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Inconcessus Lux Lucis

Vorige maand schreef ik over de geniale EP van Inconsessus Lux Lucis. De band speelt een mix van vele stijlen die toch onmiskenbaar black metal is. De muziek was zo apart en de teksten waren zo anders dat ik erg nieuwsgierig ben geworden naar de personen achter deze band en hoe ze werken. W. Malphas licht een puntje van de sluier op.

Door: Kevin | Archiveer onder black metal

Greetings. First of let me compliment you on your awe inspiring EP. A true work of art. Before this EP, I was oblivious to your existence, so could you please shed some light on the bands history.
Why thank you, I’m very pleased to see that the EP is getting the exposure we believe it deserves. Well I started the project in 2005, which back then went by the moniker Whorethorn. Under Whorethorn we released a handful of demos, and some splits. It was all very primal, raw stuff back then. I believe it was 2009 when I decided that the music had outgrown the previous band name, and Inconcessus Lux Lucis was born. Since 2009 we have released the EP ‘Severed From Sephiroth’, the album ‘Disintegration’, and of course ‘Crux Lupus Corona’.

Your music is an impressive mix of a lot of different metal elements but undeniably black in its intent. Even the bandname rings with occult knowledge. Is your music a tool in your search for this Forbidden Light?
Yes, you could say that. However, I’d like to be more specific and say that the music itself is the audial manifestation of such forbidden light. When the blackness speaks, we listen. We receive great streams of inspiration, which we then translate as accurately as possible into actual music, and it is important that it is actual music – it could very easily just be an aimless, cacophonous noise. Let me elaborate: The energy that presents itself to us during the writing process is fundamentally incompatible with this world, therefore, I believe that a more natural form for it to take would be just tones of pure dissonance, or more probable; a maddening silence. The reason for this “translation” is to allow these forces the necessary traction to infiltrate this reality, so that they may dig their cruel hooks into the very fabric of this realm and wait for the end times.

How did the writing process for ‘Crux Lupus Corona’ go? Did it take a long time, or did these songs just come to you?
The writing of ‘Crux Lupus Corona’ happened very rapidly, in fact I have very little recollection of the process at all, it happened very (un)naturally indeed. I believe that is a sign of success for us – the “essence” isn’t lost in translation when the writing and recording are done so close together.

band imageWhere do your occult interests lie? Are you a practicing ritualist and magician? What is the influence of The Lightbearer in your life?
My interest lies in what most would call “the beyond”. I suppose this should be clear from our veneration of The Lord of Death. Speaking more generally, I like questions that make your heart sink, you know that feeling? As if you were falling through time and space. That sensation you get, when you’ve stepped so far back from accepted reality, and you observe those strange, abstract thoughts that defy meaning itself. Such an emotional response is indicative of the voice, or perhaps very essence of the beyond. By some it could be deemed as terrifying at first, this is because the human brain has mechanisms in place to try and convince you that all that exists is the world, and this crude matter you move about in - your body. The ego tries to make you believe that you’re just a “person” that walks through a pointless life along a linear path towards your ultimate demise, and for some this is true. However, those who observe that feeling with a sense of wonder should chase that wicked sensation along whatever twisted paths it may lead you. It has led me for some time now, and I find it truly illuminating. Additionally, I’m fairly well read on astrology, not the cold reading garbage that’s in gossip magazines, but true astrology that can unveil many mysteries, and helps decode the real meaning in certain mythologies.

Yes, I am practicing; though it would not be expedient for me to go into detail here, for what’s done in darkness, stays in darkness, and I know secrecy to be a most cardinal weapon.

In regards to The Lightbearer - I believe that perhaps the prime reason human beings can even begin to comprehend the chaos that lies beyond this illusory veil, is because Lucifer blessed us with the ability to receive and communicate incendiary ideas that deviate from God’s plan for mankind. So even though we’re cursed with thought itself, Lucifer allows us to think freely within this experience. They say that Lucifer gave us music, and that makes sense to me - for music can change the course of history, inspire people to commit extreme acts, spread subversive concepts, and incite conflagrant passion. I see music as a vital and perfect sword of spiritual communion, when wielded by proficient hands of course. Interestingly enough, we can only see around what would be the equivalent of one octave of light, whereas we can hear approximately ten octaves of sound, I think that in itself says something that’s worth contemplation.

What is your personal view on the black metal scene at the moment and what would you consider to be essential to something being black metal?
I actually think there are a lot of fantastic bands about nowadays, now more than ever in fact. It’s quite an exciting time for dark music. Equally, there’s a lot of shit out there, but that’s nothing new, those bands all get kicked to the curb eventually anyway. For something to be “black metal” I suppose it’s essential to be heavy, abrasive sounding music that comes from a spiritually dark place. The terms black metal and death metal are becoming increasingly interchangeable, and I suppose when describing certain types of music, they’re terms that are adequate, but not necessarily sufficient. There are many musical acts now that are praising similar forces, yet playing stylistically different music. It is the intent of the music that binds such bands together, and the intent that matters, and perhaps it’s only so long before these bands collectively outgrow the genre tags that they would traditionally define them.

Is there any hope of seeing you perform live in the future?
Absolutely, I’m sure we will play live. I wouldn’t want to say when, but it’s most certainly on the cards. As for a for length album, we’re making excellent progress, it’s by far the most malevolent and vicious sounding material we’ve conceived thus far. The next record is shaping up to be something very powerful indeed. The title will be revealed when the time is right. Considering where we’re up to already, I don’t think it would be overly hasty of me to predict a 2015 release date. The cauldron is overflowing, and the darkness creeping!

Thank you for your answers, any final statement?
Thank you for the questions. Make sure you keep an eye out on I, Voidhanger Records, there are a lot of interesting things happening next year!

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