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Soms is het lang wachten tot een band die constant op tour is reageert op interviewverzoeken. Zo duurde het bijna drie maanden voordat Graveyard's drummer Axel Sjöberg de moeite nam om een paar antwoorden op mijn vragen uit te poepen. Hieronder het resultaat, en check zeker Graveyard's nieuwe en fabelachtige plaat 'Hisingen Blues'.

Door: Menno | Archiveer onder hardrock / aor

Graveyard! 'Hisingen Blues', cool record guys, I can dig it.
Thanks! Glad to hear that. We like Holland!

How have the responses been so far from press and audiences?
Overwhelming I must say. We were satisfied and proud over the album when we were finished, but could never imagine that the response would be as good as it has been. And now when the live reviews from festivals all over are starting to come in, it seems like people think we're even better live. We try to stay humble and just keep doing what we've always done - play good rockin' music.

What's it like trying to put your music into and album?
Haha, I don't know... It can be very frustrating to record I think. But it can also be very satisfying, like when you hear a complete song for the first time and you dig it. And then sometimes you want to hang yourself when you come in to the control room and listen to a take you just did and it sucks....

'Hisingen Blues' is the title. I guess your from Hisingen? Why did that place give you the blues?
None of us are from Hisingen originally. Jonatan lives there and Rikard used to live there. Rikard wrote the lyrics to that song while he was living there. Hisingen is an island that's a part of Gothenburg, and it has a lot of rough areas with a certain atmosphere. And maybe the song catches the atmosphere? We thought the song was a good representative for the album as a whole so that's why it is the album title too.

Tell us more about the recording process. Sounds analogue!
Indeed it is. Most of the recording process is handled by our great producer Don Alsterberg. He has a small but well equipped studio and he has a lot of influence over the way we sound when we record.

Graveyard seems like the kind of band that jams in order to write new material.
Right on. At least like eighty percent of our material is created that way. Everyone contributes. It's not a one-man-band. Jamming is fantastic, develops your skills very much.

Is there some sort of concept on 'Hisingen Blues'?
No. Well, maybe good heavy rock is the concept?

band imageAnd what about the artwork? Looks very, very special.
Oh yeah, we're very proud of it! It's created by a friend of us, Ulf, who plays bass in the excellent Swedish band Bombus. I REALLY recommend people to check them out. I think the cover has a nice vibe to it, a bit eerie and psychedelic, but you still really can't judge what type of music it holds behind the cover unless you know who we are before.

My colleague Pim called your genre retro music and a hype and he suggest that that's why you're with Nuclear Blast.
What can I say? Opinions are like assholes, everybody's got one. That's up to him if he believes that. Only time will tell if he is right. Maybe we should invite him to Waterpop in Nijmegen where we're gonna play soon and see if he changes his mind?

I couldn't help but comparing you to Witchcraft when I first heard the album. Are you guys still in touch?
We're very good friends! I started a new band with former Witchcraft guitarist John Hoyles while we were waiting for the Graveyard album to come out. They're called Spiders. We released a 10" on Crusher records that sold out in five weeks. They have a new drummer now and will soon release a new single and maybe an album early next year. Great stuff! And I know Witchcraft is finally working on new material with their new drummer and guitarist.

You just finished a European tour and are still gigging a lot, but would you next time please tour with Witchcraft and Kamchatka?
Haha, that remains to be seen. I like both bands, but setting up tours is a big fucking hassle...

I ask this to every Swedish band I interview; how the fuck is it possible that so many awesome Swedish (stoner)rock bands seem to reach the mainland with their music? I mean, Witchcraft, Graveyard, Kamchatka, Grand Magus, Spiritual Beggars, New Keepers of the Water Towers, The Deadists…
Beats me? Maybe it's like circles on a water surface? Good things spread? Bad things do too, haha. I only play drums, don't know if I'm the right guy to answer that.

What are your plans for the coming year?
Playing, playing and playing... We have some time off in September, but we're gonna try to write new material then.

And the coming five?
Haha, tour and release albums. And hopefully get better at it all the time.

Thanks a lot for the interview. Have a final shout at our readers!
Thank you! Always a pleasure! I think the Dutch people should start more bands like early Golden Earring and Shocking Blue!

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