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Met het concert op 15 mei aanstaande in Tivoli/Vredenburg te Utrecht was er ineens het bericht dat er een interviewmogelijkheid was met drummer Alan White. Natuurlijk was dat een Yes van onze kant en hoewel het een vrij korte babbel was kwam het toch tot een leuk onderhoud met deze vaandeldrager van de band.

Door: Winston | Archiveer onder prog / sympho metal

Hi Alan, how are you?
Hello, I’m fine thank you. I am preparing to start rehearsals for the upcoming tour. Will travel to England tomorrow and we will be doing the ‘Drama’ album for the first time since 36 years. It’s interesting to play these songs again. We did ‘Machine Messiah’ and ‘Tempus Fugit’ a couple of tours back, with Benoit David in the band, we’ll see how it turns out this time with songs as ‘Into The Lens’ and ‘Does It Really Happen?’.

I can imagine that yeah, and this time it is with Billy (Sherwood) in the band, who stepped in when Chris passed away sadly enough. How is he adapting to this music?
He’s doing fine, I talked to him the other day and he’s excited to do this with us. We’ll be doing the ‘Fragile’ album too and a few songs more. Billy Works hard to get it all in, he’s a great musician.

band imageWhat do you remember from the ‘Drama’ tour? The tour never made it to Europe…
Oh that’s hard to say right form the top of my head but I do remember the three sold out nights at Madison Square Garden in New York. We had a new band with Trevor Horn and Geoff Downes and that was amazing for us.

So after this tour you will continue in the U.S.A. with a different set up; doing two songs of ‘Tales From Topgraphic Oceans’ and ‘Drama’. That is quite something and the fans will enjoy this for sure!
In the summer yeah, so we have a lot of homework coming up as we haven’t been playing these two songs in a long time too. It will work out fine even when it’s not easy to play. But we will give it enough time and it will turn out great I’m sure.

And there talk of a greatest hits part too, are there surprises perhaps, you know the fans always hope for some unexpected songs.
We have a lot to dig from yeah but it all needs time of course. We might get to do material from ‘Relayer’ too sometime, we’ll work our way to that when we go through it. The focus for now is on ‘Drama’ and to get that moving, we’ll see what will come up after that.

Doing the ‘Drama’ was a surprise too, did you talk to Trevor Horn (original singer on the album and producer for Yes) about it?
Yeah we did and actually he will do one or two shows with us on stage. In the Royal Albert Hall for sure and even when it will be for one song it will be great of course.

One thing Alan before we end this interview, how was it for you when Chris Squire passed away, being a friend and a bandmate?
I worked with him for 43 years and one of his wishes was for the band to carry on and that is what we are doing. In the back of our minds we are thinking about doing new music but it is not in the immediate future. Maybe next year we will get to that, would be really nice to do that.

Time’s up for now Alan, thanks for this update, good luck on the tour and see you in Utrecht!
My pleasure Winston, thank you and hope to see you there!

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