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Electric Wizard voer als hoofd van de Engelse doomvloot al meer dan tien jaar de zeven wereldzeeën. Plots zonk de driemaster en en verdween even volledig in de diepste troggen van muzikaal geweld. Maar er overleefde twee matrozen, zochten een nieuwe brulboei en kozen weer het zeegat van de doom, lichtelijk vermengd met spacy blues. Een gesprekje met Mark, Tim en A naar aanleiding van hun eerste twee nummers als Ramesses…

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OK, how are you doing?

Mark: Things are going well since leaving 'Wizard'. I have played the drums more than ever, jamming with various bands and old mates.

A: Hello – We is cool. Busy writing, working, drinking, smoking, waiting…..

Can we assume that Ramesses arose from the ashes of Electric Wizard?

Mark: Yeah, there is tons of creative energy bouncing between us and the sounds, the music is already speaking for itself. I felt like a change. In my opinion, EW went as far as it could with that type of music. There were personality clashes, arguments…time for a change. So, me and Tim started jamming together, him now playing guitar, and quickly we worked out five or six tracks. We thought we should form a new band…

Tim: After a handful of gigs with the new drummer, and fed up with playing bass, I decided things had come to an end.

A: I love the way we came together – flowing and obvious. Natural. Everything clicked instantly when we got together, through a mutual lust for jamming and experimentation…at stupid volume levels.

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Who is the new guy? What's his history? How and when did you meet Adam?

Mark : We met a long time, we live in same place and Electric Wizard played with Adam's previous band in the past too. Things are working fine despite the fact that these days Adam lives in London and me and Tim are still in Wimborne.

A: Err, that's me? We've known each other for years….. I have been making music since I was seventeen. I used to play guitar and sing in Lord of Putrefaction, a band I had with Justin Oborn. After a short stint in the Ugly Fruits, I formed Spirmyard with Gavin Gillingham and Gareth Brunsdon. Who both went on to play in Eternal and Thy Grief Eternal. We did a few demos and played quite a few gigs. I also played bass in Inhaler – recorded a few tracks for their 1st album, did some tours and all that. Then I was doing this sonic fucked up project called Skullbone, and jamming with some friends in a band called Nil by Mouth, and for the last six years I have been focusing in a much heavier direction – instinctively back to my Doom/Death roots. Formed in 1999, Hexed, is an ongoing project generating part freeform, part structured Hyper heavy slo mo sonic drone doom ? - me on guitars and voices and Gareth - the drummer from Spirmyard....and guest musicians….Hexed is Alive! - In slow motion...And now the RAMESSES gig! - Perfect! This band is awesome – we will destroy…….Besides music, I do a lot of drawing/painting, and design for my t-shirt label THORR.

Your recent release features two songs, can you tell our readers more about the songs?

A: Fortress is a wicked London studio run by friends, packed with fly equipment. We recorded and mixed onto 2” tape in 2 x 12 hour sessions. It was great recording the 1st tracks with Tim and Mark – with this mad schedule– no time for being precious – some wicked improvised moments that we loved to keep as the take – Im chuffed with the overall sound we've created – its raw and a good enough representation of our power – when we record next time things will sound a lot heavier, and we may spend a bit more time….We'll see…….

Mark: The recording was fine, we could have had more time but sometimes that doesn't work out. We went to the Fortress because Adam knew the guys there and it was easier to do it that way. It's easier to work in an environment where at least you know the people involved.

What are your main influences musically and lyrically?

Mark: Always been influenced by Keith Moon (The Who) and also Mike Bordin.(Faith No More). I am really into crazy drumming…(that is correct-red)

Tim: We all love the 'Horror' movies, Hammer Horror, Evil Dead, Texas Chainsaw Massacre, Friday 13th, Exorcist, Halloween, most Italian horror and zombie films. Pentagram, Burning Witch, Nirvana, Autopsy…

A: Music – Autopsy!!

Lyrically – Doom and Life – in their daily punishing inevitability and conflict. Earth Power – it's the only physical truth…

History – ancient civilizations and religious cults, especially occult, witchcraft and Egyptology.

