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Unholy Grave

Takaho zingt in Unholy Grave. Dat doet ie al jaren. Sterker nog, al heel veel jaren! Het Japanse underground grindcore collectief Unholy Grave is echter met name berucht om hun werkelijk ellenlange lijst aan releases die met name uit split EP's op vinyl bestaat. Nu het Poolse label Selfmadegod Records echter een plaat van het gezelschap heeft uitgebracht die zowaar in het Limburgse Weert is opgenomen ('Grind Killers'), was de tijd rijp om dit gezelschap eens wat vragen te laten beantwoorden. Helaas kwamen de antwoorden terug in de gevreesde Japanse korte stijl.

Door: Erik | Archiveer onder death metal / grindcore

To the ones who do not know you, please introduce Unholy Grave! Who plays in the band, what are your main influences and what are you up to at the moment.
Okay, now we are Takaho (vocals), Tee (guitar), YAsu (bass) and Hee-Chung (drums). Our main influences are old-school grindcore, early Japanese and UK hardcore, early thrash and death metal. At the moment we are preparing for the exciting fact of for our first show in Indonesia late November 2010.

Which bands made you decide to start Unholy Grave? What bands, albums or songs are 'classics' and made such an impression you guys decide to pick up some instruments yourself?
For myself, my favorite albums are 'Horrified' by Repulsion, 'Detestation' by Gism, 'Peruvian Vacation' by The Stupids, 'Kill Em All' by Metallica, 'Pleasure To Kill' by Kreator, 'War Master' by Bolt Thrower, 'From Beyond' by Massacre, 'Black Metal' by Venom and The Ramones!

Unholy Grave is known by most grindcore fans for the many releases you have put out. Your latest few releases, like 'Grind Killers', are all live albums. Why is that?
I do not wanna say 'Grind Killers' is a live album, because it was not recorded at a live show of us. It is an Unholy Grave album recorded live in a small studio. Why we make so many live albums ? We got some offers for LPs and I thought limited pressing live LP's are cool.

Is Unholy Grave a live band or a studio band? Or is it simply a money question that a studio is very expensive? Is it your dream to record in a great studio and deliver a great sounding album one day? Because up until now all your release are very underground!
We are a live band .We just like self-recording. It's our own style. Why must the sound production be like most others? I like pure energy of the raw grindcore we play.

About the new 'Grind Killers' cd, it was recorded live in Weert in The Netherlands in 2008. Can you tell us how that happened and how this idea took form? You recorded it in a basement of F.U.B.A.R., right?
We had a day off before our flight to Japan. So I asked Luc of F.U.B.A.R. if D.I.Y.-recording is possible. And he kindly set it up for us at the F.U.B.A.R. rehearsal place. The recording was really fun. Thanks to Luc! He did great job.

You released this CD through the Polish label Selfmadegod Records. How did you get in touch with them? What other labels did you work with, and with which ones will you never work again with (and please tell why! J)
I know Karol since 1999 when we played in Poland and I met him at a gig. We appreciate his great job for releasing 'Grind Killers'. We worked with many labels. Thanx to all the labels who released our stuff in the past. Well, we do not want to tell you any label names who ripped us off. It's our problem!

Of all your releases, which one is the very best ever? And of all the songs you wrote, which one is the very best EVER that you wrote?
My personal favorite is the 'Terroraging Crisis' CD, the 'Grind Victim' CD, the 'Grind Militia' LP and the Agathograve split LP. Of the seven inches I like he splits we did with Dejecta and with Abigail from Japan. 'Murderer', 'Perigo Minas' and 'Death By terror' are my favorite songs of all the ones that I

Unholy Grave exists for like seventeen years, what are the biggest changes in grindcore that you witnessed? And as for playing live: are there countries you have not been to up until now?
It seems that the worldwide grindcore scene has hell a lot more bands than seventeen years ago and that's great! Nowadays lots of extreme bands play extremely fast with twin-bass-pedals. Do not get me wrong, that's great-skill and I respect ultra fast-drummers! However, I still love old-school grindcore with one-foot. Of all the places in the world I really would like to play in South America, Korea, China and Russia.

I don't know a lot of Japanese grindbands, except Outo, SOB and Butcher ABC. Are there more grindcore bands from Japan we have to look out for?
Outo is not a grindcore band but true hardcore. Anyway you should check out Little Bastards. Their live set is always great and people love it!

How is the grindcore scene in Japan anyway? You have a lot of opportunities to play live or meet people in venues?
It is far better than way back. Now we have a lot more venues than before. When UG started, there was no grindcore scene in Japan. Now we have Little Bastards, Fortitude, Die You Bastards, Mortalized and more. Oh and I just want to say that it is a pity 324 stopped their activities.

How is the music scene in general in Japan? Is heavy music just as underground there as it is here in western Europe?
The biggest Japanese metal band is X-Japan. They play some speed metal songs and they are very famous! I love some of their songs! And B'z is the Japanese version of Led Zeppelin. They also are really big in Japan. I like them too.

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