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Vorige maand kreeg ik de 'Lower Forms' CD te bespreken van een nieuw bandje genaamd Rabbits. Alleen de naam al liet mij smalend grinniken, om maar te zwijgen over de hoes. Totdat ik de muziek opzette en eens goed ging kijken. Als Relapse Records dit uitbrengt, dan moet er een bepaalde catch zijn… En die was er! Reden genoeg om de band even helemaal uit te checken, hun ouder materiaal te bestellen en de heren via het internet even wat vragen te stellen.

Door: Erik | Archiveer onder different metal

band imageCan you tell us how difficult it was to release the new record 'Lower Forms' and at the same time how beautiful it feels? Is there anything in hindsight that you would have done differently?
It was not difficult at all. We practiced a lot, and Jeremy Romagna and Lauren Newman who recorded and mixed the record were awesome and made it easy. We recorded all together in one room as if we were playing a show, so the record is mostly live and all the tracks are the first or second take. We wouldn't have done everything differently.

How would you describe your sound and which bands have laid the foundation for playing this type of music? Are there particular records we have to listen to for understanding where you guys get your ideas from? Or to say it differently, how important are The Melvins and Zeni Geva to you guys?!
We like The Melvins and Zeni Geva. Kevin really likes Dale Crover\'s drumming. We have been influenced by Burn, Cro Mags, Agnostic Front, Rorshach, Minor Threat, Black Flag, and lots of other east coast and west coast hardcore bands. And Negative Approach. The best descriptions of our sound have been "post-metal nutcases", "moonshine metal" and "lurching colossus of irony-free future metal" (although there may be a bit of irony).

Who do you mean by 'Lower Forms'? And what is the song 'Duck, a Pig' about? Is it about the police? What are the main topics you write about?
'Lower Forms' means a few things. Rabbits are lower forms of life, we play a lower form of metal, and our sound is low(er). The song 'Duck, the Pigs' is about The Man keeping us down. Most of the lyrics are about man discovering nature and nature crushing man.

Who writes the music? Is it a group effort?
It is a group effort. Rabbits is a super-organism.

What studio did you use to record this album? Why this studio?
We recorded at Type Foundry in Portland. We wanted to record in Portland, in a big room, with someone that likes our band and would let us play very loud. Type Foundry fit the bill, and like we said, Jeremy and Lauren were awesome.

Are you running the Eolian Records label as well? Or are they friends of yours? What did you release on this label and can you tell us more about the split-bands you worked with like Under Mountain and others…
Our friend and fellow Rabbits Daniel Abell runs Eolian Records. We released a split 12-inch with Daniel\'s band Under Mountains (R.I.P.) and our 'Hide' 10-inch with Eolian. We self-released our first 7-inch but Daniel exclusively sells it for us. All the records are all vinyl only, limited editions, with hand-screened covers designed and printed by us and our friends.

How did you get in contact with Relapse records? Are you satisfied with the work they do for you?
Matt Jacobson, the founder of Relapse, came to see us in Portland a few times. Relapse has an office in Portland. And after hearing our cover of D.R.I.'s 'I'd Rather Be Sleeping' he was compelled to put out a record for us. We are very satisfied with the work the Relapse does for us.

Tell us more about the radio gig you did? Was it fun? Did you get any nice reviews from that? How are the reviews actually of the new album? On FaceBook they seem to go from bad to great… Does that affect you or interest you at all?
The radio gig was fun. We had played there years ago. Our friend Jonathon Boober has a show there and asked us to play. We got some nice feedback about the show, and we have released a CDR of it (and the previous one). The reviews of the new record are all over the place, but on average are very positive. Even the negative reviews seem to be accurate. We read all of them for the most part, but they have little effect on what we actually do or plan to do. The record sounds very much like we do live, so if people like us live, they'll like the record, and if people like the record, they\'ll like us live. If they don't like the record, they won't like us live, and if they don't like us live, they probably won't like the record.

How is the Portland scene? Any bands beside yours that we have to keep an eye out for?
The Portland scene rules! There are all kinds of bands that you should keep an eye out for: Gone To Croatoan, Diesto, Transient, Wizard Rifle, Murderess, Lord Dying, Nux Vomica, Fist Fite, Cull, The Cysts, Organized Sports, Drunk Dad, Basement Animal, Ancient Age, Danava, and of course our little sisters Red Fang.

What can we expect of Rabbits when we come to see you guys play live? Will you tour this side of the ocean?
Volume, noise, conspiracy, occasional hijinks. We hope to tour Europe sometime soon, and we have been talking to someone about setting that up. When we do, you will know.

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