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October Tide

Vorige maand bracht de cult-groep October Tide voor het eerst sinds elf jaar weer een nieuwe plaat uit. 'A Thin Shell' neemt je mee naar de diepe emotionele krochten van je ziel met zijn prachtige, nostalgische melodieën. Een dergelijk goede doomplaat hoort Lord Roel maar zelden en dus werd contact gezocht met voormalig Katatonia-gitarist Fred Norman die in de band aan de touwtjes trekt.

Door: Roel de Haan | Archiveer onder doom metal

To start things properly: how are you doing?
Hi, I'm doing very good. The album is finally out so yes, all good.

Congratulations on your great new album 'A Thin Shell', I think it is great! How has been the feedback so far?
Thank you very much. The feedback has actually been very good. I thought it would be despised because of various reasons such as Jonas is not participating, but people seems to like it anyway.

Now that the album is finished and has seen the light of day, what are your feelings, expectations and hopes for the album?
Me and the guys are very happy with the album so it feels great to have a 3rd album out. I hope now when I'm not in Katatonia anymore that the new album will bring October Tide out on the roads.

Eleven years have passed since the previous album, 'Grey Dawn'. What were the reasons for you to revive the band after such a long time?
I've wanted to do something with October Tide for a while now and in 2008 I began to write new songs. It was first only meant to be as a side-project but things changed and now it's more or less my main project.

On the info sheet it is only briefly mentioned that Jonas Renkse is not a part of October Tide. Why is this? Did you ask him? Why the mystery?
I asked him a few times but he was not interested so I when I finally got the time in 2008 I began to write.

Your new album 'A Thin Shell' is full of beautiful harmonies, melodies and emotionally charged riffs. What inspires you to write this type of music?
That's a difficult question. I've always thought good melodies was one of the most important things. I get inspiration from almost everything and not only music

Could you tell us something about how an October Tide song comes into being?
If I look back in time me and Jonas wrote all music together in his smoky kitchen. Jonas used to smoke a lot those days, and I guess got my share hehehe. For this album I wrote all music myself, it wasn't until Jonas Kjellgren (Back Lounge Studio) offered me to record my songs I had to put together a band. So if we manage to get material for another album I guess we'll rehearse and try different ideas the whole band together.

October Tide used to be a side-project with no live ambitions. Now you're a full-fledged band. How did this affect the writing process? Did it allow you more or less freedom?
We have always kept things very simple and the thing I have in mind when I write is that the songs should sound good live with only two guitars and bass. So I don't do lots of harmonies which then we can't do live.

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The production is top-notch I would say. Clear, defined but warm and atmospheric. Could you tell us something about the recording process? Was this the sound you were after when you entered the studio?
We got it almost exactly as we wanted, a very open and big sounding record and not compressed or anything like that. It took almost a year to record and mix it cause we recorded whenever Jonas got some time over in the studio. It wasn't until the end of the recoding we go in contact with Candlelight.

The fantastic artwork was done by Travis Smith, with whom you've worked before. For 'A Thin Shell', how did the collaboration go? Was it different from past experiences? Could you explain the idea behind the cover?
It was robin who came up with the idea with the crystal ball theme so he and Travis worked together. I think it fits well with some of the lyrics, but I leave that to the listener to have something to think about.

Are you planning on a full-scale European tour? What can people expect from October Tide live?
We're not planning on doing long tours but weekends and shorter tours yes. We have a few gigs planned in Sweden, Romania and probably a short Finland tour in the beginning of next year. Hopefully people can expect well played doom/death. We have only done one gig so far so I guess we've got something to work on.

What does the future have in store for October Tide? What are your short and long term plans and ambitions for the band? Please tell me that we don't have to wait another eleven years for another album!
First we're gonna focus on doing gigs. I've also a few new tunes I'm working on. I'm not saying that there will be a another album but I hope there will be…. sooner or later…

I guess that's about it for now. Thank you for your time and of course the traditional final words are for you!
Give the new album a chance and I hope to see you at a gig in a town near yours soon!

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