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Phil Anselmo

En op een normale doordeweekse woensdagavond zit je dan ineens aan de telefoon met de Phil Anselmo. Niet geheel onverwachts natuurlijk, want de beste man speelt deze zomer twee keer in Amsterdam. Met The Illegals (17 juni) in Winston, en op 5 augustus met Down in De Melkweg, en dat is uiteraard een goede reden om met hem te bellen. Deze keer is er zelfs sprake van hele korte lijnen. Geen kantoren, geen assistenten. Gewoon het huisnummer van Phil, die vanuit zijn eigen luie stoel antwoord geeft op onze vragen.

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Hi Phil, nice to talk to you. Yesterday I got my copy of 'Down IV – Part 2', which is great! How would you describe the album and what can we expect from the upcoming EPs?
Very right mark for Down. It’s made for the love of Black Sabbath. So a lot of Black Sabbath old and early heavy metal influences. I actually feel better about this album then the first EP. What the upcoming EP’s will sound like I do not know. It depends on the mood I am in and we willl see. Maybe more ambitious with other guitar tones. Fuck, I do not know man.

Before Down is coming to The Netherlands on (August 5), you will first hit the stage with The Illegals on (June 17th). Was it the right time for this now and why did you to start this solo career?
Well, I am not good at anything else. So hey, why not. It is a different expression

The Illegals is pretty intense, is that also the music you most love to make, or is this just another part of you?
The first Illegals held back a lot. Actually, I am feeling like moving on to the next album already. The mood is more severe. More death metal like, but I prefer not to use genre names like that.

For the new Down album you had a new guitar player with the name Bobby Landgraf, who I met and interviewed a while back. Did this give Down a new boost with new influences? And what is your opinion about the beard of that guy?
I absolutely think so, he came in the first day of the record. And of course we knew him for a long time already and so the comfort level was good. It also was Pat his second record and he and Bobby contribute a lot. It also gave the core members new enthusiasm. Hahahaha and the guy’s beard is white and strange indeed. I do not know, we are all strange guys I think.

band imageI know in the near future you are coming with an autobiography. Was it because the time had come that you wanted to tell your whole life story and is it about Phil Anselmo himself, or the musician? And what can we expect from it?
Well, it is a long process. Honestly once you start this book. Shit, why did I say yes to it and I did not wait untill I was 60 or so. It is about me as an individual, growing up in my crazy fucking family, early music, shows.. so it is pretty interesting. But I say I have still pretty some work to do, so a release date, I do not know. The more I find out the more you guys will find out, hahahaha.

Okay. You recently finished the tour with Black Label Society, where you shared the stage with them playing the Pantera song 'I ’m Broken'. How did that begin and why this song?
To be honest, I spoke to Zakk a month before the tour and we spoke about it. Well, playing ‘Walk’ is like playing Pantera’s ‘Stairway To Heaven’. I once came in and Zakk was practicing this song, so actually he picked it I guess, hahaha.

You played along with so many cool names, like Tony Iommi and now Zakk Wylde. At that moment do you have the feeling that this is what it is all about?
With Tony, we wrote like three songs together and man I was blown away. It is too much to put in words here.

Can we expect more collaboration with Zakk Wylde in a form to maybe honor Dimebag?
I have no idea. Zakk is known as a great guitar player, he is amazing, dynamite. I love making music one way or another and what the future will bring, we will see.

And now for something completely different: quite amusing are the Cooking Hostile movies on YouTube. What was your first reaction when you saw them?
Hilarious, I laughed hysterically. I actually got in touch with the guy doing this and for the next video I might do some voice overs. I will let him do all the singing because he has the best lyrics, not me. I told him you keep singing and I will just mumble words, fuckin you know man.

Alright Phil, thanks a lot for your time and I will definitely see you both dates here in Amsterdam. To close down with, are there things that you want to tell to our readers here?
Oh, just come out to our shows, please. Every night and every show is unique. What I really love doing is making each show individual and unique, so in my opinion no show will be the same whether it is with The Illegals or with Down. Every show is a bit fuckin’ different. Don't blink and don't miss it. Bring it on!

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