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De band Anacrusis is zeker geen onbekende bij insiders. De band presteerde het om in mijn ogen vier juweeltjes van albums uit te brengen eind jaren tachtig en begin jaren negentig van de vorige eeuw. Men had een diepe technische metal sound daaroverheen de onnavolgbare zang van Kenn Nardi die echt een `love or hate him´ stemgeluid heeft. Dit Anacrusis is na een lange pauze sinds enkele maanden weer actief en de eerste twee releases - ´Suffering Hour´ en ´Reason´ - zijn nu opnieuw opgenomen en uitgebracht. Komt er ook een nieuw album? Kenn Nardi heeft de antwoorden.

Door: Frank V. | Archiveer onder speed / thrash metal

Anacrusis for me is a special band. I have followed you since the beginning, but I never expected that the band would catch the reunion virus. Can you tell the readers a bit about your history and why you decided to get together again?
We recorded and released four albums between 1988 and 1993 and broke up shortly after a European tour with Death in the fall of 1993. Our original drummer (from the 1st and 2nd album) moved back to St. Louis in 2008 and we began talking and hanging out and thinking of playing some music together just for fun. About that same time someone asked to release a limited edition CD of our old demos and some early video footage. I agreed and that led to us being invited to reunite for the Keep It True Festival in April of 2010. We spent most of 2009 rehearsing and also took that opportunity to re-record the 1st and 2nd album with the original line-up.

Back in 1993 after the release of 'Screams and Whispers' I was hoping for the major breakthrough. Instead it went quiet for so many years. What happened back then?
We just could not seem to get the push or exposure we need to move forward. I felt that we were doing all we could musically to create a good product, but beyond that it was out of our hands. After years of growing more and more frustrated, we decided to walk away from the band completely.

I have reviewed the 'Hindsight' album for Lords Of Metal, and in fact it is not a new album. The album consists of the first two records ('Suffering Hour' and 'Reason'), re-recorded and remixed again. Can you let us know what exactly has been improved and what has been done during this process?
Well, the songs are not “new” but the recording are completely new. We wanted to try and capture the atmosphere of that early material only in a much better and more powerful way. We never liked the sloppy, thrown-together sound of the original albums and always hoped for a chance to re-do those songs and last year we got that chance. I am very happy with the way everything turned out, from the cover to the mix and the performances.

'Suffering Hour' originally had a great atmosphere, and I must say that on this re-release you have managed to preserve this feeling in an excellent way. I guess that was done intentionally? Or where you guys just lucky to capture the same groove?
Many bands have re-recorded their old music and most of the time it just loses so much. I really wanted ´Hindsight´ to sound like Anacrusis. Our music is arranged in such a way that despite the mix, things generally fall into place. I know what I was going for, the first time and what had failed. I tried very hard to keep all of the things that were good about the original versions and try to improve on the bad things. I didn't want to sound like a band covering Anacrusis songs twenty years later; I wanted the songs to sound the way they should have sounded back then.

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Since the first two albums are re-released, will you also release the third and fourth album in the same way as 'Hindsight'?
I think most fans like the last two albums the way they are. I am not a fan of the sound on `Manic Impressions´, but most people like the mix cold and thin. I re-mixed it just for fun a few years ago and most people still prefer the original. There are only a few things I don't like about ´Screams And Whispers´, but I think the performances on both albums are great and the songs come across properly. I felt like we could really improve on the old material with ´Hindsight´, but I do not think we could make the other two albums any better that they are.

Is there a chance that a completely new album will be released in the near future?
Mike, John and I are currently writing and rehearsing tons of new material. We are planning to play a few more shows and would like to record some new music together as well. At the moment, I am thinking we might do a double CD of all new material since we already have 20+ songs in the works and are writing more all the time. The creative cap has been removed and ideas are just flowing, so we want to take advantage of that. I'm not sure whether we will release something as “Anacrusis” or under a different name, but it will certainly be “Anacrusis” music with a few new twists.

The reunion concert has been filmed and as I read you are working with the material, can we expect it as dvd release in the future?
I did finish mixing and editing the entire show and I hope to make it available in some form eventually. Everything turned out great and fans can check out a few clips on YouTube. Things are complicated and there is a bit of conflict about releasing it, but I worked very hard on it and I will do all I can to put it out there one way or another.

Can we expect to see Anacrusis live in Europe this year? Or is touring not an option?
I do not think any of us are in a position to tour these days. We al have families and jobs which come first. We definitely had a great time with the reunion concert and at Keep It True XIII so we are looking into some possibilities to playing a few more shows or festivals in 2011. We hope to have a very exciting announcement very soon concerning another appearance in Germany next year.

If there is anything more that you want to share with our readers, then the space below is yours…
I just want to thank our fans for the great appreciation they have shown us over the years and especially now after such a long absence. We put out hearts and souls into our music for many years and it is a great feeling to know that we really did touch a few people with what we did. Thanks for the interview!

ANACRUSIS are confirmed to play the ROCK HARD FESTIVAL in Germany next June 10-12, 2011.

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