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Tad Morose

Een paar maanden geleden verscheen het nieuwe album ‘St. Demonius’ van deze Zweedse volhouders, en na een aanvankelijk moeilijk begin viel na een aantal draaibeurten uiteindelijk toch het kwartje: een prima plaat. Vlak na de release gingen de heren op tour, en bij terugkomst had oprichter en hoofdverantwoordelijke Christer Andersson wel even tijd voor een goed gesprek. Hij legt uit wat zijn gevoel bij het album is en dat fans en media vaak andere dingen in en van hun muziek vinden dan zij zelf. Feit is wel dat de band het nog steeds ziet zitten en nu al weer bezig is met plannen voor de toekomst. Dat horen we natuurlijk graag!

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It has been two years and one album since our last chat. Again I have to congratulate you with another new album. Well done!
Thanks! Yeah, time flies!

I suppose you are happy that it only took two years to produce a new album instead of ten years?
Ha ha ha! Yes! It was pretty fast this time. Actually, ‘St Demonius’ was done in March 2015 but it wasn´t released until August.

But that is probably not the only thing you are glad about. What about the feelings concerning 'St. Demonius'? Did it come out so well as you envisioned it?
Pretty much I think. I mean, you never really get totally satisfied, there are always things you can improve. But on the other hand, making an album is an emotional roller coaster and sitting there holding the finished album in your hand and listening to it loud is quite a remarkable feeling!

In my humble opinion the album is, again, darker and gloomier than the previous one. The last time I asked you couldn’t really agree with me. Can you agree now? Or am I just imagining Tad Morose getting darker every time?
Ha ha ha! I don´t know, we hear that a lot, so I guess you are right there. Perhaps it has something to do with our northern Swedish origin? But personality wise, we are never far away from a laugh and a beer. Or two… 

If you do not agree with me…what is the general development from the first album up to this one?
I personally think that with every album we get closer to what I had in mind when I started the band. It is a long journey with lots of de-tours to get there though. The general development would be that we are better songwriters and musicians now compared to the first album.

As I see it, the songs are less catchy and harder to comprehend, compared to older albums. How do you explain this change in your song writing? And if you don't agree with my point of view, is it possible to explain the gap between the artist's view of the songs and that of someone that has not been involved in the writing process?
Well, hard one to answer. A lot of people think that the two last albums are more ‘catchy’ than the older ones. So I don´t know… I never try to write a ‘catchy’ song, I know this might sound weird but the truth is that if we are trying out some new stuff and we think it is too catchy, we will change it so that it isn´t so catchy. A funny thing about writing songs and releasing albums is that you learn that usually the songs on an album that perhaps like the most is the ones that the audience likes the least! Ha ha ha. But I think that has to do with the fact that I´m a guitar player and I like to play the songs that are most fun to play. And that is not always the best songs obviously. It is impossible for me to listen to our songs with the objective ears of someone that never heard it before. It would be nice to do that and see what I thought though! …or maybe not? Ha ha ha

How did other media and fans react on your new album until now?
So far it has been very good! It is always nice to hear the reactions when you release a new album. You never know if it´s any good until somebody hears it and tell it to you. But that is also a part of what makes all this interesting! You put in a tremendous amount of time, sweat, hard work and determination into this and hearing that people like it is a very good feeling indeed!

Can you point out music that have influenced your sound the most lately? I mean, the albums you issued before were very much influenced by Savatage, at least that was what a lot of media peeps tended to say. Do you agree, or do you see this different yourselves?
I guess I can agree to that! Savatage is a truly great band that I have been listening to a long time. We have shared the stage with the guys a few times too, not as Savatage though, but as Weapons of Mass Destruction. I still listen to the same music that I always have such as King Diamond, Mercyful Fate, Black Sabbath, Crimson Glory, Accept, Vicious Rumors, Metal Church and well, the list goes on and on. Ronny and Tommi listen a lot more to more ‘modern’ kind of metal and since everybody is involved in the songwriting that gets into our music as well.

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I was planning to attend a gig of yours in September in The Netherlands or Belgium, but sadly I could not make it to the shows due to other obligations. But how did it go? Do people in our countries know you well enough to fill the venues?
Sorry to hear that! Well, hard to tell really. It seemed that not many knew that we were coming. The promotion for this tour was not exactly a text book example on how to promote a tour. So no, we did not sell out any venue. To be honest, I can´t only blame this on the lack of promotion only, it was a very long time since we last toured Europe and the fact that there was a long period of time prior to the release of Revenant (2013) where not much was happening with Tad Morose also affects this. But on the other hand, that makes it even more important with really good promotion for the tour. But we have to start somewhere and build things up again and this was just that. According to the local promotors and the reactions from the audience we did a good job so hopefully we will be back real soon!

When attending a gig, can we expect songs from all albums? Or do you want to focus on the last two ones, concerning the gap in your existence?
Not from all of the albums. But we usually play songs from the Undead album and onwards. Much due to that the earlier albums were more keyboard oriented and with the Undead album we switched to twin guitars and that is what we stuck to from then on. But who knows, some fans also wants to hear the real old songs so we´ll see. And of course, it is hard to squeeze in songs from all the albums into live shows with set stage times, but we always try to mix it as good as we can. But of course, the focus is on the two latest albums because that is the songs made by the current line-up so that is what everybody feels most comfortable with.

Do you, as a band, care at all what kind of people like your music? When you write the music, do you have a specific audience on your mind?
Nope. We write songs that we like ourselves in the first place and then we´ll see if anybody likes it. If that happens to be elderly women living in retirement homes or some floss salesmen from Montana only, well so be it. That would make me wonder though! Ha ha ha

I am very fond of the harsh vocals on ‘When Ignorance Reigns’. I think it would even benefit to the music when it is used more often. What is your opinion on that?
I totally agree! I´ll push that information to Ronny! I think that the singing on that song is really good! It is also the song with the most vocal variations on the album. And I like that!

Are there any songs you actually do not like (to perform)?
No, not really, but you also learn which songs work well live and which that don´t.

Alright, time to wrap it up! What can we expect form Tad Morose in the future?
We will try as hard as we can to play live as much as possible during the winter, spring and summer of 2016 and we will start to record another album in the fall for an early 2017 release. That is what our plan looks like at least and then we´ll see how things turns out along the way.

Okay, thanks again for your time, if you have anything left to say or add, the space below is yours....
Thank YOU! I hope you like our new album and that we get back to the Netherlands again soon to play live! Be nice to each other and play LOUD! METAL!!!

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