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The Treatment

Met 'This Might Hurt' leverde The Treatment in april een dijk van een debuut album af. Ze spelen energieke, opzwepende muziek die zijn oorsprong vindt in de hardrock uit de jaren tachtig gestoken in een hedendaagse jas en geïnspireerd door bands als AC/DC, Aerosmith en Led Zeppelin. Enkele opnamen (drums) en de eindmix vonden plaats in de Barnyard Studios van Iron Maiden bassist Steve Harris terwijl de rest werd opgenomen bij manager Laurie Mansworth thuis, waar de jongens van The Treatment ook wonen. Wij wilden wel eens weten hoe het kan dat vijf van zulke jonge gasten dit soort ontzettend goede muziek maken en onderwierpen de band aan een vragenvuur.

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Where are you at the moment and how are you doing?
We're in Cambridge, working on new material and getting ready for the Summer festivals.

For those who do not know you (but like to), who and what is The Treatment and what does it stand for?
We are five eighteen-twenty year olds from Cambridge who love to play High Energy Rock n Roll!

Your debut 'This Might Hurt' was recently released and to tell the truth, I was impressed! It is released by the Powerage/Classic Rock label, can you tell something about how this came about?
Derek Oliver, A & R for Powerage came down to a show and signed us on the spot. We had only played a handful of shows at the time so it was nice to be offered a deal and get our album out very quickly.

The album was produced by Laurie Mansworth (the father of the drummer), you were signed by Derek Oliver (A&R at Powerage) and are backed by a label that are on the up and willing to spend on promotion. But above all it is your music that will rock the people. Is there anything that will stop you guys from becoming a big act?
Hopefully not! we are very focused on what we do and work very hard at it! There doesn't seem to be any big ego's in the band and we keep partying to a minimum, partying doesn't make great rock bands!

The album was recorded at Steve Harris's Barnyard Studios. Steve was present at the recordings I presume? How did you experience that process?
Steve popped in a couple of times. but was busy with Maiden for a lot of recordings. We only recorded the drums and mixed at Barnyard the rest was recorded at Lauries House in Cambridge where we all live together.

We would consider “This Might Hurt” as a successful album if/when…?
We already consider the album successful, as we are very pleased with the way it sounds and we hope that everyone else enjoys the album too.

The sleeve notes say you wrote all the songs by yourself. So there was no help at all from outside song writers? Was this out of the question?
Yeah, we all wrote the songs as a band and Laurie helped us get them in shape for recording. We did a couple of weeks pre-production before we recorded changing things around and trying to find the strongest arrangements. We're very happy with the end results.

What kind of music did and do you listen to yourselves?
We enjoy a complete cross section for the Sex Pistols to Skynyrd with everything like AC/DC and Judas Priest in-between.

Were do you get the inspiration for your songs and how does the writing process looks like?
Someone usually starts with a riff and then we build it from there, once we have a rough song together we start looking at melodies and lyrics.

Have you already written new songs?
Yeah, we have quite a few ideas ready for the second album but we wont really work on them until after the summer as we want to focus on the lie shows at this point.

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In the very beginning, back in 2008, you guys decided to share a home at the Mansworth's. Or were you invited to do so?
Dhani put the band together with the guidance of his dads management. Dan auditioned us individually and when the line up was complete we thought it would be best to live in the same house so we could concentrate on music 24/7.

At the Mansworth's home you rehearsed the songs you wrote, everyday. Did that make you sound like you are together for several years you think?
Yes, it definitely helped, we are all very like minded and knew exactly how we wanted the band to sound.

Did Matt (Jones, vocals) take singing classes or is he a natural?
He came down with a really great voice but Laurie has helped him develop it to a new level.

And how about the other members, are they classical trained or are they self taught musicians?
There is nobody classically trained but all the players in the band are of a very high standard and we work on a daily basis to improve our playing.

Is The Treatment the precursor of an other NWOBHM?
We hope so! That was a great time for British music and produced some great bands like Iron Maiden, Def Leppard etc. These are still big bands now

What are your goals and how do you think you can achieve that?
Our goal is to just make great music and to build a big live following and put on great live shows!

You are all young guys entering the (in-)famous music business that is very different from let's say ten years ago. Record sales keep dropping and free downloading is very popular. What do you think of the current music business and how do you see the future?
It is sad to see the music becoming marginalised. It may be great for people to get music for free but the down side is the record labels will stop signing bands as they are losing huge amounts of revenue, as any business would if they were giving their stock away. It could eventually bring the music business to a stand still. We hope this gets sorted out one day.

Is The Treatment coming to the mainland to do some shows and/or festivals in the near future?
We would love to! There is a big possibility that we will in the near future!

The Treatment in 2021?
Hopefully one of the biggest bands in the world.... or in theory.

Is there anything you want to tell our readers?
I really hope that people will give the album a chance, I think it takes more effort to venture into the music this time, but its worth it. It would be great if you'd all give the album a listen! Hopefully we you can see us live very soon and see what The Treatment is all about!

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