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Furyon was me al eerder onder de aandacht gebracht door middel van het album ‘Gravitas’ in 2012. Een mooie 79 als waardering kreeg het toen en nu, twee en een half jaar later is de verdere ontwikkeling een hele goede. Door een geweldige productie van Fozzy producer Rick Beato en een stijl waar je het beste van Alice In Chains, Alter Bridge maar ook Thunder en Whitesnake gecombineerd hoort is ‘Lost Salvation’ een zeer geslaagde opvolger te noemen. We namen daarom maar even contact op met zanger Matt Mitchell om ons wat meer over de band te vertellen.

Door: Winston | Archiveer onder prog / sympho metal

As this is the first time we are in contact, can you briefly tell us how/when Furyon began?
Hey! Well, the band begun back in 2006 out of the ashes of a band called Pride. Pride was more of a Melodic Rock/AOR band and we were eager to be a heavier sounding band. It turned out that we finished up and formed a new band which was Furyon.

Your album, ‘Gravitas’, was the introduction to of Furyon. In hindsight, did that album bring what the band expected?
Good question. Yes I guess it did really. We wanted exposure across the Globe but I think we thought the throw could go further, as In 'We might've gained a bit more success from it'.
It's a hard industry and it was a wake up call. Still, we are pleased with the success we have had so far.

On ‘Lost Salvation’, the follow up, I hear a very nice development in both sound and style. You had producer Rick Beato again on board. Is he important for you guys?
Yes, Rick Beato and Ken ( GL ) Lanyon worked hard on 'Lost Salvation' bad we are proud of it.
I think it's a good second album to go against the first. It's better than I expected in a lot of ways. I haven't really listened to it that much and had time away from it since the process of recording and mixing etc etc .. But when I do hear bits I'm very pleased.

Taking it back to 2006, to the first EP ’32 Hours’ how would you describe the development since then?
A pretty big change really. The music was less progressive in its musicality for starters and I'd say a little less melodic all round too. What it did have and has been kept as a theme throughout is catchy riffs and main hooks. Choruses to sing along to and also great guitar solos.

I very much like the ‘slogan’ that is stated in the biography; “Raised on a diet of heavy metal, prog, and classic rock” If you had to choose the appropriate bands from these genres to get to Furyon’s style, which ones would that be?
Iron Maiden, Sabbath, Dream Theatre, Queensryche, kings X, Alice in Chains, Soundgarden, Tool, Alter bridge, Shinedown. Maybe even some old Def Leppard. A mix up and Furyon has parts of these styles I feel.

On more than one occasion I am reminded of last year’s album by Red Dragon Cartel, Jake E. Lee’s new band. You know them and if so, would you agree?
Really? Know it yeah. Great stuff!

band image

Your voice is very strong and important to Furyon. How long have you been singing and might we already know you from other bands? I can’t shake off the idea to have heard your voice before (apart from Furyon).
Thank you! I love it, it's all I do. If I'm not doing Furyon then I'm doing my other band Colour of Noise with Bruce Dickinson of The Littles Angels. And If I'm not doing that you can find me out singing for my supper in cover bands or solo acoustic. As I said before I was in a band called a Pride before Furyon.

The busy rockscene in Brighton is alo mentioned in the biography. Can you describe how big the scene is and what other bands are also really worth checking out?
It was very busy at one point. It still is thriving now but more with the stoner rock / doom movement that I feel is almost the latest in preferred styles. I love it too. Bands like Redfang I'm a big fan of. There is a couple of killer great bands in Brighton. Anacondas, Enos and Sea Bastard are pretty cool to check out.

A look on the band’s touring activities shows Spain as major ‘other’ country where Furyon is playing. Any specific reason for that?
We have loved playing around Spain and hope to make it back there. We are playing SOS Fest in UK, 19 July, in Poland at 'Woodstock' Festival, the biggest outdoor festival on the main stage, 31 July this year and we look forward to that! Also we are in Belgium at 'Secrets of Metal Festival' in September this year. More shows to be announced soon.

Leaves us the next logical question; I see the band is billed on a festival in Belgium, any other European dates in the pipeline? There’s a (small) club in Tilburg (The Little Devil) that might be interested.
Ahhh I beat you to it haha.. Yes .. 'Secrets of Metal Festival'. Ahhh yes I've had a nice few drinks in Little Devil when we played at 013 in Tilburg. We would love to come back and play Tilburg. Had a great time there.

Anything else you would like our readers to know about the band or yourself?
We are always open to shows and options for touring and spreading the music around. We appreciate the fans and magazines/writers and radio that support us. Many thanks.

Thank you very much for taking the time for these questions, good luck to you and the band!
Thank you Winston for the interview. Lords Of Metal for the support and all fans out there. We hope to see you all on our forthcoming shows!

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