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Satan's Host

Op 3 mei verscheen de nieuwe schijf van de Amerikaanse metalveteranen Satan's Host, getiteld 'By The Hands Of The Devil'. Met een geschiedenis van dik dertig jaar achter zich begon de band de laatste jaren met volharding en een duidelijke identiteit, een death metal variant met overduidelijke thrash en blackmetal invloeden, eindelijk een beetje voet aan vaste wal te krijgen. En dan moet je het ineens zonder je zanger doen. Er werd niet lang getreurd, de band rond oudgediende Patrick Evil wist hun oorspronkelijke zanger Harry Conklin (zanger van Jag Panzer, hier zingend onder de naam Leviathan Thisiren) weer terug te krijgen. Daardoor veranderde wel gelijk de zangstijl, en daarmee gelijk het hele voorkomen van de band. De gevolgen daarvan bespreken we met de nieuwe zanger, Laviathan Thisiren.

Door: Ramon | Archiveer onder death metal / grindcore

Congratulations with the new album. Satan's Host pursues the ambition to release albums on a very regular basis. Does it feel nice to have that kind of formal agreement to fans?
Yes very much so.

Does this mean you have to rush things sometimes, to keep that promise?
No. It is always better to take the time and do it right.

Are all songs completely done, once you go into the studio?
For the most part, yes. We try to rehearse the songs as we know them. When it comes to time to record some things are more simplified and must be altered on the fly.

Do you think the music changed a lot with you vocal style?
On the contrary, my vocal style changed a lot with the music.

I interviewed predecessor Eli Elixer once and he said that he thinks the Satanic message is just as important to him, as the music that is used to bring it across. How about you?
With this band, very much so. There is an important message within these words if one is to listen. If you don't truly believe in what you are saying or doing, it conveys through the performance.

Last month you mentioned in an interview with Lords of Metal that Jag Panzer is a band in which lyrics are shared with the band before they are agreed upon. How about Satan's Host?
The same as with every band. We are a unit, a team. We must all be on the same page or the is strife and confusion an that will convey to the fans a twisted message and broken sound.

Did you feel it was important to continue the lyrics in the style of Eli?
Most of the lyrics stem from PAT. I contribute along with ANTHONY when there is a space to.

It is obvious that you are a different vocalist, but in what way are you different as a lyricist?
I just write what the emotion of the music brings about.

What was the initial reason for you to come back, as things go quite well in Jag Panzer? And was your coming the reason for Eli to leave, or the other way around?
JAG PANZER, TITAN FORCE are still working projects and there are signed contract between us all. I am functioning fully with all three bands and it is working so far.

Is your contribution to Satan's Host meant to be on a permanent basis?
One day at a time is the best way to do things.

Can you combine the two bands any bit?
Combine how? Each band is a separate entity. Each band deserves its own chance at fame and fortune. They just share the same vocalist is all.

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What are the plans for Satan's Host in a near future?
There are many things we have in the near future. We are releasing a 25th anniversary CD with some material from the ELIXER era. We will have my vocal style on these songs and it should take them into a new place where the fans can really enjoy the songs and there meanings.

Will you be venturing outside your known territories a bit more, by the hands of Moribund (or the Devil)?
That is yet to be seen.

As an American, are you happy with the death of Bin Laden, or do you think it is only a symbolic kill?/b]
I don't have a view on this.

I can't tell from here, but does this influence the popularity of your president a lot?
I don't really care to comment on political affairs. They sicken me.

Bush was a man who reigned with a bible in his pocket, maybe simply because his voters demanded this from him, who will tell. Do you feel that he endangered the attainment of secularism in the US?
Each man does the best he can as guided by the people around him (her). This country is not run by one man alone, it only has a spokesman and a headpiece or symbol so to speak. There are men and women all around this symbol that guide his direction. These puppet masters have been in place for near a century now.

What would you think if Donald Trump actually made it to presidency?
As I said. The president does not rule alone. There are others creating the deeds for him to follow.

Back to your music, I guess you're right about that politics might not be the most inspiring topic. What is most important for a fan when he (or she) wants to buy a Satan's Host album?

What do you think of people downloading your music?/b]
As long as we are notified and paid accordingly. I don't care. There is not much policing on the internet. There should be.

Are you already writing new material?
We write new material constantly.

Thanks a lot for all your time. I appreciate it a lot. Bye for now, I'll give you the final space to close the interview done with your final thought.
Stay true to your beliefs no matter the cost. Be true to yourself and others around you.

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