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Erik Larson zal bij het gros van de mensen bekend staan als de gitarist van Alabama Thunderpussy. Naast ATP, een solocarrière en drum-, gitaar- en zangwerk bij bands als Kilara, The Mighty Nimbus, Birds of Prey en Parasytic is de aandacht nu gevestigd op Hail!Hornet. Deze heren brachten onlangs hun tweede schijf boordevol extreme sludge-, death-, noise- en grooveachtige klanken uit. Hoe beschrijven ze zelf eigenlijk hun muziek?

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You guys sound heavy as fuck! Congratulations on the album 'Disperse the Curse'. It's been out for a few months now. How would you say it has been received by press and fans?
So far all the reviews have been very positive, it's encouraging considering how hard we worked on the record.

Is it doom? Is it sludge? Is it some sort of core? How would you describe your music?
Well, Vince likes to call us "Grime Metal". I guess that's as good a description as any.

Members have been active in Buzzoven, Weedeater, Bongzilla and other groups. 'Disperse the Curse' in general sound more aggressive and up-tempo. Is Hail!Hornet a deliberate side-thing in order for you to play fast?
I wouldn't say it's deliberate. Vince writes the riffs, I help arrange them with him. I'd say that my choices on the drums help to shape the songs, but at the end of the day, this is Vince's vision.

How did you guys form anyway?
A few years back, well more than a few, I was starting tracking on the first Birds Of Prey record. At the same time T-roy and Vince had come up to Richmond to jam with Bryan Cox and Ryan Lake to do a band that was going to be called Vagabond. For whatever reason, they didn't gell well. so T-roy suggested to Vince that I should play drums in the project. One thing led to another and you get Hail!Hornet

Any changes in line-up since the previous record? Any specific reasons?
Nope, no changes, same four guys trying to beat it out of you.

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Was you previous album also released on Relapse?
No, the first album was on Dwell Records. that label mostly did tribute records, but they did put out the first Solient Green record as well as the band Tom Choi did after Asbestos Death - ITISI. Awesome record. Basically Dwell was a subsidiary of CMH records, it was their "Metal" label and was being run by a true believer, James Curtis, but it was just James doing it, he had no help from the parent company, no staff, nothing. So as the economy shifted and technologies like iTunes took off, Dwell Records folded. I'm very happy to have relapse involved in what we do now.

Was Relapse your only choice at the time?
Pretty much, I've released over ten albums on Relapse over the years, so I just thought it was a good fit. Everything there is done for the love of the music. Sure it's a business, but they actually give a shit.

I can't seem to find any touring information about you guys. Are their many shows on the agenda? US only or also Europe?
We're working on a USA tour now, but the logistics are difficult due to all of us living in different cities. If it proceeds as planned we'll be touring with Zoroaster and the screening of Slow Southern Steel, a film about heavy music in the southern USA which was made by CT who sings in Rwake.

As mentioned before, some members of Hail!Hornet are also active in sludge/doom legends Buyzzoven. Last summer should have been the summer of Buzzoven's return to Europe. What was the reason for cancelling?
I'm not sure, and I'd hate to speculate as I'm not in Buzzoven, but I'm sure it came down to money and timing.

Next year y'all should come over anyway. With Hail!Hornet, Buzzoven, Eyehategod, Weedeater and Bongzilla :). Try to persuade Walter from Roadburn, he's brought Eyehategod back to Europe!
Make it happen and we'll get on the plane!

Are you guys still full-time tokers?
I haven't smoked in almost twenty years. I drink. Don't know about the others, but I think you could probably figure it out if you thought about it.

Listening to 'Disperse the Curse' almost made me wonder whether you stopped smoking for a few months. All those furious riffs!
Like I said, Vince writes that stuff, I help arrange, I think it would be worth your while to contact Vince on this issue.

Ok that's it mate. Have a final shout at our readers. Hope to see you soon on the road!
Thanks for giving a shit! hope to see all y'all out there soon.

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