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Heart Of A Coward

De Britse metalcoreband Heart Of A Coward werd opgericht in 2009. Hun eerste twee albums waren niet slecht maar vielen in de grote massa niet echt op. Hun nieuwe album ‘Deliverance’ zal daar hopelijk verandering in brengen. Het album werd voorafgegaan door de single ‘Hollow’ met een bijhorende video. Deze liet ons een heel volwassen band zien met een agressieve en melodieuze song welke ons nog lang in de oren bleef galmen. Dit was enkel een voorproefje want het album in zijn geheel was nog beter. De band vertoonde een enorme vooruitgang. Zanger en medeoprichter Jamie Graham stond ons graag te woord over de band, het nieuwe album en hun toekomstplannen.

Door: Koen W. | Archiveer onder metalcore

Heart Of A Coward brings with ‘Deliverance’ their third album. What has changed compared with the first two albums ‘Hope And Hidrance’ (2012) and ‘Severance’ (2013)
The writing style of the new album is still the same as the older albums. We just played al little faster and with a more aggressive style.

Three albums in three years. It’s like the band members are serious workers. Is it easy for you to write new songs? Never had a writer’s block?
That’s still ok to us. I know bands who are working much harder than us. It’s not so difficult to write new songs. Searching and looking for the right patterns and melodies is not so difficult. I spent a lot of more time to write the right lyrics. I’m not a great reader of books so I don’t find the inspiration that other lyric writers have. But I work very hard on it and everything time I succeeded.

You were in the past vocalist of the band Sylosis. What’s the difference between them and Heart Of A Coward?
The two bands are in the some music style. Sylosis is just straighter metalcore. Heart Of A Coward is much more modern en more technical. But the vocals are the same and there is not so much difference for me.

How satisfied are you with ‘Deliverance’? I didn’t know the band before. In the LoM archives I found a very sort review of ‘Hope And Hindrance’. The music is literally described as ‘Slicker and more triggered music you aren't likely to come across. All this sounds as clear and overproduced as can be.’ When I hear the new album I find it very aggressive and it’s really slapping you in the face (what is absolutely positive).
With ‘Deliverance’ we found a real direction to what we wanted. ‘Hope And Hidrance’ and ‘Severance’ are older albums. With ‘Hope And Hidrance’ we were still looking for the right sound and direction. With ‘Severance’ we founded what we wanted to become but it was still a little experimenting to the right style. With ‘Deliverance’ everything was like we wanted it to be. We still play older songs like ‘Shade’ and ‘Nightmare’ want now we are much more aggressive. By the meaning of aggressive I mean that it’s channelled aggression. That’s a positive part. It’s not negative aggression like fighting and smashing things. At least we try.

The way of singing requires a lot of your voice. Are there days when you awake and have the feeling that your voice needs some recuperation?
That’s not too bad. When we are on a tour my voices becomes very tired. You don’t get a lot of sleep when you are spending the night in a hotel or on a tour bus. So I have to take care of my voice. I definitely have to take care that I am not drinking too much. And by that I don’t mean cola or lemonade (laughs). I still drink some alcohol but with moderation.

You are with the label Century Media which stands for bands with quality. How satisfied are you with the label?
We are not a very easy band to handle but Century Media is good. The most important is that we do our thing and the record label does not interfere with our music.

Justin Hill is a very famous producer. Was it a great difference to record this album with him as with Will Putney?
Will Putney just produced the album ‘Severance’. The recording was with TesseracT’s Acle Kahney. Our newest album was produced by Justin Hill. We know Justin for years and he is a good friend to the band. That is a lot of difference. He had many good ideas about the numbers and melodies. For an example, I have my own singing style and my maximum. He just pushed and challenged to my so I did some things with my voice that I didn’t know I could do. He was really great.

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Can you live from your music? These times more and more people don’t buy any albums. But I think that the metal scene still is one of the best for selling music?
That will be a difficult decision to us. We could live from our music but it will be very difficult and be a hard decision. When we go on the road for all day and all night it will be work. But for now we all have a job.

You are famous in Great Britain. Are you now ready for Europe and the States?
Yes of course. That’s the aiming with this album. First we are going to try for Europe and then for the United States. Our manager and Century Media are American. We just have to wait and see how the US market will respond on our music.

The music that I’m listening to is very varied. It’s all metal. There is only a little part metal core. For the last five years I went always to the Persistance Tour where I saw a lot of unknown but very good bands. Isn’t that an opportunity Heart Of A Coward to become known in Europe?
I know the Persistance Tour and Heart Of A Coward is very interested in it. When the management of the Persistance Tour is interested in the band, we go for it.

In this month you hear a lot of news of older bands. Black Sabbath has decided to do one more tour and stops. Motörhead has put out a new album but their shows are cancelled because health problems with Lemmy. Do you see yourself still on stage by that age?
When we will have a carrier as Ozzy or Lemmy then we will go for it. They are really become brands on the music and merchandise market. We aren’t that famous yet. But these days it’s much more difficult to achieve a status like Ozzy or Motörhead. It’s still a dream for us. There are a lot of bands who are older as us and who do it very good. We will see what the future will bring for Heart Of A Coward.

You are a metal core band. Do you follow those strict rules like being straight? By this I mean no alcohol or meat.
Haha, nono not at all. The band is eating tons of meat and drinks its part of alcoholic drinks.

You are born and still lives in Great-Britain. Here on the European border like Belgium and France there are a lot of problems with the massive influx of refugees. All harbours, international trucks and the tunnel are overwhelmed by them because they all want to flee to your country. What is so great about Britain?
I really don’t know. I think it’s the welfare and healthcare system that is so good in our country. We were also one of the first countries to give asylum to refugees. But now Great Britain is becoming too overcrowded. We are already with almost seventy million people on our island. But it is so hard to judge about this. You don’t now in which situation those people are. If you have the choice to survive yourself or with you family and you have to move. Personally, I would keep travelling till I find something that will be better.

So I wish you a lot of success in the bands career. I was very nice to speak to you. Is there anything you want to say to our readers in particular?
Thank you if you are checking out our record. I hope to see you all somewhere when we are on tour.

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