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'Habitual Levitations' is de titel van Intronaut's laatste album en bevat progressieve metal. De band klinkt niet als 'klassieke' progressieve bands zoals Dream Theater, maar meer als een mix van Baroness, Burst en Meshuggah. Met laatsgenoemde band werd eerder dit jaar een toer voltooid; een duidelijk indicatie van het feit dat Intronaut hard op weg is een gevestigde naam te worden. Gitarist Dave licht het een en ander toe.

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First of all guys, can you give me and our readers an introduction to Intronaut? I must admit I was not familiar with your music before hearing 'Habitual Levitations', although I already knew you're signed to Century Media, Danny Walker is your drummer and you're touring with names like Meshuggah.
Well, I guess the whole story is that we are just four good friends who love writing music together, and that's what we've been doing for over ten years now!

A song like 'The Welding' shows some similarities to the aforementioned Swedish gods of polyrhythmic metal. Do you feel in a way bounded to them, apart from sharing a tour?
We have all been huge Meshuggah fans since we have been a band, so yeah, we are definitely bound to them, as it is just about every contemporary progressive metal band there is!

Reviewing 'Habitual Levitations', I dropped names like Baroness, Mastodon and Burst to give our readers a framework. I even coined the term 'progressive post-rock' to describe your music. Can you agree on this description, or can you make it complete? Can you also mention the five most influential records for Intronaut as a band?
It's funny, people often mention Baroness as an influence of ours, but I don't really see or hear much similarity. We are definitely fans of Baroness, but I wouldn't say we are influenced by their music. Bands that we are influenced by include Pink Floyd, King Crimson, Yes, Tool, Meshuggah, Alice In Chains, as well as lots of jazz, African/Afro-Cuban, and Indian music.

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What is the album dealing with lyrically?
There isn't really a common thread or concept for this record. Each song is about something different, and each song has its own identity, lyrically and musically. One song is about a normal man slipping slowly and uncontrollably into madness. Another song is based on a Stephen King short story. We draw inspiration from anywhere and everywhere.

Are you a 'traditional' band in the way that you still rehearse/chill out together every week, when you're not touring?
Absolutely. We all hang out together, and we are always either writing, recording, or practicing music together.

Is there a main goal for Intronaut? Does the band contribute to your professional life as musicians, or is it just a hobby for you?
We would love for music to be our full-time jobs! The reality of the situation is that we all have to work regular jobs like crazy when we are not touring.

Can you share any of your favourite Intronaut-moments with us? Be it on the road, partying, in the studio, or whatever?
Well, the obvious answers would be things like getting to tour with bands like Mastodon, Meshuggah, and Tool! As far as favorite touring/partying stories, I think it's best to keep those a secret!

Can you give us a small 'rig-rundown' for the gear that was used on 'Habitual Levitations'? What kind of guitars, amps, cabs, drums, effects did you use?
Sacha and I both use Mesa-Boogie Royal Atlantic amplifiers. I play a Gibson custom shop Les Paul, and a guitar that Sacha built for me. He also plays an old Les Paul, as well as a few other guitars that we have lying around. We both use a variety of delay pedals and various other effects. Joe plays a five string fretless Zon bass, and Ampeg amplifiers. Danny plays DW drums, Meinl cymbals, and Vic Firth drumsticks.

I can see you are touring your asses off this year. What are the next steps after this cycle is completed? Are you, like many bands, stuck in a writing-recording-touring pattern?
I wouldn't say that we are stuck in it. I think that's just the name of the game. Write an album, record the album, and tour your ass off on it!

Thank you for this interview! Please feel free to add whatever you like in this space.
Thank you very much! We'll see you out on the road!

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