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The Deadists

Het Zweedse The Deadists bracht onlangs haar tweede EP uit, en wel op het Russische label Slow Burn. Tijd om bassist Paul maar eens aan het woord te laten. De muziek op 'Time Without Light' verdiend namelijk best wat meer aandacht.

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Five years ago a group of Swedish friends decided the time was nigh to form a band under the name The Deadist. Since then two EP's have been released, with 'Time Without Light' as their most recent effort. This EP is filled with music that's extremely gloomy, yet full of aggression. That's a pretty good description right there, bassist Paul agrees. He continues to explain how the band works as a collective to come up with new material.

Guitarist Anders is the main song writer and Joacim (vocals) writes all the lyrics. Anders has a million great riffs stuck inside his head all bursting to get out, collectively we then arrange and piece them together in the practice room until we are happy. That can take some time, as we are constantly changing small parts of the songs until we are happy with them. Its a style of writing that seems to work well for us just now.


Anders and the drummer Marcus met ten years ago and wanted to create a band that was based around the heavy riffing bands of the 70's, but was still both progressive and modern sounding. They then sought to bring in the services of Peter on guitar (ex Slaveyard), Paul on bass (ex World of Metal) and Joacim on vocals (ex East Bay Radiation). This incarnation of the band finally became known as The Deadists sometime around 2006.

After recording 'Time Without Light' the wait for a label to back their effort up with a release was shorter than expected when the Russian independent Slow Burn Records approached the guys though the internet. Paul: I think Anders was a member of a music forum and posted about our release there. By chance the guys at Slow Burn were looking for some new acts for their label and checked out his post, they must have liked what they heard as they signed us up pretty quickly.

Time Without Light

'Time Without Light' contains five tracks and a bonus track, again after Slow Burns initiative. We never really intended it to be included. I think they wanted to give buyers of the physical EP a little something extra, compared getting it on iTunes or some such, which we've no problems with at all. It's great though, because the feedback from this track has been really positive and it seems to work well with the EP.

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Instead of focusing on a full-length, the band decided to release several EPs. However, a full release is their next goal. We are currently working on material for our first full length and hope to enter into the studio again later in the year. It kind of made sense for us to release a couple of EPs first, to test the water and also experience recording together as a band - we've certainly learned a lot from those first two records.


Bands like Witchcraft, New Keepers of the Water Towers, Spiritual Beggars, Kamchatka and Grand Magus prove that Sweden is truly Europe's epicentre of heavy rock. The Deadists work hard on adding value to the scene that's already so vivid. Paul has an explanation for these creative outbursts of occult rock.Well it is cold and dark here for six months of the year! Seriously though, the music scene here in Sweden is really diverse and for sure its produced a lot of great bands, I'm not really sure why that is - but bands and musicians are actively encouraged and supported by the social system which leads to a really active musical environment..

Even though Paul is proud of the scene, he doesn't really feel connected to any music scene, whether it's doom, stoner or whatever. We've never set out to make music that would fall into a category, although you can certainly hear elements from lots of different genres in there. Maybe that will prove to be our downfall ultimately, but we don't care as long as we're playing the music we enjoy making. I think Lemmy Kilmister once said, "There's music you like and there's music you don't like - everything else is just bullshit."

Future Endeavours

Having fun with the music is the basis of the band, but we are all pretty focused and dedicated to seeing where this takes us. Long term - we want to keep growing and developing musically, the band has evolved a lot in the five years its been together and the music is starting to take on a real identity of its own.

We certainly hope to be hitting the road some time in the near future, but first we need to find a good European promoter. I really thought about going to Roadburn last year, of course we would love to play there! It seems like a way cool festival.

Nuff said.

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