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Darzamat vestigde zijn naam als avontuurlijke black metal groep met twee releases: 'In The Flames Of Black Art' (1997) en 'In The Opium Of Black Veil' (1999). Hierna werd het stil rond de groep. Maar kijk, enkele maanden geleden was daar plots de aankondiging van nieuw werk 'Oniriad'. Bovendien was er tevens een nieuw project, InDread Cold, waarvan de opnamen ook al beëindigd waren. Door dit gesprek met zanger Rafal werd het duidelijk dat er in feite drie groepen zijn met ongeveer dezelfde muzikanten zodat we nog heel wat kunnen verwachten. In welke richting Darzamat gaat evolueren staat niet vast want het is geen groep die vasthoudt aan één enkele stijl en de vrijheid neemt om te experimenteren, maar dat het een eerlijke uiting van hun creativiteit zal worden staat als een paal boven water.

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It's been five long years since the last Darzamat's release. Now we've got 'Oniriad'. What happened during this long period of time?

In the first two years after 'In The Opium Of Black Veil' we were building our own recording studio. Then we were recording the new album which lasted several months. Our new CD 'Oniriad' is the first material which we produced from the beginning till the end only by ourselves. Personal changes, which came between the second and the third album should also be mentioned. Looking for suitable musicians is not easy and we needed some time for this also. I would like to add a yearly delay of the release of our last album by Avantgarde Music. There were so many matters, that we didn't even realised so much time has gone by in the meantime'.

Did the comfort of having an own studio had a great influence on the change of style?

'I think it didn't have any influence. It's all a matter of time. Every musician wants to go forward, no matter what music style he's in to. Evolution is something natural, something that moves mankind forward. On 'Oniriad' we wanted to search for something new. And I can reassure you, this is only the beginning of a long searching process. This album is diverse in style and it's hard to show an unambiguous direction what we will choose in the future'.

Are you planning to record and/or produce other bands at the Post Street Studio?

'Of course. I just recorded in this studio a debut album with my new band, called InDread Cold. This is pretty well “twisted”, trance music which sometimes also has strong accents. We are at this stage of looking for a label now which will release the album. We also recently began to prepare the new material for a black metal band, Mastiphal, from which we began our musical adventure. I'd like to record an album of this band in this studio'.

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The lyrics of Darzamat and InDread Cold are always dark and poetic. Are you influenced by some poets or books or is it mainly your own spontaneous fantasy?

'There are many sources of inspiration, which cause that I write in such way. Surely the authors which I read have a big influence on that. However predominant is my way of seeing the world'.

There were many line up changes. You always write the lyrics. Did we have different composers of the music on 'Oniriad'?

Besides Simon, who is the main music composer, on 'Oniriad' some guitar riffs were composed by Krzysztof Michalak and Bartlomiej Krawczyk. They are also guitarist and bassist of the InDread Cold'.

What were the influences when Darzamat was founded?

'Some elements are involved in Darzamat's foundation. The idea of creating that kind of music appeared before recording Mastiphal's “For A Glory…” album, in which we played both with Simon. Alongside with Simon, and with the help of a computer, we created sounds, which we had to arrange in a logical whole in the future. What we created in Darzamat was for us something alternative for what we made with Mastiphal. If it was different, the sound would have found themselves in Mastiphal's music. It doesn't mean that black metal form bored us. In these times Mastiphal was most important for us, different projects did not have such a great importance. But it all changed radically when we part from Simon in Mastiphal's ground. He decided to engage more intense in Darzamat than before. This was an element that pushed the band forward and to a higher level. He invested a lot in equipment and we started to think seriously about making an album. While we were busy writing the material of the first album, we found a vocalist, which for sure brought a bit of freshness into what we were creating these times'.

Can you tell us a bit more about the music scene in Poland at that time and now?

'The Polish scene is really expansive and many interesting bands appear here. We have gigantic traditions here in playing really heavy. Vader, Behemoth, Decapitated, Yattering or Devilyn are bands that are not only well-known in Poland but also in the whole world. There's also many younger bands which create really excellent music, Strommouss Held for example'.

What are the musical preferences of you and the other band members these days?

'It's hard to tell about musical preferences of everyone in the band, because it's practically impossible. Everyone listens to something different. We are open to many music styles. For example in my CD player appears often Green Carnation, Antimatter, Morbid Angel, Satyricon. I also sometimes reach for an already forgotten album of Cynic 'Focus'.

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You were known and respected as a band with epic black metal influences. These are gone now for a more experimental style. What are the first reactions on 'Oniriad'?

'Reactions are really different, from very critical to very good. Many people just don't understand that you want to develop and to experiment. They want you to record the same album again and again. I have respect for bands which hold on to their style and are faithful to this style. But we however are not that kind of persons. We have completely different views on music and we are faithful to ourselves, not to the style'.

There are ambient influences, dance, experimental tracks,… in which style do you prefer to continue if we look at the songs of 'Oniriad'?

'Probably we won't continue any of these styles. Darzamat is a group of persons where everyone has some different ideas, own tastes and visions of the band. Reconciliation of all these ideas brought us to 'Oniriad' and in the future will take us in completely different regions of music. Some years ago we decided that we will seek, to discover new musical climates and for sure our new album will be a new result of this kind of searching'.

Are there more songs ready than the ones we can hear on the album? I hope we don't have to wait too long for the next album now …

'Yes, we recorded two more songs, they however do not appear on the album. We admitted that they are not as good as the rest and we didn't put them on 'Oniriad'. We want our new album to be fresh and reflect our today's tastes and possibilities, not these from the past. I'd like to record and release this material as soon as possible, however no dates are known for that yet'.

Are there tour plans? (in Poland or the rest of Europe)

'Unfortunately we stopped our concert plans. There were plans for sixteen concerts in Poland. But there was a lot of adversities and all plans relating live performances of Darzamat are postponed till the new album'.

Will you play the old songs too?

'I think that we won't resign from a part of our older songs and they will be played on our concerts too'.

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You have been working on another project called InDread Cold which is more experimental dark music. Are there other projects you are working on?

'At the moment InDread Cold takes my whole time. We are rehearsing for live gigs, we prepare a video clip of 'Symbols' and the most important thing is we negotiate with a label about the release of that album which is called 'Underaba'. I'm also planning to do something again with the black metal band Mastiphal, but for this has to come suitable time'.

Can you tell a bit more about all the effects you use on the 'Underaba' CD?

'We mostly used flangers and phasers, also combined with each other. Reverbs and different-timed delays were also very important effects'.

Do you have an idea for the artwork of 'Underaba'?

'There are several ideas in our heads, but we did not decide what at last will appear on the cover. The title 'Underaba' is very plastic and on the cover would appear many different things. On the other hand, it's very difficult to find something that will satisfy us, but also the people'.

As you can see we can expect a lot of spiritual, experimental stuff from Darzamat and InDread Cold. I wish Flauros luck with finding a label and recommend everybody to have a listen to 'Oniriad' 'cause remember: only pure and brave musicians flow their own heart.

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