo is really in its’ colours and shade so we decided no messing around with that and no Photoshop.

As I mentioned in the last response, we do feel that we have branched out in terms of style on this new album and so the idea of using ‘Otherside’ as the title is that we have found another side to ourselves musically. It also ties in with the artwork as there is a wall of junkyard cars on the front which create a barrier where you cannot see what’s on the other side. So the idea is if you want to see the other side of My Dynamite you’re just gonna have to have a listen to it. It’s also a pretty good track too!

My first impression of the debut album was that it had to be a product of many long days in expensive studios; a huge "mistake". Is the new album also recorded in a few days in a cottage in the country, with hired microphones and gear, with most basic tracks recorded in one live take?
It was a similar process in some ways, but we didn’t record this one at Jorge’s (Guitar) farm like last time. We still recorded the drums, bass, rhythm guitars and keys live at Woodstock studios in Melbourne. We find that the songs have better feeling and gel together better when we’re all playing them together in the same room. We then did the vocals, some of the guitar leads and solos as well as some of the percussion (pedal steel, congas, tambourine) and session stuff (cello, backing girls) at Aviary Studios in Melbourne.

Although I think your overall sound is great again, I can't help hearing some kind of "wop" under water sound by the way in 'Motortalkin'' at places I have doubts they should be with that sound. This probably is something personal but I just had to mention it.
Benny (guitar) plays the Wah for most of Motortalkin’, but I also used an envelope filter on the bass for parts of the song. This might explain some of the sounds that you’re picking up on.

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Which song(s) on the new album is/are your favourites, and which have a story behind it, that needs to be told?
Personally I really love 'Witch Hat' as I love that shuffle groove the song has to it and the lyrics are basically about babes and broomsticks so what’s not to like. We do all kind of have our own favourites though. I know Benny and Jorge love playing ‘Otherside’ for selfish reasons as they have a killer solo sections at the end – I must admit it is super fun to play live. We all agree that ‘State We’re In’ is a solid tune. It’s super funky and has a cool break down. Jorge had a cool guitar part he had been sitting on for ages, but we could never quite work it into a song as it didn’t really work for a verse or chorus that well. We ended up with it in the solo section of this song and built a completely different song around it which is a bit weird, but it works. Pat also wrote some great lyrics for the song about equality and treating each other right. Pat is usually a pretty calm dude, but he can fire up when he catches people being discriminatory or discourteous towards others. He fights the good fight - that’s why we love him. This song is basically about how we’ve come a long way as a society in moving forward on issues of discrimination, but we’re still a long way from the finish line.

In our previous interview you mentioned the importance of playing live; which songs from the new album are your favourites to play and why?
We love playing ‘Otherside’ live. The extended jam at the end is often dragged out even further live and Benny and Jorge go nuts with their duelling guitar solos at the end. Pat gets to bring out his maracas and sometimes jumps out stage for a dance with the fans during the long instrumental section. Also when we are lucky enough to have the incredible Wolfgramm sisters which you hear on the album sing with us live it is just amazing (we’re very much looking forward to having them sing with us March 3rd at our album launch in Melbourne).

I couldn't find any future tour dates by the way. Will you be promoting the new album with some live shows, and is there a chance of seeing you guys in our neighbourhood also, or will it be just Australia?
We have our album launch booked in for March 3rd at Cherry Bar here in Melbourne. We are super excited about this. Cherry Bar is the epicentre of Melbourne Rock n’ Roll – maybe even the epicentre of all Aussie Rock n Roll. We have been rehearsing hard and planning some new surprises for fans. We haven’t really planned much beyond this at the moment. We have been focusing most of our energy on this show for the time being and haven’t made many plans for the months after. We have band members away for short periods here and there in the period after the launch which has made it difficult for immediate plans, but we are definitely open to the idea of more touring and still have a bunch of connections from pervious touring. So I guess you’ll just have to keep your ear to the ground.

I couldn't find any information about the release of vinyl albums. Is any material released on vinyl or are you considering this? Your music could be very suitable for release on vinyl, or is the market in Australia not that much into vinyl albums?
We’re on vinyl already dude!!! I can see my vinyl copy from where I’m sitting right now as I’m replying to this interview. We’re super happy about it too as it sounds great. The vinyls are available from Listenable Records online store. It is available in Europe, Australia and parts of Asia already and soon to be (if it isn’t already) available in the United States and other areas. There is a big resurgence in vinyl sales in Australia at the moment. I’m sure that we will sell a few at our album launch in a couple of weeks

As a final question: Is there any other hot news or gossip you want to share with our readers?
Our album launch next week will not only be rad if you are lucky enough to be there, but it will also be recorded live so you might be able to wrap your ears around some live tracks at a later date. Also Coops (keyboards) got engaged last year, Pat has two kids name Phoenix and Ace (with those names and that guy as their dad they’re destined to be rock stars of the future), Benny loves salmon and our new album has healing powers – get your hands on it.

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