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Nadat ik het ontzettend sterke album 'Ember To Inferno' had beluisterd van het uit Florida afkomstige Trivium zou en moest ik deze mannen een keer live aan het werk zien. Dus toen ik zag dat ze samen met Prostitute Disfigurement en Dew Scented in de Altstadt te Eindhoven stonden bedacht ik me geen tweede keer. Ook al was ik zo ziek als een hond, ik heb een prettig gesprek gehad met de hele band net nadat ze het podium hadden verlaten.

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Hey guys, I enjoyed your show. You've played the Hardrock Festival for 2500 people and now you're here on your first European tour in a half-filled small club for like 200 people. How do you experience that?

Matt: Ehmm, well, every gig is fun regardless of where we are or how many people are there unless there are like ten people but usually it's just for the experience. And I enjoy other ways as long as people getting into it.

Travis: The only bad thing about playing this is that I didn't get to use my kit. It's the only bad thing. Other than that, we had a blast.

Matt: For us playing in different countries and different climates makes us play a little faster as usual but as long as people don't hate us we're having fun.

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What more shows are you doing this tour?

Matt: We're gonna do two more shows. Germany with Dew Scented and Darkest Hour, Heaven Shall Burn and some local band, that's gonna be a great show and the next night in Gent at the Frontline with Negate.

They call your music 'Melodic Death Metalcore'. Who came up with that name?

Matt: Somebody from Dew Scented. I was on their website and it had Trivium on it, and the link said Melodic Death Metalcore and we liked it.

Oh my god, so you stole it?!?!?

Travis: Hahaha yeah we stole it!

'Ember To Inferno' is a great album. How did you write and record the album?

Matt: None of the songs were in the studio unfinished. The writing process now as it goes: everybody writes and everybody collaborates together. So right now Brent is writing material, our bassplayer, on guitar. Corey has got like five, ten songs.

Travis: When we started that album it was like: oh we got to get into the studio and we had this whole range of new material for the studio so it's basically....I mean Matt busts his ass and get some songs going and we had to add drums and bass to that before we hit the studio and once we've got there we were prepared, you know? We just laid it down and out came an album!

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Who did the production?

Matt: Jason Suecof from Audio Hammer Studios. He did God Forbid (just one song), he did Burning Inside, that new Monstrosity CD, he did our first demo and this one. And that's about it I guess.

Corey: They went to Morrisound Studios for mastering which is in Tampa, Florida.

Matt: That's where Death and Control Denied have worked. Cannibal Corpse has been there too. It's awesome.

Who came up with the bandname 'Trivium' and what does it mean?

Matt: Our old singer. 'Trivium' in Latin is a three-way intersection. And in old English it was the three schools of learning meaning the three I guess courses people are learning: grammar, rhetoric and logic. And so we take it to explain our music as combining melodic death metalcore, thrash metal and metalcore/hardcore.

You started out covering Metallica's 'For Whom The Bell Tolls', after that you were into thrash metal, now your music has become more melodic. You are all young. What will happen to your sound or what can we expect?

Travis: We don't even know what the next song will gonna sound like! It's gonna change. We all got ideas and we're all different people with our own influences so it's all gonna change.

Matt: We've already changed!

Who are your biggest influences?

Travis: My biggest influences are Metallica, Megadeth, Pantera. All that stuff are my major influences.

Corey: My influences are like Megadeth, Slayer, Iron Maiden, like the older stuff and the newer stuff like In Flames, Arch Enemy and At The Gates

Brent: My biggest influences are pretty much the same as Travis': old-school Metallica, Pantera, Megadeth and shit like that. That's about it I guess.

Matt: For me it goes from let's see...I'll start with Melodic Death: In Flames, Arch Enemy, Dark Tranquillity, At The Gates, Darkane a little bit and then thrash metal: Testament, The Haunted. The Haunted, they're my thrash metal band. They're the only thrash band I listen to at the moment. I mean thrash thrash. For hardcore/metalcore it will be anybody from Between The Buried And Me, Caliban, Killswitch Engaged, Lame Of God. I listen to some other bands that are great like Forever Seems Forever, Boy Sets Fire, Poison The Well stuff like that. I guess you can't really hear that in our music but I still listen to it.

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Why didn't you bring your own sound- and light engineer today?

Travis: It's all about the money.

Brent: It's just like getting our feet wet as far as touring and playing and doing multiple shows in a row because we haven't done that before. We normally just play on the weekends. This is like a taster before we get to something bigger.

Travis: Yeah, we wanted to see how it works overseas first before we brought everything. Because it's a lot you know? It's a lot of stuff to bring and it's a lot of stuff to look after.

Matt: It's hard. Man, I got nauseous on the plane, nauseous on the ride here, nosebleeds, six hour time-difference...but now we're here. And oh yeah, we liked it.

Travis: It's all about playing. We love playing.

Matt: Yeah. Like a month ago we played that one gig you've heard about and there were like between 2500 and 3000 people that were pretty much all there for us. Now here for 200 people and we liked it.

Corey: We just hope people will listen and give us a chance.

Matt: Hopefully it's someday 20000 or 50000 at Wacken.

How did you meet up with Dew Scented?

Matt: Well, we've heard about this show we had together and then sudden decided to e-mail them and thank them for letting us play. They really liked our songs and our website. And it's a great band. Can't wait to see them!

Thank you for the interview! Is there anything else you would like to say to our readers?

Matt: Thank you and all the people that came out tonight or bought our album. Check out our websitehttp://www.trivium.organd download some songs and come see us live!

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