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Ze hebben wat met film, de mannen van Lebowski. Zo erg zelfs dat ze zichzelf genoemd hebben naar de protagonist van 'The Big Lebowski' en dat ze hun eerste cd 'Cinematic' gedoopt hebben. In het Februari 2011 nummer van dit magazine kon je alles lezen over deze plaat en hier stellen de heren zich bij monde van toetsenist Marcin Łuczaj aan je voor. Dat is ook wel zo beleefd.

Door: Hans | Archiveer onder prog / sympho metal

First off, congratulations on a fine debut album. Now, being the movie-lovers you obviously are, the Lebowski moniker probably came from the guy that had his carpet peed on. It doesn't really seem to fit the music, I think. Why did you choose that name?
Hello and thank you for your kind words and opportunity to have a chance to be here. Lebowski as the movie character taken from Cohen's 'Big Lebowski' is obviously a part of our band. We were and are absolutely captivated by his understanding of life, the way he was seeing the present time. His easygoing personality was showing that some things can be treated completely different. It doesn't mean we do the same things in our real world, definitely we are more rational, but important is that Lebowski was unique. This is the conclusion, we live with and create the music.

You guys started in 2002, yet only last year you released the debut album 'Cinematic'. What took you so long?
Basically there was no reason to be in a hurry. We have planned to realize this project without any particular deadline, just to be sure that final effect will meet our demands. We decided that it will be wiser to spend a couple of months more and have a time to refine all the important details, sounds etc. Now when I listen the music from 'Cinematic' I know that it was a good choice. The way we have decided to realize this project had the crucial impact on the release date. We haven't use any professional studio to record all the tracks. We did it all by ourselves in our rehearsal room. The final mix was made by Marcin Grzegorczyk. Only the mastering part was the only thing we did in a 'pro' way.

Please tell us a little something about the people in the band and their backgrounds
We are Marcin Grzegorczyk (guitar and compositions), Marek Żak (bass guitar), Krzysztof Pakuła (drums) and me, Marcin Łuczaj (keyboards and compositions). We feel really great and lucky to have this opportunity to work together. Marek and Krzysztof forms a really good rhythmic team, giving an inspiration and responsiveness to the rest of the band. We do appreciate this with Grzegorczyk as a composers team. It works really well. In addition we can count on each other, which is extremely important when you are spending so many hours on playing and composing.

'Cinematic' is to be considered a concept-album and deals with film and the great Polish and world dignitaries in that area. Did you have particular movies, actors or directors in mind while writing the album?
Although we were aware that our music sounds sometimes like a movie soundtrack, this idea came later. We had used some samples from the movies in the gigs before, but the idea that the project 'Cinematic' would go in this direction was born later.

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The album is the soundtrack, as you say, to a non-existent film. I know that everyone should create their own film in their heads when listening to the album. When you listen to it now what image springs to your mind?
That is very difficult for me to answer, since I am the part of the project, as a composer and keyboardist. All I can say is, when you listen to this music daily, it might change its character. Someday you may discover that it's more melancholic, calm and giving you time for reflection. Next day it can surprise you and show a completely different face. That is giving a lot of opportunities to create your own picture depends on your actual mood and what you hear in a particular moment.

What are the reactions to 'Cinematic' like, so far?
The reaction is very enthusiastic so far. We receive a lot of positive feedbacks and we really appreciate this. It is good that it comes from all over the world. That is something we haven't expected, frankly speaking. The sure thing is that it is giving you an additional motivation to work even harder.

The music that you make, however beautiful, seems very hard to market to me. Some musicians that I know who have made similar music are Iris (Marillion's Ian Mosley and Pete Trewavas) and Rockenfield Speer (Queensrÿche's Scott Rockenfield). Those musicians are not dependent on that music, because they have their regular bands. This music probably will not earn you a living. Do you share that idea, and does it matter?
I absolutely agree, this music is not made for radio charts, hit lists etc. But that was not our intention. I think that such music needs time. Because we are not a marketing product, nothing happens suddenly. We did it as we planned and it looks like we wanted it to look like. What will be the final effect? We do not know. Let's wait and see. However I'm absolutely sure that this music is worth listening.

Is 'Cinematic' typical for future music of Lebowski? Or is that too early to tell?
I think that we can clarify our style already. We consider instrumental music the best for us. That is the direction for the future as well. Nevertheless we are open minded and ready for the next challenge. One thing is clear so far – 'Cinematic 2nd edition' is not in our plans. We move forward and look for new ways to express our music.

You have sent your record to a heavy metal magazine, even though 'Cinematic' has little or nothing to do with metal. As far as I go, that does not mean it could not be interesting to some metalheads. Please help me to explain what kinds of metalheads should give your album a try?
Even the most resident meatheads needs the gentle touch of the softer side of music from time to time hahaha. But seriously we are sure that this music is for everyone. So we are trying not to forget about anyone. Additionally we do remember about our roots. All the four of us were serious metal fans some years ago, and we still like it.

And the final question is one I ask every band. Can we welcome you to our country's stages shortly?
We are working hard on this and looking for any opportunity to play live outside Polish borders. It would be great to combine some tour and play in Holland. All what I can promise, is that we will certainly inform you about any upcoming gig inside your borders.

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