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Rising bewijst dat hard werken loont. Na hun zeer doomy debuut EP uit 2009 volgde een single, die meer dan de EP een voorbode bleek te zijn voor het heuse debuutalbum, getiteld 'To Solemn Ash'. De Denen kregen loon naar werken en het Duitse Exile on Mainstream label staat garant voor een wereldwijde release, inclusief vinyl. Tijd om bij te kletsen met zanger/bassist Hendrik.

Door: Menno | Archiveer onder stoner

Hey guys, congratulations on the album. Press reactions have been unanimously positive. Are things going as expected?
Thanks man! It's definitely great with all the positive response. We didn't really know what to expect when releasing the album. We still don't, I guess... Our goals and anticipations are a “one step at a time”-kind of thing. Touring, getting good vibes from people who like our album and our music in general, is never something to be expected. It's something to be hoped for. We will continue to develop our sound and hope that people will follow.

So what are you occupied with now, mostly press or gigging?
Oh man. This might sound weird since we released 'To Solemn Ash' not too long ago but we actually spend most our time these days writing new songs. There are interviews here and there (more coming in connection with our US-release) but we try to locate most work in the rehearsal space. We will play a few shows in Denmark in March before going on a European tour same month. As we get closer to gigging, we will have to write less new stuff and rehearse the “old” songs.

I've been receiving your stuff since 2009, and after listening to the first EP I never imagined your debut would sound so heavy and yet so catchy. Seemed more of an arty doom ensemble at the time.
We always try to push the envelope and challenge our selves to explore new grounds. Many things have happened since the EP and that had to translate into the album. Although we experiment with our sound we still have a focus on, essentially, writing good songs. That being said, who knows what will happen next? That's one of the things I like about playing in Rising.

Tell me a bit about the early days. I take it that Exile on Mainstream does most of the promotion of 'To Solemn Ash', but you strike me as a very DIY band. Did I receive those first demo's straight from you?
We started out as most other bands messing around in the rehearsal space, playing occasional local shows. But we knew that we needed a solid recording to be able to go new places so we asked Jacob Reichert Nielsen (who would later record and mix our debut album) to help us out. That turned out to be a good decision. We ended up with a good sounding EP and starting sending that all over the place. And yes, we sent you the first EP and the 7-inch, which was 100% DYI. These days, we get more help to do stuff like that. When it comes to promotion, the best thing to do is to give everything live. One or two awesome shows can easily do more than a 1000 press kits when trying to reach people in the great sea of bands out there. Lucky for us, because we live to play live!

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You already played Roskilde and toured Europe a few times. How was Roskilde?
Yes, we try to get around as much as possible. Touring is such an intense ride of meeting new people, seeing new places and improving the live shows. When the crowds are happy and we have a roof over our heads at night, we couldn't ask for much more. Then there was Roskilde. For me personally, it was awesome! Totally mindblowing to play on a stage that I had been standing in front of for so many previous years. Roskilde is a special thing for sure, for me at least. My memory of the show is kind of blurry but I think it went alright.

Was it the same year New Keepers of the Water Towers played? Shit I love that band. You should tour together!
Yeah! They played a really great show! Like them as well. You're right - We look into what they are doing and what plans they have with touring. Maybe one day we will be on the road with them. You never know.

And also congratulations on the American release! A dream come true? How does such a thing work out?
Thanks a lot! I don't know if it's a dream come true but it's definitely something we are excited about. Oh shit! Technical questions like how that works out is not my strong suit. Anyway, it's definitely something that we can thank Andreas Kohl/Exile on Mainstream for. That guy is unstoppable in tenacity and friendliness. We also have a great PR-dude over there who is really getting the album out there.

Any realistic plans of touring the US or is such a thing too expensive in such a stage?
No realistic plans yet. It would have to be somewhat financially sound to do it since we are poor as fuck. But man! It would be great to give it a go in a foreseeable future!

'To Solemn Ashes' sounds heavy as fuck. Ever thought of using a second guitarist to make the thickness work live?
We hope it works already since we have no intention of adding more members to the line-up. The trio-format works really well for us. All we can do is tune down, turn up the volume and use more amplifiers so that's what we do.

Tell me about the recording process. Modern vs. retro, analogue vs. digital, vintage vs. new instruments, etc.
We've never tried to sound vintage or modern. For us, recording is about more or less communicating the actual sound of the band. That being said, a lot of the old preamps, amps and instruments just sound better to us. They are somehow more “musical” if that makes any sense...? Since the budget was small, we went to an old summerhouse on an island south of Copenhagen and set up a studio there. We borrowed and rented a lot of equipment to get the best possible gear for the task. The house was shaking under the sound pressure but it worked out well. Drinking a cup of coffee on the beach before recording a song is quite cool.

The final words are yours. Did I miss anything? Anyway, great job guys!
I think that's it. Thanks a lot! Hope to see you and many of your countrymen/women next time we visit The Netherlands!

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