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Darkened Nocturn Slaughtercult

Naar mijn bescheiden mening is black metal een van de meest rauwe en eerlijke vormen van metal die er bestaan. Aan de andere kant heeft het ook een enorm hoog theatraal gehalte. Al deze elementen vind ik terug bij Darkened Nocturn Slaughtercult: eerlijke rauwe overtuigende black metal en een indrukwekkende live show. Tijdens hun concert vorige maand in de Baroeg ben ik op Onielar afgestapt om haar eens een paar vragen te stellen. Hier volgt ons interview.

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How are things with Darkened Nocturn Slaughtercult?

All is well. We currently have a stable line-up. There are no more session-musicians. This means that after Horrn had successfully conquered the drum throne in 2001 – Emporonorr is now our regular bass player. We are currently busy with the third chapter. We have recorded the instruments and are ready to do the vocals. We also have some ambient music we have to fit in. Furthermore we are doing a lot of “touring” again.

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How is the black metal scene in Germany?

Relatively bad. We do get some support, but the audience in Holland is so much better. When we perform here, we draw a bigger audience and they respond very well. Not at all like in Germany. There are some good black metal bands in former Eastern Germany, but they tend to be politically rightwing.

Was this night's performance satisfying for the band?

Well, on stage the sound was absofuckinglutely bad. In the beginning of the show it sounded very massive and disturbing. We were not able to distinguish what each of us was playing. It got better near the end of the show. But you could better judge it, since you were in the audience.

By which bands and music are you influenced?

Obviously we are very much influenced by the Norwegian black metal bands. Bands like Gorgoroth, Enslaved, Satyricon, Immortal, Darkthrone. I listened to this music a lot. Most people say our music reminds them of those bands. They think we fit in the vein of old school black metal. Nevertheless, the greatest influence for music is occultism. The “magic” within our thoughts which forms validity in Slaughtercult's music.

band image What about other influences, like books or movies?

Well, I am very much influenced by occultism. It is a way of life determined by individuality, strength as well as vigour. Thus, there is specific literature that accompanies this influence.

How would you define your occultism?

I see it as a force. It is not necessarily a positive or negative power. It can be positive for me and negative to another. It helps me in my life and gives me the strength to do what I do. The music came later. I was already living this way before black metal entered my life. This music is just the right way for me to express our thoughts in its individual way of chaos and occultism.

Where do you record your albums?

We do it in a professional recording studio.

How do you pay for that?

We put all the money we raise by selling CD's and merchandise back into our work. Velnias, the other guitarist, and myself started by investing in our first recording. The money from our fans went straight into the next album. This way we give the fans what they want and they support us. Thus we will keep the black flame burning.

How do you write your lyrics, do you write them in German or English?

I write them in German. After that we usually translate most of it in English. We tend to leave some words in German. We all speak a lot of languages. I speak Polish, English, Latin and of course German. Velnias has spent five years in Texas, so his English is very good. But like I said, we tend to leave some words in German and even use Latin. Where mere human tongues fail Slaughtercult uses neologisms to express utmost inner thoughts.

Do you listen to your own CD's? Are you satisfied with them?

Yes I do - I am satisfied by what we have released. Seen both in an objective as well as subjective point of view. Our music represents us and the way we feel. We make the music we like and we really do not care what other people think of it. Either you can identify yourself with this spirit, or you simply pay heed and keep a proper distance.

How do you survive singing like you do?

Music, just like the vocals are the true face behind our discarded masks. Thus even the voice gains the validity of my interior self.

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Do you follow singing lessons or voice training?

What the hell ... fuck no!!!

How much of what goes on onstage is show/theatre and how much of it is reality?

Our biological mass is real. However it merely serves our deeds. The music is a real, honest product of true thoughts. The corpse paint is also used with utmost conviction. Even the blood is real, as Slaughtercult symbolizes a conspiracy for raw black metal! No fake image, no attempt to appeal to the masses! Be with us or against us!

If you had only three more days to live, what would you do?

I'd spend the last remaining time within the Polish woods amongst those few worthy individuals, which have accompanied me on my path in loyalty. There the last “Darkened Nocturn of Slaughtercult” would be celebrated. Right before the wind's scraggy, bony pinions carry me the track “Underneath Stars of the East” resounds for all eternity...

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