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Kill Devil Hill

Eerder dit jaar verscheen de debuutschijf van de nieuwe band van Vinnie Appice en Rex Brown, genaamd Kill Devil Hill. Brown hoefde, als groot Black Sabbath en Dio fan, niet lang na te denken toen drumgigant Appice een tijd geleden hem vroeg een paar van zijn demo's van bas te voorzien. De onontdekte talenten Dewey Bragg (zang) en Mark Zavon (gitaar) grepen deze kans net zo gewillig aan en Kill Devil Hill werd geboren. Zoals iedereen we zal begrijpen is Vinnie Appice een zeer druk bezet man, maar hij wist nog wel even een paar minuten vrij te maken voor een babbeltje met Lords Of Metal.

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Hey Vinnie, thanks for taking time to answer our questions. Have you been doing lots of press lately or is the marketing machine taking it easy?
Rex and I have been doing press for the last month, we have to get the word out there.

I can imagine an album with your and rex' name on it virtually sells itself. Any numbers saleswise?
Its not released until May 28th so I don't know.

To what extent do you feel you still have to prove yourself as a musician? And can you relate this to Kill Devill Hill (do you want to prove yourself with KDH, or was this album something you would have made anyhow)?
I don't need to prove anything after all these years of playing, but I always wanted my own great band. It's in my heart and soul to create music and play the drums. This is a album that I am proud of.

I understood you initiated the project by sending demos to Rex. How old are the actual tracks?
It varies from eighteen months to six months.

Was it all written beforehand or also together with Rex, Dewey and Mark?
Most of the songs were written before Rex joined, and when he joined he rexocised them all and wrote a few new ones.

How did Dewey and Mark ended up joining the band?
I heard Mark play a few times and got to know him and invited him to jam on some things I had in the works, that went great! Mark also played me a cd of Dewey and as soon as I heard it I knew that was the vocalist we needed.

You could easily have asked other, more famous musicians, and make an 'all-star'-group out of KDH. Why didn't you?
I don't like “looks good on paper” bands. It's not as real and doesn't last long. I wanted a great band no matter who is in it.

band imageAbout your drumming on KDH. Have you approached it differently this time around? Considering kit-setup, certain grooves or a particular feel?
I approached it with fire and wanted to play my ass off.

Can drums be used as a songwriting-tool? How do you usually write your music?
Oh yea, some of the songs were written around the drums a la Zeppelin.

Do you consider Kill Devil Hill an actual band or a (side)project?
It's a band, we are a team.

Is Kill Devil Hill your main priority at the time? Are you also involved in other (future) projects?
I do multitask with side projects and clinics but this is my main baby!!

As a former member of Black Sabbath, Dio and Heaven & Hell, what are your thought on the recent Black Sabbath / Bill Ward discussion?
I would love to see Bill on the drums and so does the rest of the fans, he belongs there at this point in time.

if you are willing to talk with us about this subject; do you know Bill Ward personally? Have you talked about this subject?
I know and love Bill, I haven't talked to him or seen him recently though. He is a great guy and creative drummer and a hero of mine.

Has any Sabbath member or management contacted you about a possible vacancy?
Nope, none whatsoever.

But would you be willing to fill the seat?
Maybe, but that's not going to happen. Kill Devil Hill is in my soul now.

Of course this all fades when considering Tommi Iomi and his current health situation. All our thoughts are with him. Back to Kill Devil Hill; any plans on touring Europe soon?
I think we may be there in September for a short tour.

Alright, hope it turns September soon than. All the best for the future! Have a final shout at our readers if you will.
Check it out at and the same on Facebook. And thanks to all my fans over the years who cranked it up!!!

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