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Mysticum is terug! In 1996 hebben ze eigenhandig het industrial black metal genre gesticht en een legendarisch album uitgebracht. Achter op die plaat stond de volgende plaat al aangekondigd; 'Planet Satan'. Toen werd het stil. Achttien jaar na dato hebben ze nu dan toch echt 'Planet Satan' uitgebracht en dat is een mooie reden om de heren, in casu Herr General Cerastes, aan de tand te voelen.

Door: Kevin | Archiveer onder black metal

First of all, congratulations on your great new album 'Planet Satan'! How does it feel to be back at the forefront of a scene you helped to create?
It is most satisfying being back, filling the gap we left in the 90`s. Finally releasing the beast, which has laid dormant in the back of our minds throughout the years. Fuelling a subconscious engine, running at various speeds for eighteen years. We met in 2011 and decided it was time to produce the Planet. We then upgraded our hard and soft wares, and explored how to abuse them. When time came for composing we experienced an explosion of ideas, accumulated in our absence from the scene. Sorting out which ones to follow, work picked up speed and tracks emerged. Most material on the album is from 2012-2014, apart from a couple of tracks. Both ‘Fist Of Satan’ and ‘All Must End’ have their main frames of riffing and ideas from 1998-2000, found on old hard drives going through their files. The recordings went good with a few hitches, and some obstacles were met in the mixing. These were dealt with by our producer Sverre Daehlie who executed the work excellently. Along with killer art and photos done by Peder Klingwall as well as the front cover done by Daniele Valerani, the result became outstanding. So with this original and special album we follow our previous footsteps, and refresh our code in the DNA of Norwegian Black Metal. Reminding the scene of who the fathers of IBM is.

How has 'Planet Satan' been received so far? Are you satisfied with reviews and reactions you have gotten so far? Do you even care what others say about your music?
The reception has been divided between those who know who we are. The hardcore fans who have been waiting for it for two decades. Many were sceptic to a follow-up on the ITSOI debut, and were of an opinion that a successor to it would destroy some of the cult status it and we have gained. But it seems that all those worries are blown away now, with the long awaited release of PS. We also most certainly believe PS to be a worthy continuing of our legacy. Then you have those who either hate the binary aspect of our music, or the youngsters who weren`t born or conceived when we started up in 1991. Who don’t quite understand our original and bold approach to black metal. This is all good, and expected. It would be a lie to say that we don’t care for opinions, but what is much more important to us is to be 100% true to our concepts and legacy. Creating our art exactly how we want regardless of trends or expectations. We have always done and will forever be original in every way. Our music is not for the masses, but for those with a deeper understanding and demand for the hard core feel of black metal.

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Now for the obvious question... 'Planet Satan' was heralded on the back of your 1996 album. What were the causes for it to be released eighteen years later?
Yes, eighteen years have passed since our last album. A debut that was delayed for at least two years hence to the tragic death of Euronymous in 1993. We signed on to his label Deathlike Silence Productions one week before the incident. In 1996 we grew tired and were disappointed of the direction the scene was heading. After certain events the scene experienced a rush from the media. This killed some of the pristine integrity and quality it had before. Leading us to lose interest in continuing of our inverted crusade. So therefore we left the scene when a ridiculous amount of bands popped into existence, and the closed and special environment the scene had was history. This fundamental view upon the NBM-scene along with eccentric lifestyles were the main reasons for our musical hibernation. Also my deep interest and affection for some powders made it impossible to be productive for many years.

Have you kept in touch with the black metal scene in your absence? Have any of you been involved in other bands or such things?
Svartravn (Prime Evil) has been doing some vocals for Aborym and Amok. The Doctor and me have been silent within the BM universe. But we have explored the obscurity of some crazed tech/industry projects. Keeping our digital skills sharpened in some ways. The overall interest in the progress of the BM scene were lost in the late 90` and not followed up as stated before.

How do you feel about the state of the black metal scene nowadays? Things have changed over the years and I think your music is perfect for this era.
Well, the overview of the newer scene is not complete at all. But it seems a bit stagnated and boring. Seemingly it is the old kings which still keeps the black flames burning, with only a few newer gems of impurity adding to it.

Are there any plans for the next album already? Or do you want to take your time? Are there any plans for returning to the stage?
After the production of PS some material still remains unused. So a couple of tracks are in their infancy, and a third album is in progress. When it will be ready we don’t know yet. Certainly before 2032 though hehe. We definitely aim to go live at some point in 2015, and are currently preparing for that. Along with that we want to make a couple of videos, but the main focus for our nearest future will be live rehearsing and a slow cooking of a new album.

That is all, thank you for your answers. Any last words for our readers?
Hail to the Black Metal heads in the nether world of the Netherlands. May ‘Planet Satan’ guide you all! Play at max volume only! And we hope to see you from a stage soon! Thank you for your interest in Mysticum Kevin, Have a nice one!

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