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Martyr Defiled

De band Martyr Defiled is zo jong, dat ze nog geeneens een vermelding hebben in de online metal encyclopedie Metal Archives. Drie jaar na de oprichting van de band, waarbij ze permanent alles in het teken van de band hebben gesteld, is hun debuut album een feit. In de tussentijd hebben ze behoorlijk wat littekens opgelopen, zijn ze blut geweest en hebben ze de ervaring van een stel oude rotten. Uiteraard verlies je ook wel eens wat bandleden onderweg, maar zolang je het overleefd, maakt het je alleen maar sterker. Zanger Matthew Jones sprak met ons over de afgelopen jaren, de drijfveren van de band en de toekomstplannen.

Door: Ramon | Archiveer onder death metal / grindcore

Hey there, congrats on the rerelease of your official debut. I trust you are very satisfied with the final result? (like I was, rewarding it with 81/100)
Hey! Yeah we are, we're very satisfied with our first release – it gives us a lot of scope to move forward for the next album.

Are there any things you know you will be doing differently next time in the studio?
Yeah, we're gonna re-amp everything next time. We did a little bit of re-amping while we were in the studio for this album and the difference it makes to the tracks is awesome. It also means we can spend a lot more time working on the tracks at home before we send them off to a studio to get the correct tone.

Getting to the release, ever since you started the band, has not always been a walk in the park now, has it? Could you tell us some of the gruesome details?
We've had some really tough times over the years and not everyone has been able to stay with us through them. We've had our van stolen, gear stolen, Alex broke his hand half way through a tour with All Shall Perish and carried on playing with one hand, not eating for days on tour and 15 member changes. But we're still here!

I really liked the bandname, though I did not mention that in my review, as it leaves ones head circling for the true meaning for a while. Do you want to keep the factor of own interpretation, or do you care to enlighten us with your intentions behind it?
I like how ambiguous our name is. I guess it can mean a lot of things to anyone. I wouldn't want to ruin that!

And since we're on the topic, you write politically engaged lyrics. I think it is good to see someone who projects his aggression to meaningful matters, mirrored to his personal morals and values, but let's pretend I don't. Isn't making music just about having fun and celebrating life in the most enjoyable way?
I completely agree, music is first and foremost about having fun and doing what you enjoy best! I write politically themed lyrics because I feel it's something that I can connect with, which for me is as much fun as writing lyrics about anything else. If people choose to listen to what I have to say, great!

Do you fancy telling us some more specifics on the lyrical content?
I like conspiracy theories, and a lot of the album is themed around the current string of conspiracies. Obama Deception, New World Order, Illuminati and so on. The thing that I find strange, that I try to put across in my lyrics, is that if someone was so powerful they could control the economy of the entire world and the laws in every country in the world, why would they let a conspiracy theory about them become so popular? I feel there is a really big undercurrent through everything that happens in the world, and it's not something we will ever find out about.

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I glad we did this interview by mail and not face to face. It could have lasted for hours, when we reach a topic like this. What gets you into writing mode?
I usually listen to bands that I like, stuff that makes me angry or stuff that makes me think. Vincent Bennet from The Acacia Strain has an amazing way with words and such an awesome voice, it really inspires me to work harder and to try make my stuff as good as his.

Do you think it is important for a Martyr Defiled fan to take notion of you lyrical background?
I don't think so no. I put across a strong viewpoint in my lyrics, but I don't think that the lyrics make the music any more or any less enjoyable – we have some very anti-religious songs but we have some really cool fans that are a part of a faith, be it Christianity, Sikh, Muslim or whatever. I think everyone can find something to relate to.

Yeah, I think religion itself can be a great comfort to a lot of people and even have a bonding function. But when people start to exclude, or even antagonize others, that's where the hatred wells up. What do you think is the most ideal political system, apart from the fact that it is always men who will abuse it to their advantages?
If you ignore abuse of the system, then socialism should be the most ideal political system. As the world is today, capitalist democracy is the only thing that will ever work.

Enough about that. Looking back on the past three years, what has been the absolute highlight, besides getting rid of the members who apparently do not share your rock n roll mentality?
I think touring with All Shall Perish has been the highlight so far. I've been into those guys since I was a kid, and to tour with people who have influenced me so much was an honour. We got on really well too, which was such a bonus

You can't, but if you could turn back the clock, what would you have differently?
I'd have started a pop punk band, and be getting laid 24/7 right now hahahaha

You're still young, you can always make a shift. Have you got any big plans coming up for the band?
Touring, writing the next album and more touring!

When do you reach the point where you say: ”hey man, I made it”? Is that financial independence, a particular selling number or maybe something less (or more) illusive?
I think everyone will have a different idea of when they've made it.

So do I, that's why I wanted to know your criteria.
Everyone wants different things from their band. Personally, I am the happiest when someone comes up to me at a show and says they really enjoyed it, or I see someone wearing a shirt, it's really humbling that people are into our band, and we can't thank them enough.

Great answer, man. I think you got a fair shot of selling yourself. So I'll leave you with a warm goodbye. Is there anything I forgot to ask, or you would like off your chest?
I think that's it! Thanks for having us!

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