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Met ‘Henkt Ihn!’ heeft het Regensburgse (Zuid-Duitsland) Ingrimm een lekker stevig mittelalter metal plaatje afgeleverd in de traditie van Saltatio Mortis en Schandmaul. Een middeleeuwse kelder vol met lekker eten en dito bier is dan ook de juiste locatie om deze band eens aan de tand te voelen over de band zelf en hun nieuwe album. Hardy en Bine dienen me van repliek.

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Please be so kind to introduce Ingrimm to the Dutch people, because we hardly know you!
Bine and Hardy simultaneously: (Sa)Bine: violin, Rene: vocals, Hardy: Hurdy Gurdy, bagpipes, Alex: Guitar, Robert: Bass and Klaus: Drums.

Tell me, I read something about a new singer on this album. What happened and who is he?
Hardy: Rene is with us now for eighteen months I think. Our former singer wanted to do something that didn’t fit with our plans and ideas. I think Rene’s voice fits very good to our music.

Certainly, I like his voice very much. Tell me, how was ‘Henkt Ihn’ received in Germany?
Hardy: Good, very good even. We even had a positive review from Greece. We are very curious how the fans will react to the new singer. I mean, at Hörnerfest it was about 38 degrees and the first ten lines in the audience were singing along every word. There even was a Wall Of Death. Now, all these people have to accept out new singer.

Bine: It was the first time for me to record an album, but I enjoyed it very much.

Do you have many fans?
Bine: Yes, I think we do, I even get recognised on the street, they say: “hey, you are the girl playing the violin in Ingrimm”.

You already mentioned a reaction form Greece, what about other countries?
Hardy: We got reviews from Sweden, Italy and more, but I do not remember precisely. Some had doubts about our new singer, but most of them ware positive about him. From The Netherlands, Lords Of Metal gave the only review.

Is there a striking difference between the reviews from German speaking countries and other countries?
Hardy: We got many reviews from Germany because we sing in German. There is not much difference among them as far as I can see.

Bine: But some foreign reporters interpreted our lyrics different than how it was intended.

Hardy: Here everybody understands our songs and the contents of the lyrics are thus also important, not only the music.

Bine: In other countries people usually have no idea what we sing about. In Germany they do, I think that is very important and nice as well.

I think ‘Henkt Ihn’ is better more varied, but less heavy than the previous album. Am I right?
Hardy: No, I don’t think so. The songs, the riffing is more brutal I think, but the vocals are cleaner on this album.

Bine: I think it is even heavier than the previous album, but the vocals do really make a difference.
This album is more laid back.

Are you satisfied with the final result? In other words, is this what you had in mind?
Hardy: Absolutely, we have made much progress. We were just trying some things and it worked out perfectly.

Bine: 100%! When I listened to the album the first time I was surprised, it was very nice to do.

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What can you tell me about the content of the lyrics?
Hardy: They are about different subjects, but in general our album is about life, money, criticism on society etc.

Bine: It is also about the fact that death is always present en you need to live now.

What about ‘Engel’?
Hardy: It is the only love song on the album!

Bine: It is a very nice song to play on the violin.

Are the lyrics based on all your interests? Or does someone particular write the lyrics?
Hardy: Rene our singer writes the lyrics, so most of the lyrics about things that he is interested in.

Can you explain why your kind of music is so popular in German speaking countries? Even Dutch acts like Omnia and Rapalje are very popular here.
Hardy: It started in the 1970-ies,mainly in the DDR as a resistance movement to communism. There was much politics in the music then. In the former DDR the music was mainly mediaeval based, whereas here in Bavaria the base is metal. The historical festivals also started in the DDR.

Bine: Of course we have many historic festivals in Germany now, that is important for our music.

Agreed, but I still do not know why this music as popular here, and far less in other countries.
Bine/Hardy: True, but honestly, we don’t know!

Is it difficult to position yourself?
Hardy: We are truly a metal band. I used to perform real historical music.
Bine: But we have played on WOA twice and once on Ragnarök. We truly see ourselves as a metal band. Our other members are also real metal fans.

I am always interested in the person behind the artist. What do the members do for a living?
Bine: I am a teacher in German and English and momentarily I study to be a teacher in French.

Hardy: I am a social worker and also do some teaching for historical instruments. Klaus is a drum teacher, Alex is a professional sound engineer, Rene is a manager at BMW and Mugl (Robert) is a professional photographer and he is a law student.

Does the name ‘Ingrimm’ mean anything?
Hardy: Yess it means the rising of grimness, in Bavarian. We want our music to sound just like that, so the name was chosen for a specific reason.

Are there any gigs planned already for this year?
Hardy: We are confirmed for Ragnarök, Wave Gothic, Mittalalterliches Phantasie Spectaculum and more are in preparation.

Bine: Sometimes we hear it just two days in before we have to play, so who knows what will happen.

Are there acts you very much would like to play with?
Hardy: Yes, but that is not realistic, I would like to play Apocalyptica!

Bine: Alcest has been very important to me, yes that would be very nice.

Any last words?
Bine: We really want to play in The Netherlands and get to meet more Dutch people!

Hardy: I want to memorise the general subject of our album: use your time!

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