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Nailgun Massacre

Als ooit de dag aanbreekt dat de zombies over de wereld gaan lopen dan durf ik te wedden dat je die dag tevens overal de muziek van Nailgun Massacre hoort. Old school death metal, van zombies voor zombies. En als het aan die vijf lelijkerds van deze band ligt komt die dag er zo snel mogelijk aan. Tot het zover is kun je echter de tijd alvast doden (ha ha) met hun debuut album 'Backyard Butchery'. Zanger Corpsechucker kwam even uit zijn graf en sprak met ons over dit alles.

Door: Tormentor Erich | Archiveer onder death metal / grindcore

Hello Corpsechucker, Bonesaw, Meataxe, Juggernaut and Hairybucks. With you guys together the five most horrifying creatures of Zombie Swamp South Holland have joined forces. Why is that? What happened in Zombie Swamp to make it this worse?
We grew up with death metal from the late eighties and early nineties. Bands like Autopsy, early-Death, Obituary and so on. It's in our DNA. We've got our own place where we hang out, drink beers and play this type of stuff. At some point it just felt right to start doing gigs and to make an album. You know, preaching the unholy gospel of conservative old school death metal outside of our little time-capsule. So with 'Backyard Butchery' we're now sticking our heads out of the swamp, screaming for decapitation!

Your first victims will be those of us who like or play blast beats, right? Why is that? Don't you like some decent and fast drumming?
It's just not our weapon of choice. We prefer the blunt force of a hammer over the boring rattle of a machine gun. Slow torture instead of a quick kill. We like to play around a bit with our victims. More painful, more fun. Blast beats aren't that good for moshing either. For example: a John Tardy laidback redneck type of a polka beat kicks way more ass in a moshpit.

Next stop: those who listen to neurotic technical stuff must die also. Why? Don't you like it when band members are skilled to the bone and show this?
Not if death metal is merely used as a vehicle to show off. I mean: skills should be in service of death metal, not the other way around. We're a bit tired of all those competitions in speed, skills and complexity. That's not what true death metal is about. For us it's about writing solid compositions and creating a mean, doomy and rancid atmosphere.

If people still don't know what we are talking about they should check out your debut album 'Backyard Butchery'. If they do this, what will they hear? Or to put it in other words: how would you describe 'Backyard Butchery' to those who don't know it yet?
It's a real old school death metal Godzilla of a record. With a bit of doom here and there. Like it could have been made in 1990 or so. Sometimes I hear other bands claim that they play old school death metal and then they just don't deliver at all. We deliver. The whole package. This is not just another cheap trick or sales phrase. This is the real deal. Like it or not. This will catapult you back to a time when you were merely a smelly teenager or not even born yet.

You have put a lot of effort in 'Backyard Butchery'. Not only the music is great, the unexpected intro's and outro's are also a positive surprise. Where did you get them from?
Our own twisted imagination I'm afraid. We wanted those to add to the story and atmosphere of the songs. Besides from the orchestration in the beginning of 'Albert The Geek', which was ripped from an old carnival tape, we've composed, created and recorded every sound ourselves. It was a terrible and hilarious job to do. Unfortunately some midgets died in the process.

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And then there is also this beautiful artwork that fits very well with the lyrics and the music, although it is not your daily death metal artwork. Who created this? What is the story behind it?
The artwork was made by Mories and Mastering Graphics. Of course in conspiracy with us because we basically stick our noses into everything. The co-operation went pretty smooth though. Mories is a cool guy and he knows what we are about. The artwork can be described as a crazy and free visual translation of the music and lyrics. Apart from that there is no real story behind it. We are indeed very pleased with this horrific work. We can't thank Mories enough for his efforts on that one.

To make sure that your attack on mankind will not be disturbed by others you even created your own label with the very cool name Slowrunner Records. Is that correct? Is this label only for the release of Nailgun Massacre music, or can we expect more releases by other bands in the future?
'Backyard Butchery' is our brainchild and we wanted to keep full control hence the creation of Slowrunner Records. Nevertheless Slowrunner Records is a real record label exclusively dedicated to old school death/doom metal. So indeed you might expect releases from other bands than Nailgun Massacre in the future. In fact there are some serious plans to do so already.

I understood that you got some help from ├╝berzombie Paul Speckmann on 'Backyard Butchery'. How became this co-operation reality? What filthy things did he teach you?
Paul is a good friend of us. Master was on tour at the time we were recording 'Backyard Butchery'. When he had a day off in Rotterdam we picked him up to hang out in the studio. He liked our tunes and the idea came across to use his vocals. He then did the verses on 'Nailed To The Wall' and 'Head On A Stick' as well as some manic screams and overdubs. He practically nailed everything in one take. All meters went into red because his voice was so loud and intense. Really impressive! What not to learn from a guy like that. He's a living legend. On the road for like 365 days a year. Surviving the underground for over decades now. All credits and respect to him.

And what can we expect for this summer? Will you perform some serious mutilation on stage? Where can we see Nailgun Massacre live?
For the summer we'll only do some loose gigs here and there. After that we are confirmed to play at the pre-party of Geldersch Metal Treffen. We have some options to hit the road for a European tour but, in any case, this will not happen earlier than this Fall. By the way: any promoter, booker or whatever venue, that might be interested in booking Nailgun Massacre, should not hesitate to contact us anytime.

Okay. That's it for me so far. I wish you all the best for 'Backyard Butchery' and the space here below is yours to add anything that I might have forgotten, or to leave us with some famous last words. Aaaarrrgghhh!
First of all a big thank you to Tormentor Erich and Lords of Metal for showing interest in Nailgun Massacre and conducting this interview. Anyone else interested in Nailgun Massacre should feel free to contact us anytime. We're always hungry for gigs, trades, feedback or whatever. Check out, buy or steal our album 'Backyard Butchery' if you're into legends from the past like early-Death, Autopsy, Obituary, Master, Impetigo, Pungent Stench, Macabre, Necrophagia, Asphyx, Bolt Thrower and so on. If you're not into such stuff, don't even bother... Yes, we live in the past. Yes, this has been done before. So what? This is what we do. We're too stupid and stubborn to compromise. Just remember: old school is the way to go folks!!

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