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Pete Ahonen is een druk baasje. Naast Burning Point en Ghost Machinery besloot hij om nog maar een nieuwe band te beginnen, Stargazery. Hun debuut album 'Eye On The Sky' verscheen vorige maand (april) en bevat moderne melodieuze metal gekruid met wat hardrock ondersteund door keyboards. Wij namen contact op met Pete en vroegen hem waarom hij deze nieuwe band startte, hoe het allemaal begon, of hij vindt dat hij net zo goed speelt als Y.J. Malmsteen, en nog veel meer. En passant vernamen we het materiaal voor een nieuw Burning Point album geschreven is, dat er al een promotie cd met zes nummers bijna klaar is en dat hij ook al twaalf nieuwe nummers heeft geschreven. We zeiden het al, een druk baasje.

Door: Arco | Archiveer onder heavy / power metal

Pete, first of all thank you for your time and how are you doing?
Hello Arco! No problem, my pleasure. I'm doing great at the moment, busy rehearsing and creating new music.

Can you tell us how Stargazery was formed?
Well, I had this one song which, in my opinion, didn't fit either to Burning Point nor Ghost Machinery and I still wanted to record it. It was a really Whitesnake'ish hard rock song. That song is now called How Many Miles. Basically that song pushed the ball rolling.

You and Jussi Ontero (drums) know each other from Ghost Machinery and the two of you and Jukka Jokikokko (bass) know each other from playing in Burning Point. How did Jari Tiura join the band? Did you all know each other?
Yes, we knew each other already, but haven't played together before Stargazery. Well, I knew we need a world-class singer to the band and I knew Jari from his previous work Snakegod. In the end it was very simple choice and fortunately Jari was interested! Same goes with Marco, he is definitively one of the best players in the world!

Why starting a new band, are Ghost Machinery and Burning Point still existing and may the fans expect new albums?
Why not? Haha! Well, I am constantly writing new music and I don't have a patience to wait when the next record is going to be released hahaha! Now, I am in three bands and I don't have to wait that long. Ghost Machinery just released their 2nd album 'Out for Blood' in August 2010 and all the material to the next Burning Point album is written already and the six track promotional cd is in it's final phases. And to this date I've already written about twelve new songs.

Stargazery's debut album 'Eye On The Sky' is an excellent album you all can be proud of. Are you - all - satisfied with the result?
Thank you very much for the nice words! Yes, we all are very happy with the result! Also it's nice to see that the press and the fans love it too.

This is the first release of Pure Legend Records and a good one too! How did you end up with this new sub-label, did they contact you or did you sent them a demo?
Hmm, I think I send one song to them and they immediately were interested. They are a quite young label still, but they've been raising their profile within these few years so, I'm very interested to see how things evolve.

How would you describe Stargazery's music style and by what bands were you influenced when writing songs for 'Eye On The Sky?
Hard rock mixed with a hint of power metal elements. My musical roots are deep in the metal of the eighties.

Did those songs not suit the other bands?
Well, of course there are songs that any of the bands could play, but as I said, all this started from the 'How Many Miles' song which is a pretty hard rock influenced track...and to me it didn't fit GM or BP's roster.

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Why did you choose to do Black Sabbath's 'Headless Cross'? Which was done very good in my opinion.
Thanks, we're very happy about it too! I've always loved the Headless Cross album, to me it's a classic Black Sabbath album and I've always wanted to do a cover from that one. Simple as that.

What are the expectations of Stargazery's debut album?
I don't have any expectations and therefore I don't have to be disappointed hahaha! Seriously, I just hope that the fans will love the music as much as we loved making it! I hope we will get to play some great gigs and then it's time to start to recording the 2nd album....

Did you already perform live with the band and is there a change we, in Europe, get the change to see Stargazery?
Yes, we have played a few gigs and there are new bookings already. I really don't know if and when we're able to play in Europe, but we all hope it's going to happen soon! Basically if the demand is there, we will play there.

I read people compare your guitar playing style to that of Yngwie Malmsteen. Are you okay with that?
Hmm, I don't think I have any “style” yet... I love Malmsteen, but I think my playing is far from his virtuosity! I just play... something hahaha!

How and when did you know you wanted to be a 'rock star'?
I can't remember it exactly, but quite young....

If Stargazery had the change to go on tour with a 'big name', which one would that be?
I haven't thought about that, maybe something like Whitesnake etc...

Did you ever play in the Netherlands with Ghost Machinery or Burning Point?
Unfortunately we haven't played there.

That's a shame, you should really come over here. To what music or bands do you listen yourself lately?
Lately I've been “listening” my own stuff. We've been rehearsing with Stargazery, recording with Burning Point and I've written some new songs.

You are sent to an inhabited Island and are allowed to take with you 1 CD, 1 book and 1 luxury item.. .what would you bring with you?
Oh, very very difficult... a CD with heavy metal “best off” in mp3 format, some Stephen King book… and my lady!

Haha! Especially that “luxury item”. Are the three bands you now play in 'paying the bills' and more or do you still have to eh, work?
Unfortunately they're not paying my bills...yet. And yes, I have a normal job too.

Is there anything not asked you want to tell our readers?
I think you covered pretty much all. Thank you very much for the interview! All of our fans, thank you very much for your support! Keep your Eye on the Sky!

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