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Net als bijvoorbeeld Dropkick Murphys en Wargasm, komt Razormaze uit Boston, waarmee de verdenking ontstaat dat het grondwater daar energie geeft en spelplezier veroorzaakt. Meer dan eens tijdens het beluisteren van 'Annihilatia', het tweede album van de band welke halverwege 2013 uitkwam, moest ik met een grote glimlach terugdenken aan het sublieme album 'Why Play Around' van Wargasm, uit 1988 alweer. Een album dat destijds bij ondergetekende en veel, heel veel metalfanaten wereldwijd insloeg als een (thrash)granaat. Welnu, met deze illustere grootmacht mag Razormaze zich gerust meten, en met vele andere 'major league' thrash bands. Zanger/gitarist Alex Citrone verteld er het zijne van.

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Alex, first of all we’d like to congratulate you on your killer album ‘Annihilatia’, classified by us as a fucking scorcher, coming close to “a classic album”. Please tell us something about “the making of”? And care to comment on our humble praise?
Wow thanks! I certainly didn’t think our album was “classic” by any means but I’ll take it! This album took the longest amount of time its ever taken me to complete a record. We demo’d the album twice before sitting down to finalize it and when we did, it took about 80 hours total. It was absolutely brutal, but the final product is kick ass!

Let’s introduce the band members: what bands/projects/jobs are you guys filling next to Razormaze? And could you tell us something about your daytime jobs?
Aside from me there is Nick Lazzaro our drummer, he works as a projectionist at a local movie theatre. Joe Gettler is our lead guitar player who works as a guitar teacher and Sam Nevin and myself are both pedicabbers (bike taxi drivers) for our day jobs. I believe I am the only member with a side project which is super secret and I am not at liberty to speak about currently!

What are your influences? American, German? Which are predominant and why?
Some of our biggest American influences include Forced Entry and Testament. On the German side of things I would say Kreator and Destruction are definitely present in some of our music.

What in your own opinion is the most striking difference between ‘Annihilatia’ and ‘The True Speed of Steel’, your previous album?
Well there’s a whole lot of differences there. About four years of development and maturity separate those two discs. The ‘True Speed of Steel’ was a very straight forward thrash record whereas Annihilatia spans a wide spectrum of influences and genres. There were certainly no blast beats on The True Speed or growly death metal vocals. We crawled out of the thrash pigeonhole for this one and we prefer it that way. Anyone reading this should be sure to check out our 2010 EP ‘Miseries’. It’s a great spin and definitely the missing link between the two aforementioned LP’s.

Being a seasoned metal listener I could not help but notice that things were sometimes reminiscent of fellow Bostonians Wargasm? Do you know them? Can you tell us something about the Boston thrash scene and maybe broader: the Boston music scene? Do you for example come across bands like Dropkick Murphys, although that’s quite a different crowd?
We definitely know Wargasm. We opened for their most recent reunion show in 2009. I’m not sure I really see their influence creeping into our music but we certainly respect and love those guys. Boston doesn’t really have a “thrash scene” per se. At one point there were enough bands to constitute such a phrase but they have since disbanded or disappeared into the abyss. Some other notables would be Ramming Speed, who has since moved on to Richmond, VA or Revocation who are now mainly an international act and have pushed beyond the frame of a “local” band. The mass metal scene at large is a different story however, there’s a whole range of great bands out there. We know the Dropkick’s too of course but they’re really not our thing. They’re mainly listened to by frat dudes and wannabe punks.

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What are your ambitions still? How far do you guys want to get with Razormaze and what sacrifices are you prepared to make? Will the new album only be the first of (hopefully) many?
We of course always hope to push forward and keep on kicking ass. We have some new material with plans to record it soon!

Both your albums are just screaming for a VINYL release ? Any plans in that direction? Are you collectors by the way, any of you?
We are in talks to get ‘Annihilatia’ on vinyl but nothing concrete to announce just yet! I’m an amateur collector and have a few cool pieces in my collection. Nothing to write home about though.

Are there any tour plans? Into Europe, we hope? Will we see you next summer on any European festivals?
We hope to get in an American tour very soon. Europe would be a total dream come true but unfortunately no plans yet.

You found a nice home on Slaney Records, the home of the great horror thrashers of Prowler? That makes it at least TWO killer releases this past year. How is the cooperation with Slaney? What do you guys think of Prowler? Maybe cross over the Big Pond on a combined package tour, eh?
Slaney did a great job for us. Prowler is great. Again we’d love to get over seas.

Thrash metal is 30 years old. What do Razormaze add to this history? What is still left undone. What is there still to wish for?
It would be pretty arrogant for me to claim that we have in some way changed or added to the genre. I would like to think that we took the foundation laid out by the great many bands that came before us and did something cool and refreshing with it. I don’t think that thrash is ever going to change very much but there are lots of great new bands out there still flying the flag, trying new things and kicking ass. That to me is its legacy.

Quality thrash is I think a serious calling, but quality thrash is also about adrenaline, excitement and FUN! Any crazy party antics with Razormaze, any pre-gig rituals / traditions you would like to share?
The only pre-gig ritual we typically engage in is the consumption of a few beers to loosen us up. We have a plethora of party antics that would take many years and tomes to record.

Wouldn’t you like to book a ride in a time machine, travelling back to the eigthies, with ‘Annihilitia’ and being amidst the trash revolution, maybe growing up side by side with now classic bands, on the strength of ‘Annihilitia’ and becoming as big as the classic bands?

That’s it from here. Any famous last words’ for the Lords of Metal readers? Any scoop perhaps?
Go listen to ‘Annihilatia’ and check us out on Facebook.

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