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White Cowbell Oklahoma worked diligently all summer in their underground rock n roll laboratory, slaving away on the rock n roll perfection that is 'Buenas Nachas'. It was sent to the four corners of the Canadian tundra – well, only three really. Toronto, Montreal and Vancouver. Everything got kinda sparkly after that...Clem C. Clemsen speaks:

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We can only say that we alone are responsible for the majesty and breadth of rock n roll excellence that is 'Buenas Nachas'. Also, a dude named Adrian Popovich – who used to play guitar for a great Canadian band called Tricky Woo – did an amazing job mixing it. We're very glad people are digging it – we think it's our best work. By the way, the album is called 'Buenas Nachas'. The opening track, however, is called 'Buenas Noches', which means good evening. I'll let your readers look up what 'Buenas Nachas' means. It involves haunches. Nice ones.

There are some recent new members – Handsome Chuck joined about a year ago on guitar, and his ear-shredding licks are all over the album like zebra-muscles on a Russian trawler. The stuff he played on 'Buenas Nachas' is astounding. Since recording the album, we now have another more recent guitarist as well – Miss Big Dick Taggart. She lays down that unrelentingly heavy rhythm and she's quick with a knife. Finally, we now have the astounding, earth-shaking, pant-shitting low-end from South Pawl Jones' bass guitar. The old members are all stored in pods, in our rock n roll laboratory. No one really leaves White Cowbell Oklahoma. You just get put into suspended animation. We've got hundreds of them.

band imageThe Label
Slick Monkey have been behind just about everything White Cowbell Oklahoma-oriented over the years. They're the puppet masters, the secret society rock n roll star chamber. They – meaning we – secretly own all the record companies. And the oil companies. And the media. So, in reality, we own you.

Burg Herzberg
The live album, 'Viva Live Locos', came out in 2010 – it was a really good show, recorded when WCO headlined Burg Herzberg Festival in Germany. It's a crazy hippie festival, filled with peace-loving maniacs on acid. Herzberg is always filmed for national German TV broadcast. So they actually had a gazzilion of techs in white lab coats, hooking thirty dozen microphones onto just the cowbell. They got a pretty awesome recording of it, which they graciously passed on to us, to remix. Also, we were headlining that night – it's always exciting to have a great big, muddy field of mushroom-fueled insanity in front of you. A lot of people who primarily appreciate White Cowbell Oklahoma's mind-breaking concerts were very happy we finally put out a live document. The jam-music people – who go to Burg Herzberg and trip out on space cakes – sure liked it. It's just a different animal. But on 'Buenas Nachas' we tried to get some of that live album humanity into the studio madness. We think we made a pretty good 6-headed monster of an album.

White Cowbell Oklahoma like to keep the 1973 parameters around our music, but then we like to squeeze sideways through that box via the fourth dimension. If you look at a box from a different angle – dang, it's a diamond! Take a bunch of mescaline and, dammit, that box looks like a fuckin' spaceship! It's just a matter of applying that technique on stage. Which can be interesting[/I].”The other thing is; we LOVE 1970s rock. Can't get enough of it. It's like pizza and bar snacks when you're high on space cakes. It's the best. We also like the more far-out, acid-soaked stuff from the UK and Germany in the 70s: Can, Neu!, Hawkwind. You'll probably hear it if you listen closely.

It's probably not possible to play more shows than Motörhead. Lemmy's like the deep sea diver of touring rock guys. But White Cowbell Oklahoma can't get enough of it either. What's there not to like? You get to have a good time every night, and then as a bonus someone might even pay you gas money! Our fleet of double-decker hovercraft don't come cheap, you know! Believe me, White Cowbell Oklahoma have a vast archive of juicy road stories. However, the 'code' prevents me from telling your readership anything about those red snappers, he-mudsharks or 19th century sock suspenders. And just because White Cowbell Oklahoma can remember the Abraham Lincoln Administration doesn't mean we're old. It just means we've discovered better living through chemistry. Actually, we just drink a lot of oolong tea. Antioxidants, you know.

The Netherlands
We love the Netherlands! Actually, I believe we've added a fifth show now – in late November and early December we're playing Groningen, Amsterdam, Enschede, Eindhoven and Den Haag. It's gonna be explosive – people, check our site for the dates. Your wellness, happiness, non-sobriety and salvation depend on it! WCO have probably toured the Netherlands more than any other country in Europe – we know your country inside out. We can even pronounce some of the names of things at the FEBO!.

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