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Csejtey: de bandnaam mag dan onbekend zijn, maar zeker fans van de oude Sear Bliss zouden de naam moeten kennen. Het was immers gitarist Zoltán Csejtey die een belangrijke rol speelde bij de destijds zeer vernieuwende band Sear Bliss, waarbij het debuutalbum 'Phantoms' nog steeds als een klassieker voor de undergroundfans telt. Tot 1997 zat hij als drummer en gitarist in de band, maar daarna werd het stil, tot wij via Balazs van het Neverheard Distro label de debuut-EP 'The Unameable' ontvingen. Cseytey speelt een technisch goed verzorgde duistere metal, echter zonder twee zangers en blaasinstrumenten, en de band mag dan ook niet vergeleken worden met de band waarmee hij doorbrak. De Hongaarse band speelt volgens eigen zeggen “cosmic black metal geïnspireerd door Lovecraft” en op basis van het prima debuut is een interview met Lords of Metal dan ook niet meer dan op zijn plaats…

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Thanks to Balazs from Neverheard Distro we got your 'The Unnameable' EP: the first official release since the band started in 2006. Why did it take three years to come up with a first release, or have there been some unreleased demos?
Originally it was a band with only one member. In this time I wouldn't have liked to release it. But after some time there had been changes in my life, I've met new people and in the end it was released in 2009.

Csejtey is one of the few extreme bands named after one of the musicians in the line-up: usually that happens with guitar heroes or rock vocalists. Why did you decide to go for this instead of some dark or painful name?
First of all I'm proud of my name. This is an ancient Hungarian name and it symbolizes me in a much better way than dark, painful names. Otherwise this music is not about darkness and pain, it is about life. In the beginning it was a family band - three brothers played together, so this name was obvious. As the line-up has changed, the new members aren't disturbed by this, they like this name too. On the other hand, this is the name of a Hungarian city which is in connection with Elizabeth Bathory.

Of course people will always start comparing it to Sear Bliss: sure, you are both bands with a high level of musicianship and don't follow the Scandinavian sound like slaves, but… If you were to describe your music yourself to a metal fan, how would you describe Csejtey, apart from the fact that it Is black metal with two vocalists?
This is not a black metal band with two vocalists. We don't work with the typical topics like other black metal bands. You may compare it to Sear Bliss, because it was I was who wrote the first two materials for them. But Csejtey is about something else: it shows different emotions. Principally the creator power dominates in this and we are trying to make the Universe's effects to be understandable for a human being.

I've read a yell like Cosmic black metal, yet usually that is used for bands that write long atmospheric and mainly instrumental music, bans like Darkspace and Xasthur for instance. Now the cosmos is a source of inspiration, but aren't you afraid that in this way you might shun off the right audience, in my humble opinion people that like epic black metal, well played with a solid drive…
I'm not afraid of this. This music is understandable for people who want to understand it. We have no chosen audience, this music is for everybody.

I see that shortly after the release your brother Csaba (also ex Sear Bliss) left the band and returned to Sear Bliss. Now of course it happens when a musician leaves a band, but I think the impact is bigger when it is a relative (I have to ask Sepultura about this, haha). Why did he leave the band Csejtey?
Generally things happen, because they must happen. It can be in man's life and in bands' life too. Positive things can help to move forward the band. If somebody can't help his band to step forward, then he shouldn't set it back. In this case, this happened.

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Apart from your brother also drummer Gyula left; new blood was found in guitarist Athar and drummer Khrul. What do you think will be the influence of the fresh musicians to the music of Csejtey?
They give to the band more power, more stamina. We have new members who are supporting the development, and are building on the existing basis.

I think that after Tolkien, H.P. Lovecraft is perhaps the most inspiring writer for black metal bands, and Csejtey is inspired by this author. What is it that appeals to you about this Victorian horror writer and how do you think can that be heard back in Csejtey's music?
The followers of Lovecraft are named madmen by people who don't know his pieces of work. They will never understand what he had written. Open-minded people understand it while others don't. For them, Lovecraft is always staying a Victorian horror writer, nothing else. His effect is obvious in our band's music and texts. It has to be listened, because it can't be expressed by words. Let's listen to it and dematerialize!

From an interview with Veér we learned that there is a very small underground, which hardly supports their own bands. Does Csejtey face the same difficulties as well?
We are not needy because of it. We don't deal with anybody. We are just making music and that's all.

In retrospect to the question above regarding the little local support: how important is it for bands like Csejtey to obtain exposure in foreign magazines (like this one for instance)?
Answer: Of course, this is important! Our music can get out to abroad just in this way. We are not making music only for Hungarian people. Some webzine or fanzine can help to the band in moving forward, in this way other country's people can get to know us.

How high are the band's ambitions to play live, and especially out of Hungary? What would a band like Csejtey need to be able to play live in Germany for instance?
We would like to play abroad. We will play in other countries. We need only invitation and a huge car because of the stage-properties, hahaha…

I've read that the demo was released at only 100 copies: I really hope that it will sell out, yeti f people want to have the real deal: how and where can they get the 'The Unnameable' EP?
This is an EP, and we are planning only EPs in the future. Everybody can order a CD on the band's e-mail and site ( ; At the beginning we have released 100 pieces, the reproduction is under way.

The EP asks for more: any idea when we can expect some new material from the band?
The new songs are ready, the studio-work will be at the end of this year or at the beginning of 2011.

Okay, that's it for this first interview on Dutch Lords of Metal: is there anything we forgot to mention or ask in this interview? If so, here's your chance to correct it!
Thank you for the questions. Cheers from Hungary!

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