Cyborg - The best toy/mythos (in my opinion) ever put into production – a 70's Japanese stroke of design genius. A transparent version of Action Man, or GI Joe with visable atomically driven sub stucture!!!!- fucking insanely inspirational creativity – the forefather of Transformers, and any countless other spin-offs……. 'Muton Must Die!' (new song title on next recording! Exclusive!) - Bizarre deaths… – and back to Life.

If we may have a look in your record collection, what would we find? Anything particular a great value (emotionally and financially?)

A: Autopsy, Winter, Thorrs Hammer, Bathory, Sadus, Celtic Frost, Burning Witch, Sabbath, Hawkwind, Athiest, Grief, Karp, Neurosis, Eyeategod, Blue Cheer, Khold, OMG.....

Mar : Quite a lot of late 60's stuff, the Who and The Doors, and Faith no More, Mr. Bungle plus anything Mike Patton has done. It is all varied stuff and all of it is really valuable to me cos its all part of my life.

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What do you think about Negative Reaction, the band you share the MCD with?

A: Yep, them fuckers rock! – The natural successors to the vacant throne left void by Grief and Eyehategod – respect is due.

Mark: They are OK, I put it on for a few seconds and thought 'ahh, they're one of them…'

Why choose for a small independent label? Is it something you like to work with (like with Electric Wizard?)? What do you think of Psychedoomelic?

Mark : We released a press statement sometime last April, and we were surprised with the feedback we received from people at all levels. Ramesses are featuring in three Psychedoomelic releases, the split CDEP, our debut 7 inch (limited to 1000 copies), and a new track called 'Black Domina' which will feature on a compilation.

A: - Psychedoomelic is already a legend! – Hegedus Mark is one cool guy – he is moving underground mountains! – he is the man to watch over the current, and ever-expanding explosion of doom et al……

When will we see a full lenght album? Can you tell us more about songs, titles, etc...

A: All four tracks we recorded – Master (Your Demons), Ramesses II, Black Domina, Witchampton – are being released this year........ I just gave you a brand new title above. We will record around April, can't wait to devastate!

Anything more planned to release?

A: On our web site we have our debut 7 inch (which is limited to 1000 copies) as well as the split cd with Negative Reaction – both Psychedoomleic releases. Another Psychedoomelic release featuring Ramesses will be available very shortly – a compilation with previously unreleased tracks from us and a whole load of cool bands that are kicking around. Soon we will also have on our web site a 7 inch picture disc, which is being released in the US via Shifty Records – limited to 500 copies! We currently planning more releases and hopefully everyone will find out about it in the next couple of months!

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Are you performing live already? Any plans to do some shows on the mainland of Europe?

A: Yes – we did two dates last December with Art of Burning Water, Old Basford, Taint, Capricorns and Birds of Paradise. We now have a few more dates booked in the UK: March 26/Birmingham, March 27/Bristol and April 4 / Manchester. We are getting a lot of feedback from Scandinavia so we may go there in the Summer – we'd love to come to Europe and hopefully we'll be able to do that in 2004.

What do you think of the doomscene in the UK? Europe? World? Do you keep track of the newest bands around?

Mark: I keep to myself, low profile. We played with Art Of Burning Water – the guys are cool and a laugh. Their music is exciting.

A: UK SCENE = HEALTHY! - Art of Burning Water, Pale Horse, Foe, Taint, Capricorns, Gonga, Murder One, Sloth…..there is a lot of powerful energy brooding in the underground doom scene here. Some real cool cats. It feels good.

Tim: We just listen to and like what we like, although we do really like UNEARTHLY TRANCE. We would like to see doom bands get a lot bigger, but we have been waiting a long time already!

What band-except your own- do you think is worth mentioning and is something to look out for?

Mark : Tomahawk.

Last question CD or vinyl, and why?

Mark: I used to think that I'd never buy a CD and sadly, vinyl has gradually faded out - CDs are somehow forced onto us – a change of the times. But some bands sound a lot better on vinyl than the crisp clean sound of the CD……..

All: Thanks a lot for the interest. Keep it Doomed. RAMESSES out.

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