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Junkyard Drive

Een debuut plaat die klinkt alsof het een resultaat is van een band met jarenlange ervaring die eindelijk de gelegenheid krijgt om hun beste werk vast te leggen; en toch is het heel anders. Zanger Kris en gitarist Birk zijn bereid om een en ander verder te verhelderen.

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Hi Guys, I would like to kick off with my compliments for the final result of your latest result of hard work; the release of 'Sin & Tonic'. Are you guys satisfied, and how are the first reactions?
We are more than satisfied with the result, the thing is this album was actually supposed to be a six track EP, but we have already put out an EP in 2014 so we needed something else. We first recorded the six tracks and later on the last four, I think we wrote the last four songs ('Natural High', 'B.A.D.' 'Take It All' and 'Geordie') in one or two months and we recorded those songs in two days so over all we are satisfied and the reactions for our Single 'Geordie’ has been major, we reached nr. 19 on the overall chart in Denmark and nr. 2 at the rock chart that’s something we didn’t expected.

Most of our readers will not know you that well (yet), can you give us an update of the story so far?
The story so far is all about touring to get the experience and see if we are built to go the distance, you know. We have been touring Latvia, Germany, Netherland, Mexico and USA, with success and without getting into any fight with each other or being homesick or anything. We now know for a fact that we want and can go all the way and do this every day, and that’s also what we hope will be the outcome of this debut-album!

Any particular reason or exiting story behind the origin of the band name?
There's actually no particular reason why we named the band Junkyard Drive. We needed a name, and we just liked the word Junkyard. It has some power to it, and it fits us pretty well because our rehearsal space is surrounded by wrecked cars.

Your debut EP 'Junkyard Luxury' was pretty well received, but it seems you guys have grown pretty much in song writing, arranging working towards a very mature final product. Was there a difference in approach towards writing and arranging (and how is this process anyway with you guys)?
Well we recorded the EP after being a band for two months, so the four tracks were written fast and really simple, and Kris was just starting to sing at that point. Now we use more time to write the songs and throw away more ideas. Back in 2014 we used mostly all the ideas on the table, because we needed some songs, so we could play live. Mostly when we write songs, Birk has a Riff, a chorus, or a whole song, and then we are starting to re-arrange it, Benjamin makes it sound wider with his harmonic guitar parts, and Claus put in great fills and breaks on the drums. At last Kris will find the melody and later on write the lyrics.

There is one story worth mentioning from the recording days of 'Sin & Tonic' I guess; there seems to be a story concerning a pretty well known young man named Justin Bieber?
Oh that guy! Well we were asked if we could stop recording for a couple of hours since Justin wanted to record a new song, and we said ‘’Sure’’ as a favour to medley studios and our producer. Bieber seems like a cool guy, you know, he is our age and I think at our age it’s just about having a good time and he had that at the studio it was all cool. The thing is that after a couple of hours he was still recording, so instead of hanging around the studio we went to a bar nearby for a couple of beers and stuff, and when we came back, we could start recording. The tough part was the day after; since Bieber delayed everything, we had to work for fourteen hours in a row to finish the record. We hopefully write a great song about this one day!

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Listening to your album makes me think of sleaze rock in the line of Crazy Lixx, with the energy of slightly punky garage rock in the line of Hellacopters and the skilled devotion which comes close to classic rock a la Y&T; who would you call your main influences and this being your debut album, what can be the prospects?
HA! Every foreign magazine have compared us with Crazy Lixx. Well we think we are a bit more late 80’s than that. We don’t wear spandex or make up or any of that so the appearance of the band is maybe more Guns N’ Roses than Crazy Lixx, and we think AC/DC and Guns N’ Roses influenced our music, but you know Crazy Lixx is one hell of a band so being compared to them is AWESOME... Maybe we should hook up for a tour?

Speaking of influences and heroes; which band is the ultimate band for you guys to share a stage with, and why?
If you did ask us maybe one year ago, our answer would have been either Slash and Myles Kennedy or Airbourne, but now, when Guns N' Roses (or at least some of them) are back touring, we have to say Guns N' Roses. They are one of our greatest inspirations, and especially the album “Appetite for Destruction” has influenced the way we are as a band. So to join them on a tour would be a dream for us.

What can you tell us about the gear used when recording 'Sin & Tonic' and is this different from the stuff you use when performing live?
Basically we're using pretty much the same gear live, as we used for the recordings of the album. Our sound is pretty simple, so we're using some good quality Marshall valve amps cranked up so it gets the right punch, and a good amount of distortion. On the recordings we threw in some acoustic guitars here and there, which we haven't used live before, but soon will be added to the live performance. When we're playing shows, we always use our own 50's look-alike microphones (the one that's in our logo) because they look great on stage, compared to the SM58's which everyone else are using.

Which of your own songs, and which covers are/would be your favourite songs to play live and why?
We don't really have a favourite song to play live, but it would probably be all our fast songs. Our live performance is focused on the energy, and typically the fastest songs are also the most energetic. We haven't really done many full length cover songs live (except Geordie), but we always play a medley, including a bunch of iconic rock riff's which we love to do, and the crowd loves to hear something they know.

In my review I wrote this release was screaming for a release on vinyl; both because of the music and the cover art. Will there be a vinyl release, and what can you tell us about the cover art?
We are still considering to release the album on vinyl, so hopefully it will come someday, but we start off with a CD. The cover on the album were meant to express a contrast between the pure and the evil. We wanted the cover to have a provocative vibe, so that's why we took a nun and turned her into a bad girl. The nun is actually a handmade drawing, which has been colored/edited digitally.

As a final question; what would you like to add, is there any hot news or something else you want to share with our readers?
We just want to give a shout out to the fans from Holland, and then a small funny story on the side: The first time we played a show outside of Denmark, was when we played in Germany and Holland. We rented an old RV van, but when we passed the first 4-500 kilometres, the engine started to get really really hot, and our maximum speed was going down to 50 km/h. We had to stop the car and think about what we could do, because with that speed, we wouldn't be able to make it on time. We were very close to give up, and cancel the shows, but luckily we found out that there was no cooling liquid on the car. So we filled it up and we were back on the road. The RV van was named Jessie and the next day, we wrote the song 'Bone Dry Jessie'. On the way home from Holland.

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