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Darkest Horizon

Als een Duitse band uit Frankfurt Am Main een te gekke demo uit brengt en je deze stad altijd al een keer hebt willen zien is de keuze niet zo moeilijk. Je stapt in Arnhem op de ICE en je raast via Keulen met 290 (!) km per uur naar Frankfurt. Het toeval wil dat de band de avond er voor nog een optreden deed in een lokaal dorpshuis vlak bij de stad., twee vliegen in één klap dus!

Door: Wilco | Archiveer onder death metal / grindcore

Frankfurt has an extensive public transport system consisting of streetcars, subways en the so called S-bahn. Let’s call it an über-subway. It takes you to all surrounding villages, right from the city centre in a few minutes. Among those villages a tiny one is called Rodgau. In the village really nothing ever happens, you van be sure. But the local venue/village hall wants to support the local cultural activities, so Darkest Horizon was to celebrate their anniversary there. There were three acts on the bill that evening, but we arrived too late to see the first ones. Our friends of Darkest Horizon had just started their gig, for about 60-80 people. Because of the death metal they make I didn’t expect them to use corpse paint and other items like that. Nevertheless, they did. I also never expected the sound to be that good. Every tick on the drums, keyboards or even violin was clear. The double bass did actually sound like a tractor passing by. I love it that way. The next day I learned that their sound guy was in Eindhoven at the Eindhoven Metal Meeting, with some well known acts. That explains a lot. The concert took about 90 minutes and it entailed some performances from friends as well. All in all, this act impressed me en it all sounded and looked very professional.

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The next day we arranged to meet in a café for the interview. Instead of one or two members, four were present. In the beginning I really tried ask descent questions, but with all the beer and all four trying to answer every question there was no keeping up with them. They just went on and on. At the start I could keep up, later on, I couldn’t… they were even answering questions I asked a few minutes ago. But, we did have a nice evening. So, instead of clear answers and questions you’ll have a thesis about the band, it’s ideas, history and principles.

I asked them about the start.
The band was formed in 2010 as a project. We were just trying to find out how everything could fit together. And we started the song writing. We just recorded two EP’s to generate feed-back, with those results we made our first album We needed that time to figure out how it all goes. We really listed to what people say; we used some clear vocals and some said “never again” so we left that out next time.”

I can hear that, everything sounds well thought-over.
That is because other acts just produce because they have to, without the real thoughts they have. The main problem is that people are talking bullshit. It is not really their way and motivation. We think it is very important to just working together. We see that acts that sign a record deal too break up very quickly. We don’t want that to happen. They let the labels pressure them to produce an amount of songs every time. That’s not good.

Is that the reason why you are still without a record deal?
More or less. The reason to sign is just not there right now. We had some offers, from well known labels as well, but we rejected all of them. We think the demands of the record labels are too much. Now of course, we have to pay for promotion so people get to listen to our music.

Do all of you agree on that?
It is in all our minds. We want to express our own feeling, not the ones form the record label. If there is money, that would be great, if not…shame, but we don’t really care. Our music is about being away of being human. Like in the theatre. You say our music is emotional, we disagree, it is epic. And I want to add that we don’t pay to play. In Germany you often have to pay to play. Come on… that’s crazy. We don’t pay!! Never. It’s like paying to go to work. You don’t let a painter pay to pay your house, do you? So we will never pay to do our musical work! We only perform when we are asked to do so. We don’t want a lot of money, but we won’t pay to perform. But we did some nice gigs already. We were on the Metcalcamp festival and we headlined to the tent stage on Metalfest Lorely. We never want to be pressured. Not by venues and not by labels. Our songs are like wine. They have to ripe. We HAVE to wait….try again, wait and try again. In that way we can write the songs we really like. We also have to wait for the album to get known better by the public. And it is very important to listen to older people with more experience in life. We never really thought about attributes or corpse paint, but our bass-player comes from the world of theatres and he thought it might add to the show. He is not a metal artist at all, originally.

From here the conversation went berserk. It is my conclusion that this act is very talented and will surely become well known in the years to come, if they let a label into their protected world of principles. I can recommend this act to everybody who likes melodeath with all my heart.

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