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Emanuele Perilli

Hij was veertien toen hij leerde gitaar spelen, toen hij twintig was ging hij verder met het bestuderen van de gitaar op de 'University Of Music' in Rome en vanaf zijn eenentwintigste geeft hij al les. Dat je met weinig geld en spullen een alleraardigst album in elkaar kunt schroeven bewijst de Italiaanse gitarist en gitaarleraar Emanuele 'Manny' Perilli met zijn onlangs uitgebrachte, en zelf gefinancierde, debuut 'El Heaven'. 'Manny' deed nog nooit mee aan een gitaarwedstrijd maar ontkent niet dat het zo zijn nut kan hebben. Van jongs af aan is hij een rocker, of hij dat nog steeds is? Houdt een rasechte Italiaan van pizza en wijn? Wij vroegen 'Manny' van alles over 'El Heaven', of hij een album gaat opnemen met Adamo Troiani en waarom hij geen architect is geworden.

Door: Arco | Archiveer onder hardrock / aor

Hi Emanuelle, or can I say Manny? Can you give us a short introduction of yourself?
Hi Arco, yeah Manny will work. Am a 35 years old guitar player/instructor from Italy. I also work as sound engineer and graphic artist. I love pizza and wine... okay, and beer too.

You started playing / study guitar at the age of fourteen. Was your childhood obsessed with music or did you grow up like many of your fellow Italian friends, with scooters, beaches and girls? J
I have always been listening to music, there were always music playing around me, but have never touched an instrument untill the years of fourteen. That's when I started to study the guitar and listening to rock music mainly and you know, all the guitar heroes of the early 90's. Anyway, beaches and girls are always welcome!

When you were at the age of 21 you started as a guitar teacher and you still are. What would you have become if there had been no guitar in your life?
I actually studied as architect for a little while, but the passion for music was too huge and I quitted, to sign up to a professional music school in Rome. But yeah, I guess I would be an architect right now, wealthier than now hehe but who cares...

Who are you favourite guitar players and with what gear do you play with?
I grew up with all those guitar legends like Satriani, Vai, Petrucci, Bettencourt and so on. But then, you know, taste changes and you discover other artists such as Vaughan, Beck, Emmanuel and many others. There's plenty of good guitarists around. And I really got bored with all the shred things. Sometimes it can be fun but many players are totally trapped into it, they don't listen to their inner voice and are stuck on that hypertechnique stuff, which does not communicate too much. I am more focused on creative artists (whatever instrument they play) and creative bands too. About the gear, I recorded with an Ibanez SV and a Fender Stratocaster (my favourite!!), a Blackstar HT-5 head and a Brunetti cabinet. I believe you don't need super expensive stuff to get a good sound; the gear I used is reasonable and sounds very good to me.

But the guitar is there to say I assume? What made you decide to release a self financed album?
It has to be that way because the time I needed to record and write it and also cause I wanted really to put all myself into it. Also finding a producer for an unknown guitarist and an instrumental album.. umm very hard!

And why an instrumental one?
Because I suck at singing hahaha... No seriously, guitar is my voice that's the way I can communicate through music so an instrumental album was a natural consequence.

You co founded Italian hard rock band Radiovipers, are you still a member? Did you make 'El Heaven' to profile yourself?
I played with Radiovipers a few years ago. We did an album that was published in the U.S. but I am not playing with them right now and honestly I don't even know if the band still exist!! But was a nice experience to grow up as musician and as a person.

Adamo Troiani's voice on 'The Vision' reminds me of Robert Tyrant (Labyrinth), why not make an album with this guy?
Adamo is a top notch singer and an excellent guitar player to. Yeah we should do something who knows!! You never know the future...

How long took it to write the songs/music for 'El Heaven'?
I have been cumulating ideas through the years, so it's hard to say how long it took. Actually the recording and developing took about six-seven months where I put all this ideas together and giving them life into complete songs.

The recordings for 'El Heaven' took place in eh.. your bedroom, that you called “Badroom studios”. Sometimes the backing music is a little inferior to your guitar playing, like you often see on Youtube. It is not inconvenient at all but was that due to the budget?
Well the budget played a role in all this, for sure. Anyway, considering the resources I had I feel myself satisfied with the results. Couldn't really do much better than that, at this time.

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No offence but did you use a drumming computer for the album? If so, was that also because of the budget?
Yep, I used drums plug-in. One reason again, the budget, another is the way the album was developed and the songwriting too. I mean, I really changed things untill the last moment like sounds and fills and so on, until I felt satisfied with it. An idea for this album was to have no compromises, not just for an ego based thing, most of all to put down all the experiences I cumulated in years of hard work and use this cd as a “business card”, let's put it this way. For the guitar playing, the programming, the audio engineering and the graphic stuff too.

Where do you get your inspiration for songs and how do you write them, on guitar, on keyboards?
Well inspiration can come any moment and any place. Like many artists in many art field says, I feel like music doesn't really belong to me and am just channelling it, like a bridge from this reality to another where music and ideas in general comes from. Not easy to explain, it's a vision, a flash that start it and then it comes flowing like a river. Than yeah I use the guitar as a tool to fix them in my mind and put them down. Using the computer too like drums or keyboards, any tool is useful for this process.

What kind of music do you prefer to listen to yourself?
Really I have no special genres right now. I used to be a rock guy and still I am probably because the album is basically rock. But I appreciate any kind of music that tell me “something”, from classical to pop to electronic, folk and so on. If music comes from the soul, honest and communicative, why don't appreciate it?

Did you ever took part in a guitar playing contest like “Guitar Idol” or “Guitar Player Magazine's Superstar”? And what do you think of such competitions, can they be helpful for ones career?
No never took part, and I think I will never will. Anyway those competitions can give a good exposure so yeah, not bad at last; good to let your name and your music be known.

Do you prefer a solo career or will we see you play in a band like Radiovipers again someday?
I think that solo albums will always be a part of my life, because of the need to express myself with no compromises, but a band is good and fun too! Also the process of creating together is good, the confrontation of ideas and the grow up together, it's an alchemy and good things can comes out. I think I like both sides! Well, who knows it would be good to have a new experience in a new band project, I was actually thinking about it, we'll see what happens.

What will be the next move from Emanuele 'Manny' Perilli?
Umm… next move would probably be like keeping on writing music and try to promote the album. Oh yeah, and a label to distribute it would be so good! Any one interested?

Last question: You are sent to an uninhabited Island, for some period of time. Name three albums you would bring along and why…
Okay… Led Zeppelin –'III', Afro Celtic Sound System – 'Vol1' and AC/DC – 'Back In Black' (whoops, I have just changed my mind… and again… and again).

Thank you Emanuele for your time and lots of success. Is there anything you would like to say to our readers?
Just keep on loving and listening music, and underground artists and bands! Oh.. and buy my cd!!

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