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Er zijn van die bands die er niet van houden om met veel poeha over hun muziek te vertellen. Van die bands die liever spelen en de muziek het woord laten doen. Het Poolse Voidhanger is zo'n band. Met 'Wrathprayers' lieten ze eind 2011 een lekker knallend black/thrash/death metal album op de mensheid los waar onze Tormentor Erich behoorlijk over was te spreken. En dus zocht hij toch zanger Warcrimer op voor een paar vraagjes over Voidhanger.

Door: Tormentor Erich | Archiveer onder speed / thrash metal

Voidhanger was formed in 2010. Before that you guys played in acts such as Iperyt, Infernal War and Massemord. Why did you quit those bands and decided to move forward with Voidhanger?
We did not quit anything. Voidhanger is a regular band existing along with our other bands. All the bands you mentioned are pretty much alive.

In November 2011 you have already released your first album 'Wrathprayers'. That's rather fast. What can you tell us about the development of this album? How come things were done that fast?
The idea of Voidhanger was born years ago, but it took some time to make it come to life. We had lots of riffs and ideas so when the idea finally turned into the band things went really fast and spontaneous. Simple as that.

Via 'Wrathprayers' you want to spread negativity and satanic madness. Why? Is life that bad?
Mine? No it isn't. That statement was meant to underline the fact that Voidhanger is a serious band and not another retro fun project with a “I'm so fucking metal” attitude. Mentally, it's based on true emotions, beliefs and fascinations. That's why I consider this band black metal. Voidhanger is for all the darkness in man.

The music from 'Wrathprayers' is a great mixture of thrash, death and black metal. Did you always wanted to mix these styles instead of committing yourselves to one particular type of extreme metal? Or couldn't you agree on what to play and therefore threw all these styles together?
We wanted to mix our influences from the eighties with the attitude our other bands are known for. There was no particular plan or pattern to follow and the whole process of the making of 'Wrathprayers' was very natural and spontaneous. We don't care about any limitations.

band image'Wrathprayers' is furious but short with only thirty-two minutes of music. It's like a quick and hard punch in the face, but I can imagine that people who buy CD's would have liked it if there were more songs on the album. Can you agree with this?
I think the running time of 'Wrathprayers' is okay. Like you said, a quick and hard punch in the face, just like Infernal War's 'Terrorfront'. That was our vision of the album.

On the other hand, I understood that new tracks are already planned for an E.P. or split release around February. What can you tell us about these new songs and the release of this new piece of work?
Well, we planned to record a few new songs for a new mini CD in February, but it looks like it will take some more time and we will enter the studio in March. Everyone who enjoyed 'Wrathprayers' won't be disappointed.

'Wrathprayers' is released as a jewel case CD and on vinyl, as a gatefold LP. Does this mean that you guys are personally also vinyl minded? Or is this something with your label Witching Hour Productions just wanted to do? And if you guys are into vinyl, then please tell us what three metal albums everybody must have on vinyl, in its original version.
Yes, we all like the LP format and it was obvious that we would like to have 'Wrathprayers' released on vinyl. However, I'm not a vinyl collector and I buy more CD's. I have several dozens of LP's and EP's, but that's it. Guitar player Zyklon is more into vinyl stuff. As for the second part of your question, it all depends on your taste. I couldn't choose three metal bands only, let alone stand three metal albums only.

I also understood that you Mister Warcrimer are not so fond of playing live. But what is wrong with playing your songs on a stage, with maximum volume and a bunch of crazy motherfuckers in front of you?
I'm not fond of playing live too often, but it doesn't mean I don't like playing live at all. Some well organized gigs from time to time is okay, but playing more than a few gigs in a row would make me kill someone.

With Voidhanger yet again a good extreme metal outfit from Poland is unleashing its metal upon the world. Why is it that the stream of good and extreme metal bands is still flowing so strongly in Poland? What is the secret behind the Polish scene?
You tell me! We have plenty of good bands, but also lots of useless crap.

Okay guys. This is it for me. I wish you all the best for 'Wrathprayers' and these space here below is yours for a final message…
Thanks for your time and interest. Look forward to our new stuff and expect no mercy. Hail Satan!

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