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Red Tape

De Amerikaanse punkformatie Red Tape heeft sinds kort het debuutalbum 'Radioactivism' uit onder Roadrunner Records. Na het succes van de onder eigen beheer uitgebrachte mini-cd 'Constructivism', de eerste release in de huidige bezetting nadat de band eerder met een andere line-up al 'High Revoltage' had opgenomen, ging het razendsnel met de band en nu heeft ze dus eindelijk haar eerste album wereldwijd uitgebracht onder de vleugels van de major Roadrunner. Eerder prees ik de band al voor hun debuutalbum en kondigde ik een grootse toekomst voor deze band aan. Vanzelfsprekend kon een interview met deze gasten dus niet lang op zich laten wachten. Nog geen twee weken voordat 'Radioactivism' werd uitgebracht hing ik aan de lijn met zanger en gitarist Jeff Jaworski, die zelfs enige tijd in Nederland heeft gewoond. We spraken natuurlijk over het album, maar ook over toeren en ons eigen mooie Nederland.

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First of all, can you introduce Red Tape to us? You aren't very well known yet.

“Well, we are a northern Californian punk band. Our style has got a lot to do with the early 80s punk movement and the old school hardcore shit. Our music is very fast and is filled with a lot of energy. You can say that our whole thing is just punk music.”

Before you released 'Radioactivism' you recorded 'Constructivism'. Do you think that EP changed everything for Red Tape?

“In some ways.... yes. Because that recordings where the first ones with Twig (bass guitar, JvT) and that worked out great. Before he joined the band we kind of disliked everything. But he had a positive influence on us and we started having fun making music again. He had already been in the scene for a very long time and he knew how to run everything. It just clicked very well between him and us. I think that's the best thing that happened with the band during the recordings of 'Constructivism'. We finally had someone with whom we could work very well and the music started sounding great.”

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After the release of your first recordings ever, 'High Revoltage', on New Age Records the band's line-up changed almost completely. What was the reason for that?

“When I started this band I just finished my study and I wasn't in touch with the punk scene at all. So, I basically just trained some guys to play punk. But actually they weren't into it at all, they weren't punk. They played their instruments well, but they just weren't the right guys to play with. So, after the release of 'High Revoltage' I parted ways with them. That's when I started searching for some new guys.”

How did you get in contact with a huge label like Roadrunner Records?

“Basically we sent out 'Constructivism' to all the little punk labels we knew. But they didn't want us, because they said our style wasn't the kind of punk they were looking for. But then a friend of us got us a demo deal with one of these small labels. We were allowed to record a demo with their money. If the label liked it they would contract us. If they didn't we wouldn't get a contract, but we were allowed to keep the demo and do with it whatever we wanted. Well, they didn't liked us and we started searching for a label with that demo. We sent it to Roadrunner Records and they liked it very much. That's how we got in contact with them and how we got our contract.”

You recorded the new album with Amir Derakh and Matt Thorne. How big was their influence on the sound of the album?

“They definitely had a huge influence on us. Matt skills as an engineer are very big and he just knew what we wanted to do, so that worked out very well. Amir had a lot vintage amp's and that kind of stuff. That was just awesome. I guess the producers and us fitted very well together.”

I like the song 'Stalingrad' a lot. What's that song about?

“It's mainly just about finding your own personality. It has got a basic punk song message to deal with.”

'High Revoltage' is an extremely short song. Why did you put such a short song on the album?

“To be honest, that's really our favourite song. It's a part of our sound. Personally, I've always liked bands with very short songs, like Dead Kennedys and stuff. 'High Revoltage' is one of those songs that, during live shows, gets the pit going.”

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Do the lyrics you write have a special message?

“No. I think it's just a form of story telling. It contains a lot of observations I did and that I liked to put in my music. I just call the stuff I'm seeing. I think that many people can relate to that.”

You're now touring through the United States. When will there be an European tour?

“We'd really like to go to Europe, but we haven't booked anything yet. But Europe is on top of our list, because we'd love to play there. I can assure you that we'll be there before the end of the summer.”

You lived in the Netherlands for a while. Did you like our country?

“The biggest impression I had and that I really loved is that you guys have a cool sort of freedom. If we'd have the same freedoms and if we'd act the same we'd absolutely kill each other over here. It's cool to see how people treat each other in your country. I was like: 'Wow, things can make sense.' And... I also like the flowers!”

Can you describe Red Tape in just a few words?

“Roar, energetic, bass pumping, punkrock, high energetic and fun.”

Is there anything else you'd like to say to the readers of Lords of Metal?

“Yes, there is. Check out our music in any way you can and check us out if we come over to your country. We'd like it if you guys support us. And, hehe.... alstublieft!”

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