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Shadows Land

Shadows Land combineert op hun album “Ante Christum (Natum)” death metal elementen met elektronische klanken. Het volgende e-mail interview probeert wat duidelijkheid te scheppen omtrent deze release, iets wat nog een hele klus blijkt gezien de vertaling van Pools naar Engels door Intertran gedaan lijkt te zijn… (en we zijn nu even te beroerd om de boel te fatsoeneren, we hebben wel wat beters te doen. “Gollum, gollum..”).

Door: Wilf | Archiveer onder death metal / grindcore

How did you came up with the band name Shadows Land? Does it perhaps have any reference to your home country Poland?

This was about eight years ago...With several names what walked us after heads we chose just Shadows Land. Like then, today also this name gives ideally useful character of our music. So it's okay to receive this name on different ways, from one side brutal transfer, schisms contained in sounds etc. Such trips through unfriendly places for usual listener. And it does not walk about Poland :-)

Until recently you had a deal with the Demonic label, but your new album 'Ante Christum (Natum)' has been put out through Osmose. How did you get a deal with this French extreme metal label?

With Demonic label was doesn't oblige co-operation. They publish split "Smell Of Pain" with Mess Age. All was start with signature of contract with Empire rec. This is a very strong Polish label. And so the matter of contract with Osmose was occupied by Mariusz Kmiolek, surely in large measure this is a contribution of his person's professionalism and whole Empire. In contract is debut and two next albums. We have a lot of delivery as team on European scene, the line up is strong and the lots of new ideas. We prepare also good show. As a team we feel strong...fact, this is really beginning...Osmose made first step, they publish our album and effects are already visible. Reviews and reactions are satisfactory outright amazing.

Why did you call the album 'Ante Christum (Natum)'?

Title of this album shows our place as human, musicians in society. Title is the Latin shortcut used to sign years before beginning Christian era. For us is the symbol, time when were no places for religions time when religion doesn't act. We feel beyond these all religious beliefs. Texts on album are in such climate and for this also we have such title.

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Who is responsible for the artwork? Can you tell us what it represents?

Cover was created by Polish artist: Jacek Wisniewski. He worked for teams how MARDUK, VADER, KRISIUN, SINISTER, MALEVOLENT CREATION, HOUWITSER, HADES, GRAVE, DECAPITATED, SINISTER …. It shows religious symbols defining our transfer, whole climate of album. And first of all title "Ante Christum (natum)”. And what it is already one it is knew.

What are the lyrics about?

Every element how creation of music, recording in suitable way, creation of cover, the visualization from side of pictures and lyrics are very important for us, with every of these creative elements are join challenges and great pleasure of realization. Texts are my authorship. Subject matter is well-known surely not one devil's child...the difference depends however on suitable image of given subject. I represent own observations, I pour out own visions, my visions, in texts sometimes can perceive my person's painting...And they are tales about dark side of human nature, religion, some private catching moment.

How did the recording process go? Would you do anything different the next time?

We worked in Hertz studio in very good, professional place. With professionals, and I like this. Session was bribed from our private cash so it didn't dispense without stress. Session be divided on two parts. In first two weeks we recorded all traces of drums, guitars and vocals. In second visit we recorded samplers and we made a mix. I hope that nobody will pass by this album indifferently. So many how much cannon oneself near formation and recording this material and it poured to blood how much, I want in order to every felt this. We worked after 10 hours daily and we believed in our material. This visits this also next experience, now we draw a conclusion. So mistakes what we made with work in studio surely will not happen during next visit.

Why did you decide to use electronic sounds?

We are men who seeking. We want to create good music, with power with emotions, simply interesting. We had on this album such concept, such idea and we realized this. Electronic sounds are not the most important for us, as to be to hear on album this is only addition, element with give useful climate of "Ante Christum (natum)”. It went good and this is most important.

How does it compare to the 'Smell Of Pain' album? Did the line up change have an effect on the music of Shadows Land?

"Ante Christum” was making in moment when in team where no good with line up, someone came again someone went away, we couldn't find enough engaged guys to work in this team, moreover our vision, this what we wanted to make or we was felt probably was most extreme. But with J Nerexo we successful us was keeping obstinately own ideals. We recorded this album in both and we are useful this style of our works just together. I have to remember about third person that took part in second part of recordings, I talk here about T. Borys, his creative character is heard as samples in several tracks. Our fascinations music is same and we understand what we want to do. Today Shadows Land replenish two new faces: R. af Buzzer (guitar) and Paul (bass) and again next step to front...material took power, so as is should be, senses their personality and strength in this how they play as they approach to team. It will be hear this on concerts surely or next albums.

Why did you cover the classic Mayhem track 'Pagan Fears'?

We wanted to record own version this track with characteristic elements of "Ante Christum (natum)”. We want to show our point of sight... we like pick up the gauntlet. In future surely we reach for something from "classics” and we will alter on our own way. Beyond this "Pagan Fears” is a track what we needed on album...its simple transfer which neutralizes the complexity of whole album, climate and at last homage folded Mayhem. Beyond this I am satisfied with vocals, they are quite pretty well.

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Are there any other bands out there that you really admire and respect? And perhaps will cover some day?

Yes, I have respect for many bands. How I earlier remembered surely something we will make. Several plans are but I will not betray details yet.

Are you all in all satisfied with the album?

Yes. We are satisfied; "Ante Christum (natum)” gave us contract and perspective on future. It with whole certainty this is an album which we dedicated many energies, time and health. As studio material this is closed chapter. It has sound exactly like it sound, structure of songs are exactly how we want, there is nothing more to do with this album.

How do you see the future of Shadows Land? Are there plans for a tour of festivals this year?

In present moment, we deal with promotion of "Ante Christum ”. We have a lot of interviews.. In June we're going on "Empire Invasion Tour 2004” with Dies Irae, Trauma and Sceptic. Tour this will hug nine cities in Poland. We have several individual concerts also. We are doing new material so how you see we have a lot of work.

Well, that is it for now. Thanks for your time, and if you have got anything left to say to the LoM readers, just say it J

Listen "Ante...", devil, who you want, lets to bear you this ill sounds...and come on our concerts.

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