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Vic Anselmo

Haar album 'In My Fragile' kwam als een verrassing. Dat meisje met die cyberlooks deed me aan Emilie Autumn denken, maar het album was niet wat ik ervan verwacht had. Wel heb ik genoten van haar aparte maar hemelse stem, en haar album zet ik nog steeds regelmatig op. Het heeft even geduurd na het sturen van wat vragen, maar eindelijk kreeg ik de kort maar krachtige antwoorden van Vic terug. Tijd dus om wat meer te lezen over haar laatste album, en waar ze alle inspiratie vandaan heeft gehaald.

Door: Melanie | Archiveer onder alternative / pop

Hello! Thank you for having me. How are you today?
Feeling okey, I'm sitting here drinking tea with cookies :) How about you?

Congratulations on your latest album! How has it been received up till now?
Thank you! The response is positive! I am very happy about it!

So is Vic Anselmo your artist name as a solo artist, or is there a band around you?
It is my solo name, but I have a permanent band too.

Your album title is called 'In My Fragile'. Do you see yourself as fragile?
We all are sometimes. But very often we are trying to hide it.

You grew up in Latvia, what was that like?
It was great. Spending time at summer holidays in the countryside house with my grannies. The place is surrounded by forests, lakes and fields! And there are no other houses around for kilometres. I still see this place in my dreams some nights! Magical!

You now live in Germany, seems a big difference from Latvia to me. How did you get there and why was it tempting to live there?
My main reason of moving is that part of my heart is here. :)

Your songs sound like a childhood dream but on the other hand like a horror chamber. A bit Tim Burton like. Is this something you were looking for or did this happen as accident?
By accident :) I have been a big dreamer and was attracted to all mysterious since childhood, long before I found out who Tim Burton was.

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Where do you seek your inspiration for your music and lyrics?
My inspirations are all around me, and sometimes I even invent them myself. Since childhood I have been a big dreamer and was obsessed with everything mystical. I invented all kind of games about the End of the World and travelling to another dimensions, and wrote my own horror stories. As a result; one of the most powerful source of inspiration became dreams. They became the place where all my fantasies could come true, the place where it's possible to run away from reality, the system and stereotypes, the place where your imagination can work at full range, and having no borders. What can be more inspiring? Except dreams, there are other things that inspire me a lot – books (E.T., Amadeus Hoffman, Edgar Allan Poe, Lewis Carroll, Somerset Maugham, J.R.R. Tolkien, Washington Irving), art (photography, films, paintings), video games (Half-Life, Fallout 3, Bioshock, Oblivion, Gears Of War, Halo 3), architecture, people (their conversations, actions, life); some places – half-ruined abandoned factories and buildings, nature (such a mystical thing) and of course music (Pantera, Devin Townsend, Mike Patton, Lisa Gerrard and many, many, many other names).

Do you have any role models, someone who really inspired you all the way?
An eternal love to music and some amazing and special people I had an honour to meet in my life.

Your image is very different from your music. You appeal to me as a cyber girl, but your music is anything but cyber. It is like Emilie Autumn, you'd expect something real different when looking at her. Do you consider this at positive or negative?
As long as my image makes people pay attention to my music, I take it positive!

Is music your profession at the moment, or do you have a job or school beside it?
I am working hard now, so that the music becomes my profession for everyday. Also giving vocal lessons in Germany now!

Could you tell us three things about you and your life that would surprise most people?
I am vegan.
I don't like Evanescence.
I have a diploma as translator.

What will be next for Vic Anselmo?
Me and my band are planning to go on tour in the next year. But in general, life goes on – I will write new songs, invent new concepts, perform in new places, meeting new people – excited!

Thanks for answering my questions! Any last words for our readers?
Don't substitute a real life with a virtual one! Real meetings are so much cooler than meeting on Facebook!

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