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De Hongaarse band Wisdom heeft pasgeleden met 'Judas' (lees de review in deze editie) een prima plaat afgeleverd. Daarbij staat door middel van het tekenen bij Noise Art Records ook nog eens een prima team achter de band. We mogen wel van een gouden combinatie spreken. De eerste positieve uitwerking hiervan is, naast uiteraard het nieuwe album, dat de band op tour gaat met Sabaton en Eluveitie. Voldoende redenen om Wisdom eens nader aan de tand te voelen over hun ontwikkeling en hun verdere plannen. Bassist Máté Molnár verteld ons wat meer hierover en heeft bovendien nog een verassing voor de bezoekers van de concerten die de band in Nederland zal geven.

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Hello metal guys in Holland! We are glad that we can introduce ourselves for you. Hungary is a small country in the middle of Europe, and not easy to break out from here, not only in metal music, in everything. There's a lot of prejudices against our country but hopefully we can show you the bright side of it!

The band released two EP's and a full-length before the current release of 'Judas'. What is the main difference between the earlier releases and 'Judas'?
I don't want say what bands usually say; it's a much better sounding record or the new songs are the best ever, etc. I will just say that we are all changing as time goes by and new things that come day by day inspire us. Together, those things shape our music, sometimes in good sometimes in bad direction, and then audience can decide if it is good or not.

Before the release of 'Judas' you signed with Noise Art Records and for you guys it was “unable to withstand the temptation”. Can you tell us a bit more about the deal with Noise Art Records and the plans they have for Wisdom?
It's a long term deal with Noise Art Records, because this is the only way to be successful for both parties. We have a lot of work to do before we can talk about success. There are millions of bands nowadays, you can here them on the radio, see them on YouTube but usually they have nothing in the way of support. What I mean is that in the age of internet, you can easily show your music to the audience, but if you want them to listen to it also, you need a professional team behind you, who work only for you. This is what we got in the offer from Noise Art, and signed with them. It is very important to say that we got the deal with the Rock The Nation Booking Agency together with the label agreement. I believe that only the live performances can make a band famous nowadays, and who else could do it better then Rock The Nation? I think the plans for the future are the same with Noise Art; work as hard and well as we can, and hopefully it will be well received by the audience.

You say Noise Art promised you worldwide fame, money and beautiful women. How are you going to cooperate on that and enjoy the fruits of your work?
I think my answer is almost the same as it was for your last question. There is a long road and a lot of hard work ahead of us before we have proven we are worthy of calling ourselves successful. I do hope that later we can do another interview where I can tell you how we enjoy the fruits of it!

We all know Judas as the traitor from the bible. I reckon Wisdom's 'Judas' is about the same kind of person?
There's a lot of parallels between the Bible Judas and ours. We used Judas as the synonym of traitor but it can be his name as well; it's not really important. We are not a Christian band but the story of Wiseman (our mascot) is at this chapter where he is betrayed by one of his followers. And thus we brought some parallels from the Bible.

Especially title track 'Judas' deals with this person. Can you tell us some more about that track?
As you mentioned, we have two EPs and two LPs including 'Judas'. In the beginning, we developed a story where the main character is Wiseman, an old wise man with long hair and mustache and with an iron lockjaw over his mouth. His story starts with our first EP and continues through every single release. But only on the covers, and on two or three songs within the albums. So we have a lifetime conception, like a soap opera, not album conceptions as many people think. I think that's better if I don't tell his long story here, it is detailed on our website (, but the album title songs - like Judas - are always about the current chapter of Wiseman's life. Before this album, on our last EP ('At The Gates') one of Wiseman's followers made a pact with the devil to betray his master. On the cover of Judas album you can see the moment when he sneaked into Wiseman's cave, and lifted up his knife to fulfill the deal.

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As an example of betrayal you name the music business. Is this something that Wisdom learnt themselves the hard way and if so, what happened?
If a band works for years in metal business, that band will definitely see the seamy side of it. However, I guess it's the same in other genres, moreover, in every part of life that money moves...

On the title track there is a guest appearance by Mats Levén from Therion on which he sings the part of Judas. How came you choose Mats to sing this part?
I can proudly and easily talk about this because everything went perfectly with Mats. This song was written for two characters and it would have been a bit strange if the same singer personalized both. In addition, a long time ago it was in our minds to invite one of our favorite singers in one song per album. So we'd like to do the same on our forthcoming album, with another killer singer! Well, first we were searching for a singer whose voice matches perfectly to the character. I guess we could hardly find better singer to personalize the traitor. We asked him about this idea, sent him the song and everything he needed, and luckily he said YES. We are really honored to have this great singer on our album!

What strikes me on this record is the fact that Wisdom has a very full sound. Also the riffs are more powerful than a lot of power metal bands. Is that something you aim for on purpose?
That's good to hear. Definitely, yes! Usually the sound is very important for every band. There are albums with great songs, but you are not able to listen to them because of the very raw sound. That is a very difficult part of making the music. But we are really lucky because we have Gabor, he is the guitarist and the songwriter as well as our sound engineer and it seems he has good ears to do both:).

You say you are preparing for your big plunge this year. What are the plans Wisdom has in mind?
We have many plans, but I think that's better if we talk about it a bit later. I don't want reveal our secrets hehehe.

As part of this big plunge you will tour with Sabaton and Eluveitie in September and October. Where do we get the chance to see you guys live?
Yes, and we can't wait it. This will be our first European tour, and it's a real honor to do it with these great bands. I can hardly believe that not so long ago, we headbanged at their gigs and now they will share the stage with us. Like I used to say, these are the things that made it worth it to start playing the guitar. This tour goes through the western part of Europe from September and we will take part two times in Netherland. First in Tilburg, and second in Amsterdam in October.

You also played with bands as Iron Maiden and Judas Priest amongst others in the past. What is it like to open for these bands?
I must say it again: "These are the things that made it worth it to start playing the guitar!" These productions are big mechanisms where every little part has a function and everybody knows his task to make everything perfect for the nights show. Something like a big circus. I wish for our future to be the same circus. I cannot express the feeling when we managed to open for them! Something that you can never buy, no matter how rich you are.

What do you think the effect of these bands is on the sound of Wisdom?
Yes, of course. Gabor listens to a lot of music, from the 80's to the newest bands, and he tries to find their strengths to adapt them into the Wisdom sound. We can learn a lot from these kinds of legendary bands, it's no accident why they are on the top.

Is there any anything I forgot to ask and you would like to add?
See you in Holland soon, and if it's possible, I would have an offer. The first guy who comes to us to sign this interview in the magazine will get a Wisdom T-shirt as a present, which he can get at the merchandise table. (Too bad LoM is an online magazine, I don't think anyone would like their smartphone signed hahaha - Horst)

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