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Infinity Overture

Met 'Kingdom Of Utopia' debuteerde het Deense Infinity Overture in 2009 als symfonische metalband. Dat eerste, geslaagde album balanceerde continue tussen subtiele melodieuze passages en explosieve gedeeltes met bij tijd en wijlen prima (lead) gitaar werk. Voor het tweede album 'The Infinity Overture Pt. 1' ging het roer behoorlijk om. Er werd een nieuwe ritmesectie en zangeres aangetrokken en het album werd donkerder en zwaarder, progressiever en minder symphonisch. De gitaar kreeg een prominentere rol en er werd geëxperimenteerd met grunts. Over het hoe en waarom stelden we gitarist en bandleider Niels Vejlyt een aantal vragen.

Door: Arco | Archiveer onder heavy / power metal

Hi Niels, first off all I want to congratulate you and the band with your second album 'The Infinite Overture Pt.1'.
Hey Arco, thanks a lot man.

For LoM readers who are not familiar with Niels Vejlyt, can you tell them something about yourself?
I am a guitar teacher in Denmark and I have done quite a few guitar instructionals for Chops from Hell and Shred Academy. I also have a online guitar school called Next Generation Guitar School, and I also did a guitar book called 'Advanced Tapping'. And I started the band Infinity Overture in 2005 - did two albums with that and I just did a solo album which is in the final stages of being mixed.

On this album you changed quit a lot. The vocals, the rhythm section and more important, the style. Isn't that too much after one album. I mean, with the first one, 'Kingdom Of Utopia', you (Infinity Overture) received good critics. Perhaps it would have been easier to hold on to that style?
I'm glad you asked that question. The thing is I just did not want to compose symphonic power metal anymore, I love the album but I cant compose for something that I don't feel for anymore. I am a music fan so I buy big amounts of cd's and I love to be inspired from a lot of different genres. This I think makes it hard to stay in one genre when you get inspired from a wide variety of music. Many of my favourite bands changed styles after one album, I generally think that many great bands are trying to ind their specific voice and style in the beginning stages.

The overall sound of 'The Infinite Overture Pt.1' is darker, heavier than the debut, less symphonic, some more progressive and even more guitar orientated. Is that what Infinity Overture will sound like in the future?
Yes, right now that is how I think the music should sound, but for sure the music will progress from album to album. I have started a big epic song as a part two to the Infinite Overture, and it features all those elements but with some more Symphonic elements too. I also wrote some songs for the next album which are even heavier more groovy and also more progressive.

The mixing and mastering was again done by Sascha Paeth. So, no complains about the sound, ha ha! How is it to work with such a guy?
Sascha is great because I know he comes up with the best result you can get and he has a great personality and always wants to help and share his expertise.

Although 'The Infinite Overture Pt.1' is well received by the press generally people are not too enthusiastic about the grunts/growls. You are I assume?
Oh yes I think its just another new element which is added to the band.

band image

Will the grunts/growls be part of future songs or is that to early to say?
Im sure there will be some yes, but im not sure how much. I think its a great way to express some themes and feelings in music.

Kimmie (Tenna Nielsen) is a hit. Where did you find this fine vocalist and why did you choose a female voice?
She is great, me and Jakob auditioned some singers and she was chosen because she both is a great singer has a nice personality and came well prepared, and it also turns out she is great on stage.

And the new rhythm section? You knew Jakob Vand from a project called “My Empty Room” if I am well informed?
Yes me and Jakob go way back, and he is the best drummer I have played with. If I'm not mistaken he is the best in Denmark.

Infinity Overture's lyrics seem more personal on 'The Infinite Overture Pt.1', are they?
Yes, I have improved the way I write lyrics. Before I was writing about dragons and knights, and I still love Fantasy, but I felt the need to try something new.

What are the expectations of this second Infinity Overture album and what holds the future for this band? An 'The Infinite Overture Pt.2' album?
I would love to play live soon, it seems to me there not much chance to play in Denmark for us, so I have contacted a lot of festivals around in Europe, so I hope something will show up soon.

What kind of music did you listen to as a teenager and what music do you listen to nowadays?
I actually listened to a wide variety of styles as I do today, but back then it was from hip hop to punk and metal. Today I listen to progressive metal, progressive rock, a lot of film scores and jazz/fusion.

What do you think of the current music business?
I think it is difficult to say where it is going, but I think that the people who loves music and has a more specific taste will always support the music they love. The people who uses music as a consumer like most people consume something like food and TV will probably not support music, so I guess the musicians are forced to fight and do their best to survive. But I guess that is also a healthy thing, but also really hard.

You are a guitar teacher, by what guitarists are you inspired?
Okay, here's the list haha: Steve Vai, Shawn Lane, Allan Holdsworth, John Petrucci, Jason Becker, Jeff Loomis, Rusty Cooley, Chuck Schuldiner, George Bellas, Tosin Abasi, Michael Romeo and I'm sure I forgot some.

I assume Infinity Overture is not paying all the bills, so what do all members do besides making fine music?
I teach guitar for a living, Bernardo is also teaching, Jakob has a day job and so does Kimmie. By the way, we just got an extra guitar/keyboard player, his name is Jesper Nielsen who also works in a little company he owns.

Is there anything you want to tell our readers? I really hope that people will give the album a chance, I think it takes more effort to venture into the music this time, but its worth it. Thank you for taking your time to do this interview an lots of success! Thanks a million for the great questions.

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